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Welcome to The Groom Club, we are a one-stop-shop for all! This goes out to anyone who identifies as a groom, anyone standing up with the groom, a guest, and the groom-curious. We look forward to joining you throughout life’s milestones!

Wedding content has traditionally been focused on the brides, which leaves the grooms to fend for themselves. We want to fill the gap and give you the best and relevant advice, resources, and information. Our featured tips, insights, and ideas have been carefully crafted to help you navigate your personal journey.

We understand that anyone can be a groom and or support a groom, which is why we are an accessible, inclusive, and informative community. Our content offers essential information from bachelor parties to dating to guest etiquette to honeymoons. We strive to make YOU feel confident and supported in taking on these roles.

Your needs are unique, and so is our content. Let us inspire and inform you with our compelling topics, visuals, and resources. Cheers!

Our Editorial Guidelines

For your information, The Groom Club uses affiliate links and displays advertising. This helps us create awesome content for grooms!

Everyone involved – editors, writers, designers, and researchers – are held to the same high standard of creating valuable, unique, and accurate content. We provide timely information that is consistently updated. If you see any information that is inaccurate, please contact us at [email protected].

The Groom Club Commitment to Honor and Integrity

At The Groom Club, we provide original, educative, and stimulating content, upheld by our dedicated team, including Senior Contributor Tommy Peske and Lead Writer Mac Molli. Their expertise in weddings, proposals, dating, and style, combined with our commitment to accurate and diverse perspectives, enriches our content.

Each blog includes the date of publication or its most recent version. If outside independent sources are used in research, they are properly cited and or referenced, often with direct links in case you’d like to dig a little deeper. Transparency is essential at The Groom Club and we avoid anonymous sources whenever possible.

Founder's Story

Our founder, Dustin Sitar, didn’t start out as a wedding expert. In fact, his own journey down the aisle left him feeling confused and underprepared. As he looked for answers and advice, he noticed a glaring gap: most wedding resources catered heavily to brides. This realization bothered him. Where were the guys supposed to turn?

Determined to fill that void, he tapped into the expertise of seasoned writers and industry professionals, creating The Groom Club, the ultimate online destination where guys can find everything they’ll need on their way to the altar and in their married life.

The Groom Club Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At The Groom Club we welcome and encourage content that is representative of multiple viewpoints and of diverse perspectives. Our content is a celebration of love and that is everyone’s right. We’ve recognized the need for more information and guidance to those in underrepresented and underserved communities that participate in all things love-related.

We routinely review our catalog of content to either update existing content with new information or identify areas that need additional representation.

Contact Us

Have a question, want to share your story, or want to hear from us? We would love to hear from you, no matter what the reason! There are a few ways to communicate. Hit us up on Instagram or Tiktok to talk to us on our socials! Or just send us an email at [email protected]. You will hear back from a real person faster than it takes a Bride to pick a floral centerpiece.

Affiliate & Advertising Disclosure

Please note that some links on The Groom Club are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. We also display ads to help support our work. Both of these help us keep creating great content. We only recommend products and services we truly believe in.

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