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About Us

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Hello! We would love to hear from you, no matter what the reason. There are a few ways to hear back. Shoot us a note on Instagram or Tiktok to talk to us over social. Or just send us an email at contact@thegroomclub.com. You will hear back from a real Groom Club Best Person faster than it takes a Bride to pick a floral centerpiece.

Who We Are

Welcome to The Groom Club, your one-stop shop for making every aspect of your wedding journey the best. Whether you are a groom, best man, usher, or guest – we look to join you on this fun-filled adventure.

Wedding content has traditionally focused on the bride, leaving grooms to fend for themselves or rely on other sources. Consider us your Best Man for helpful advice and resources. We feature tips, insight and ideas for grooms on all aspects of engagements, wedding planning, bachelor parties and ceremonies to help men throughout their wedding journey.

We understand that the role of the groom and those supporting it can be filled by anyone in love. From bachelor party planning and wedding traditions, to costs and guest etiquette, we are an accessible, inclusive and informative community to help grooms feel more confident and supported through the planning and processes relevant to them.

Your needs are unique and so is our content, but in topics covered and in visuals – helping inspire and inform.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Everyone involved – editors, writers, designers, and researchers – are held to the same high standard of creating valuable, unique, and accurate content. We provide timely information that is consistently updated. If you see any information that is inaccurate, please contact us at contact@thegroomclub.com.

The Groom Club Commitment to Honor and Integrity

We are here to provide original informative and inspiring content. From creative to informational, our content should always be accurate and original; the message should be unique to the individual while representative of diverse voices and perspectives.

Each article includes the date of publication or update. If outside independent sources were used in research, they are cited and referenced, often with direct links to allow deeper information to be shared. We strongly encourage transparency in sources and avoid anonymous sources whenever possible.

Our editorial content does not contain any advertisement and is strictly created for helping our audience.

The Groom Club Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We look to create a wide variety of content that is representative of multiple viewpoints during the unbelievably awesome opportunity to celebrate a marriage. We started by recognizing the need for more information and help across certain underrepresented and underserved groups that participate in the wedding ceremony.

We routinely review our catalog of content to either update existing content with new information or identify areas that need additional representation.

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Want to share your story or have a question? We would love to hear from you at contact@thegroomclub.com.

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