What’s the Average Number of Groomsmen?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24
What’s the Average Number of Groomsmen?

What’s the Average Number of Groomsmen?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24

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What’s the Average Number of Groomsmen?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24

Between finding a wedding officiant and selecting the best wedding photographer, choosing groomsmen is a task you’ll need to tackle carefully. It’s a decision that goes beyond mere numbers. It’s about crafting a memorable support system to stand by your side during the wedding ceremony. So, how many groomsmen do you need? Is there a correct number?

While there’s no formula for finding the average number of groomsmen a wedding party should have, there are some factors to consider when making this important choice. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Average Number of Groomsmen?

What is the Average Number of Groomsmen?

There’s no right or wrong choice when choosing the number of groomsmen in your wedding party. Like many other choices you’ll make during wedding planning, the number of groomsmen is personal. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by trends, family expectations, or even pressure from your fiancé (okay, maybe a little bit on the last one). Choose based on who’s important to you and let the numbers work themselves out. 

That said, most weddings have at least two groomsmen, with three to six being the norm

If you still need help deciding, a good rule of thumb is to base the size of the bridal party on your guest count. For instance, a micro wedding (25 or fewer guests) should have one or two groomsmen at most. Small to medium-sized weddings (50 to 100 guests) work well with two to four groomsmen, while weddings of 100 to 200 guests tend to have five to eight groomsmen. Large weddings with over 200 guests can accommodate up to 10 groomsmen. 

How to Decide Who Your Groomsmen Will Be

How to Decide Who Your Groomsmen Will Be

Choosing groomsmen is more than just numbers — it’s about curating a memorable team. Begin by identifying the meaningful figures in your life, whether they’re loyal family members, a dependable coworker, or a lifelong friend. Reflect on those who’ve stood with you through life’s defining moments and offered unwavering support.

Next, envision the roles and support you’ll require leading up to the wedding and on the big day. Expect your frat buddies to orchestrate an unforgettable bachelor party while your meticulous older brother ensures RSVPs are in order and vendors are on track. Keeping this in mind, you’ll effortlessly craft a squad as unique as your journey. 

Here are some other things to remember when choosing the groom’s party.  

  • Distance 

Consider where potential groomsmen call home. If they live far away, they might miss pre-wedding events like the bachelor party or the rehearsal dinner. Decide if you’re okay with that. If not, invite them to attend the wedding as an honored guest rather than a member of the wedding party. 

  • Reliability 

Groomsmen’s responsibilities are myriad, and you don’t need any additional stress on your wedding day. So, if one of your potential groomsmen is disorganized or chronically late, consider removing them from your list. 

  • Budget 

Including the suit rental, bachelor party, and travel, groomsmen can expect to shell out thousands of dollars to be in your wedding. If you have a friend who’s fallen on hard times, express your desire for them to be part of your special day, but give them an out if it’s too much of a financial strain.

Budget considerations also affect you and your partner. A big wedding party means more groomsmen gifts, larger transportation (such as a limo), and additional plus-ones to feed. Calculate these extra costs before completing your groomsmen roster.  

  • Wedding Party Dynamics 

This one’s easy to overlook, but don’t underestimate the importance of establishing a cohesive group. Try to choose groomsmen who can easily get along with other people. 

  • Ceremony Space 

Instead of squeezing a ton of groomsmen into a tiny ceremony space, widdle down your list until you land on a comfortable number of attendants. 

A Note on Leaving People Out of Your Wedding Party

Choosing the perfect wedding party members is a complex puzzle, and someone will likely feel left out. But here’s the thing: your wedding party should embody your current life circumstances. Don’t feel pressured to extend invitations solely based on past obligations, especially if your relationships have evolved. Instead, prioritize those who hold the most significance in your present journey.

If you want to involve left-out friends, consider assigning them alternative roles such as ushers, readers, musicians, or toasting maestros. This way, you can create a joyful celebration that reflects your unique bonds and the evolving chapters of your life.

Wedding Party Rules to Break

Wedding Party Rules to Break

Only-Guy Groom Crews

Traditionally, wedding parties have adhered to gender norms, but times are changing. If you have close female friends, consider inviting them to stand by your side. This evolving trend is widely accepted and appreciated in today’s wedding landscape, allowing you to celebrate the friendships that matter most, regardless of gender. 

If you’re worried about wedding attire, don’t be! A groomswomen can confidently don a stylish suit that coordinates with the other groomsmen. 

Even Number of Attendants

It’s time to let go of the idea that the number of attendants has to be perfectly balanced. Having an uneven number of attendants can actually encourage creativity. For instance, you could have groomsmen walk alone or with two bridesmaids during the processional. This flexibility adds a unique touch to your wedding and showcases your willingness to break from tradition in favor of personalization.

Concerned about how uneven pairings appear in photos? Challenge your wedding photographer to find creative solutions to make your photos appear balanced. As for what guests will think, rest assured that they will be too engrossed in celebrating your love to even notice the number of attendants.

Only One Best Man in a Wedding

Tradition says you can only have one best man at your wedding, but wedding rules are changing. Feel free to challenge convention when choosing your best man or men. (With that said, you probably don’t want more than two best men.)  


How Many Groomsmen FAQs

Are Three Groomsmen Enough?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping the groom’s party on the smaller side. More than any set number, it’s important to have trusted friends and family next to you on your wedding day. If that means only having three groomsmen, so be it. 

Can You Have 15 Groomsmen?

While there’s no rule against having dozen-plus groomsmen in your wedding party, we wouldn’t recommend it. From communication to expenses, managing such a large wedding party can become a logistical nightmare. Try to find the balance between building your support system and the practicality of organizing your wedding.

Do You Have to Have a Best Man? 

Although most grooms choose to have a best man, it’s a personal choice. Some people prefer not to single out a single friend, while others feel more comfortable having multiple close confidants share the role. Ultimately, your wedding should reflect your preferences and comfort. Let that guide you as you build your wedding party.

What is the Ideal Age for Groomsmen?

Because groomsmen are usually friends or siblings, there’s a good chance groomsmen will all be around the same age as the groom. However, that might not always be true. For instance, you might have a sibling under 18. If that’s the case, consider making them a junior groomsman instead. 

Celebrate Your Wedding with The Groom Club

Selecting your groomsmen is like building a winning team for the most important game of your life. So, forget the playbook and focus on the people who will have your back. With the right squad in place, your wedding celebration will be a truly unforgettable victory. 

As you explore the exciting world of wedding planning, don’t forget that The Groom Club is here to lend a helping hand. Head to our wedding page for all the tips, inspiration, and expert advice you could ever want. Your dream wedding is just a click away.

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