Dazzling Debuts: Creative Ideas for Wedding Party Entrances

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/23/24
Dazzling Debuts: Creative Ideas for Wedding Party Entrances

Dazzling Debuts: Creative Ideas for Wedding Party Entrances

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/23/24

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Dazzling Debuts: Creative Ideas for Wedding Party Entrances

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/23/24

While there are many ways to make your wedding surprising and unique, nothing kicks off the celebration quite like an amazing wedding party entrance. It sets the mood, relaxes the couple getting married, and excites the guests for the day ahead.

Some may say that a fun wedding reception entrance is cheesy or tacky, and sure, it’s not for everyone. But we say go with what you want and what fits your style and personality — and if that includes a memorable entrance, then start practicing your moves!

Stuck for inspiration? Here are our top ideas for wedding party entrances.

How Does the Wedding Party Enter the Wedding Ceremony Traditionally?

The traditional bridal party entrance usually includes all wedding party members. Each member walks down the aisle in the following order:

  1. Wedding party
  2. Maid of honor and best man
  3. The ring bearer, flower girls, and page boys
  4. The bride and her father

However, if this all seems stiff, outdated, and formal, it’s time to switch things up and make this grand entrance all your own. 

Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party

The Couple Walks Together

Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: The Couple Walks Together

One of the simplest wedding party entrance ideas? Break from the norm reserved for the more traditional bride and groom and walk down the aisle as a couple. 

Form an Arch

Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: Form an Arch

This is one of the more fun but elegant wedding entrance ideas. Have your wedding party form an arch with their hands for the two of you to pass under.

If you’re from a military background, you could pass under swords or bayonets. Other variations include arches of flowers, balloons, or colorful ribbons. The choices here are endless.

Make it Snow

How magical would it be if it suddenly started snowing during the wedding entrance? Use a snow machine for this entrance idea, perfect for winter-themed weddings. 

Like the idea, but is snow not your vibe? Or maybe you’re having a summer wedding? Use a bubble machine instead.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

Add some sparkle to the bridal party entrances by asking guests to hold sparklers as everyone walks down the aisle. This will look amazing, create a memorable entrance, and ensure your guests are present in the moment and not using your entrance as a time to take photos.

Drop Balloons

Creative Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: BALOONS

Balloons come in endless colors and styles to perfectly match your theme. Release them gently from the ceiling as the wedding party makes its entrance at the wedding venue.

Show a Video Montage

Before your entrance, a projector screen showcasing your love story from the beginning up until the present moment will set the scene beautifully. It also gets everyone’s eyes nice and teary in preparation for the main event!

Roll Out the Red Carpet

If you love a bit of sophistication (and maybe a little cheese), roll out the red carpet and strike a pose or two on your way down the aisle. 

Enter on a Tandem

If the aisle is long enough, make your entrance on a tandem bicycle. These cute and iconic bikes provide a unique way to get down the aisle. Decorate the tandem with flowers in your chosen theme.

Enter on a Vehicle

If a tandem doesn’t have enough oomph, how about a Harley Davidson? A mini tractor? A forklift? Whatever you’re both into, pick a suitable vehicle and cruise down the aisle atop it. Just make sure the venue approves your choice beforehand!

Live Music or Singing

Enlist musicians to pop out from the audience and start playing music as the wedding party enters the church. Go large with a full-blown brass band or subtle with a singer and a harp. 

Arrive by Helicopter

One of the grandest entrance ideas for bridal parties, it doesn’t get more stylish — or expensive — than this.

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party

If the above ideas are still a little tame for your liking, or maybe you’d prefer to embrace the ridiculous, consider some of these fun entrance ideas.

Dance Off

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: Dance Off

Probably one of the most classic bridal party entrance ideas, dancing one’s way down the aisle has been the feature of many a YouTube video — and for a good reason. It gets everyone smiling, and it’s loads of fun!

Whether you synchronize dance moves, hold a mini dance battle, or freestyle it to your favorite song, dancing lets you express yourself and get in the mood for an epic party.

Strike a Pose

Get the whole wedding party on board and practice a group pose that you can strike together. For extra hilarity throughout the day, decide on a trigger word like “congratulations.” Whenever someone says the word, you must immediately stop what you’re doing and strike your pose. 

Piggy Back Ride

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: Piggy Back Ride

Piggyback rides are super fun, so it stands to reason they make an awesome entrance idea. 

Ride-On Vehicles

Funny Wedding Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party: Ride-On Vehicles

You know those kids’ electric cars that look like miniature Ferraris or Lambos? Ridiculous yet oddly stylish! Grab one and cruise down the aisle in your mini dream car. 

Switch Clothes

One fun entrance idea? Swap clothes with your spouse-to-be if they’re up for it.

Wear Costumes

Group costumes make for near-endless fun and crazy entrance ideas. Choose from popular group costume options such as the Addams Family, Star Wars characters, or Disney princes and princesses. Or, embrace all-out nonsense by dressing as T-rexes, hotdogs, or something equally ridiculous.

Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party

Wedding Reception Entrance Ideas for the Wedding Party

Once the ceremony ends, you have one more grand entrance to make — the wedding reception entrance. Here are our favorite wedding reception entrance ideas:

  • Flash mob: Get the entire wedding party involved and break out into synchronized dance.
  • Choreographed dance: Take to the dance floor and wow your audience. This can handily double as the first dance, too.
  • Marching band: There’s nothing like a brass marching band to make your wedding reception entrance extra.
  • Photo booth props: Come in wearing silly props like hats and mustaches. Don’t forget to pose for a snap in the photo booth on your way in.
  • Confetti cannon: If the reception venue allows it, make your entrance with a bang and a shower of confetti.
  • Smoke bombs: For outdoor receptions, have guests wave colored smoke bombs as you make your way into the space.
  • Serenade each other: If you can hold a note, sing a sweet song together as you walk in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Do the Wedding Party Entrance?

Traditionally, the wedding party enters in pairs. Then, the couple to be married makes their entrance. However, there are no requirements; you can enter the venue however you wish.

How Do You Make a Grand Entrance at a Wedding?

Making a grand entrance at your wedding can be achieved by simply doing something different. For example, dancing is a popular choice, or you could ride in a vehicle, wear costumes, switch clothes, or hold sparklers. The possibilities are endless.

How Do I Make My Wedding Entrance Not Awkward?

To make your wedding entrance less awkward, try to arrive in plenty of time so you’re not flustered. It might also help to have a small, stiff drink before if that’s your thing. As you walk, only focus on your loved one, smile at them, and relax!

Do You Have To Do a Wedding Party Entrance?

You don’t have to do a wedding party entrance. It’s fine if you want to skip it. The important thing is to do what makes you both feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy on your big day.

What is the Wedding Party Entrance Called?

The wedding party entrance’s official name is the wedding processional.

Other Unique Wedding Ideas

At The Groom Club, we know that weddings are not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. They’re a chance to celebrate your unique style and character — and while you may prefer to walk down the aisle without any bells and whistles, there are still plenty of ways to make sure your wedding stands out. If you’re searching for ideas, check out our many articles and find what works for you.

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