The moment you ask that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you will be one of the most important and memorable few minutes of your life. You want it to be perfect. You want every detail worked out. 

Before that picture-perfect moment can happen, you need to buy and keep secret the most important part: the ring. This can be challenging, and it might feel strange being sneaky around the person you love. But with a few tricks and a little planning, you can pull off a complete surprise that you two can cherish forever. 

Finding Your Partner’s Ring Size in Secret

Ring Size Info

One of the most difficult things to figure out without explicitly asking is the ring size. This isn’t something that comes up frequently like shoe size, and if you ask outright, it is a dead giveaway. There are a few methods you can use to determine the right size. 

If your partner already has rings, particularly rings you’ve seen them wear a lot, check the ring to see if it has a size printed on it, or take it to a jeweler to get it sized. 

In a pinch, a picture of the ring with a size reference like a ruler could also help if your jeweler is skilled enough. You can also put one of their rings on your finger and mark how far it reaches it before getting stuck with a Sharpie; the jeweler can then use the ring sizer on you and match it to that spot.

Another method is asking someone in their family, such as a mother, sister, or cousin, who is roughly the same size as your partner, what their ring size is. If you do this, you will be letting the cat out of the bag, so ask the family not to gossip.

If all else fails, you can take them shopping for some other jewelry and try and sneak it into the conversation or have them try on other rings. Your partner isn’t oblivious, though, and they may see straight through this. 

As a backup, buy a ring that can be easily resized, which means avoiding rings with stones around the band or tungsten rings.

Asking Their Family and Friends to Help Find the Ring

Choosing a ring can get overwhelming; with all the different designs, metals, and stones, it can seem like too many choices. Every groom-to-be wants to get it exactly right, and short of ruining the surprise, this can seem like an impossible task. 

One way to get some information on what your partner might like is to ask their friends and family. Choose people they are particularly close to, who might already know what they want, or better yet, who will be your co-conspirators. They can covertly ask, maybe even get her to pull up her dream ring on a website, then note what she wants and her size for you. 

This can be the perfect resource; however, you must be sure that this person will keep everything secret and won’t immediately spill the beans to your spouse-to-be. If their friends and family love to gossip, it might just be too big of a risk to take.

Asking Their Family and Friends to Help Find the Ring

How to Figure Out Your Partner’s Ring Style

Figuring out ring size is one thing, but determining what style they want is much harder. There are a near-infinite number of ring styles, and most people have a style they prefer, as well as several styles they really don’t want.  

This might be one of the hardest pieces of information to get out of them without asking them outright. But taking them window shopping or asking them about their friend’s rings might push you in the right direction, as would asking family or friends. 

If no one can help you and you are at a bit of a loss, think about their style in general. Are they formal or low-key, do they usually like flashy accessories, or do they never wear them at all? 

Perhaps take a few pictures of how your partner normally dresses to a jeweler and see what they think will fit their overall look; they can often help find rings that even your partner wouldn’t have thought of but adores anyway.

Make a Pinterest Board with Your Partner

One way to let your partner drop hints without being overtly obvious is to make a Pinterest board together. Together, you can choose images and style ideas for all sorts of things, a future house, travel destinations, clothes, and, of course, items like watches and rings you might want. 

Get the ball rolling by adding things like sunglasses and watches to see if they add some accessories. They might go so far as to add pictures of rings that they like. You could also get a good idea of what sort of designs and styles they like in general; then, a jeweler can help you choose something that fits that aesthetic.

Make a Pinterest Board With Your Partner

Should I Get My Engagement Ring Insured? Hell Yeah!

Any major purchase should be insured. Though smaller, an expensive ring is no different than a car or a house when it comes to insurance. A ring can be lost, stolen, or damaged, and insurance can give you peace of mind. 

Think of all the fail videos of proposals where grooms drop the ring in a lake, or think of the people who are shopping, and the ring falls off into the produce. Life happens, and insurance can help you put things right if the unfortunate happens. 

Rings can get scratched or smaller accent stones can fall out. If you have a good policy, you can rest assured that these minor issues won’t have to be endured for the rest of time, and your partner can have their ring replaced or repaired as good as new. 

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

There is no one way to find the perfect engagement ring, just like there is no single way to find the ideal person to spend the rest of your life with. Making sure you choose the right ring for your special person can seem like a daunting task, but the best, most foolproof strategy to get it right is to ask for help.

Ask your partner’s friends and family, consult a knowledgeable jeweler, and ask your friends who have been through the process before. This ring symbolizes deciding to share life with another person, so there is no need to end your single life by doing everything solo. Ask for help, and you’ll be surprised at how far it will take you. 

If you’re worried about your partner finding the bill for the ring in your combined monthly statements, Jonathan Svensson, Co-Founder of Almvest, recommends “locking in a 0% financing deal with your jeweler or buy the ring with a very low or 0% interest rate; additionally, many credit card companies offer 0% interest for the first 12-18 months.” 

The Perfect Ring for Popping the Big Question

Asking someone to marry you is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences that most people face. There are a lot of ‘what ifs’ in a moment like this, but knowing you have a ring they will love will give you a little peace of mind, maybe even a bit of extra courage when the big moment comes. 

Whatever ring you choose, just imagine it going on their finger for the first time and the smile on their face when they see it. Choose the ring that will look perfect in that moment, and you will choose the ring that will be perfect for a lifetime.

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