The Best Wedding Insurance Companies for Your 2024 Wedding and Beyond

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/03/24
The Best Wedding Insurance Companies for Your 2024 Wedding and Beyond

The Best Wedding Insurance Companies for Your 2024 Wedding and Beyond

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/03/24

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The Best Wedding Insurance Companies for Your 2024 Wedding and Beyond

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/03/24

An item that should be on all couple’s wedding planning checklist is a wedding insurance policy. It’s one of the less glamorous parts of planning the event. Still, it’s just as essential as the ceremony and reception.

Wedding insurance is a valuable safeguard against unforeseen circumstances impacting your special day. It’s vital for couples with a limited budget, where extra out-of-pocket expenses could derail the event. Can you really take the hit if something goes awry and you end up financially liable?

We’ve thoroughly analyzed all the top providers to bring you our definitive list of the best wedding insurance companies for 2024.

Best Wedding Insurance Services: An Overview

  1. Markel: Best for bundling liability and cancellation coverage
  2. Wedding Protector Plan(Travelers): Best for destination weddings
  3. Wedsure: Best for customization
  4. Event Helper: Best for liquor liability

What Is Wedding Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

What Is Wedding Liability Insurance?
Wedding insurance is like a safety net for your big day, covering two main areas: liability and cancellation. Think of liability insurance as a must-have for most weddings, required by about 75% of venues.

It’s there to help cover costs if something goes wrong, like an accident during your celebration. Then there’s cancellation insurance, which is your backup plan if you need to postpone or cancel the wedding for reasons beyond your control. It helps you get back money you’ve already spent.

Together, these insurances help make sure that unexpected problems don’t spoil your special day or leave you out of pocket. But where do you get it, and who offers the best wedding insurance coverage?

Best Wedding Insurance Services: The Full Rundown

Markel - Best for bundling liability and cancellation coverage

1. Best for Bundling Liability and Cancellation: Markel

Why we chose it:

Markel is a trusted name in the insurance world, so you can be assured you’re getting reliable coverage. If you opt for cancellation and liability coverage together, you are awarded a 15% discount.

Pros Cons
  • 15% discount if you bundle liability with cancellation
  • Quick and easy application
  • Coverage for many international destinations
  • Guaranteed to meet your venue’s requirements
  • Website feels dated
  • Surcharge for destination weddings outside of the US
  • Host liquor liability not available at higher limits


  • Liability from $500K/$500K to $5M/$5M ($1,000 property damage deductible)
  • Cancellation from $7,500 to $175,000 ($25 deductible for all sub-limits)
  • Property damage included in liability limits
  • Medical payments up to $5,000 at additional costs
  • Liquor liability available up to $1M/$1M at additional costs
  • Subrogation waiver available at additional cost

Price for typical $1M/$2M liability policy = $160

Price for a $25,000 cancellation policy = $235

Markel is both the insurer and the carrier and is a specialty insurer founded in 1930. Besides wedding insurance, it covers classic cars, farms and horses, yachts, and more for standard and hard-to-place risks. Its dedication to providing top-notch customer service sets it apart from other insurers.

Markel’s wedding insurance covers the US, including US territories, Canada, the UK, the Bahamas, the Caribbean (excluding Cuba), Bermuda, and Mexico.

We are fans of the flexible cancellation coverage limits. Still, it needs to be clarified when getting a quote that there is a $25 deductible for items such as gifts, special attire, etc. 

We had trouble with the online quote system and were never emailed our quote. Therefore, we recommend calling for one instead. The customer service team is helpful and responsive.

How To Get It?

Add your event location in the space provided here, click “Get a Quote,” and you will be taken to the online quote form.

2. Best for Destination Weddings: Wedding Protector

Why we chose it:

Wedding Protector has a whopping ten levels of coverage available, including loss or damage for your wedding attire and jewelry. This makes it a perfect option for destination weddings where losing items in transit is more likely.

Pros Cons
  • No surcharge for destination weddings
  • Covers many international destinations
  • No deductibles
  • 24/7 claims support line
  • Not available for residents of all states
  • Cancellation is required to be purchased
  • Limited options for liability limits


  • Liability coverage from $1M/$1M to $1M/$2M ($0 deductible)
  • Cancellation coverage from $7,500 to $175,000 ($25 deductible for all sub-limits)
  • Property damage coverage from $25K to $1M available
  • Liquor liability coverage is available for an additional surcharge
  • No medical payment coverage available
  • No subrogation waiver available

Price for typical $1M/$2M liability policy = $200

Price for a $25,000 cancellation policy = $255

Wedding Protector’s coverage is provided by Travelers – one of the longest-standing wedding insurance providers. 

Operational since 1864, it has become a trusted brand capable of withstanding the test of time. Providing coverage for locations abroad and on US soil, Travelers has become the go-to insurer for destination weddings.

We like that there are zero deductibles no matter which of the ten levels of coverage you opt for. Although this is fantastic, it would be nice to have the option to include a deductible in exchange for a lower premium.

As well as the US, Wedding Protector’s coverage includes all US territories (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Louisiana), Puerto Rico, Canada, Bermuda, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, The Caribbean Islands (excluding Cuba and Haiti), the UK, and more.

The detailed coverage for loss and damage is especially beneficial for destination weddings

as you’re pretty much covered should your luggage happen to go wandering off, never to be

seen again.

How To Get It?

Wedding Protector is offered via Click to start an online

quote – it only takes a few minutes.

3. Best for Customization: WedSure

Why we chose it:

Wedsure is – according to them – the inventor of wedding insurance! They specialize in this area and have honed their policy to provide plenty of customization options for coverage that fits like a glove.

Pros Cons
  • Highly customizable coverage
  • Venue-approved coverage guarantee
  • Limited change of heart coverage
  • Host liquor liability included in the price
  • Difficult to navigate with overwhelming options
  • Coverage only extends to the USA and Canada
  • Minimum property damage deductible of $10,000


  • Liability coverage from $500K/$1M to $3M/$3M ($1,000 to $10,000
  • Cancellation coverage amounts are customized by the customer
  • Property damage included in liability limits
  • Host liquor liability coverage is included in the price 
  • Medical payments coverage up to $10,000 for an additional charge
  • Subrogation waiver available for an additional charge

Price for typical $1M/$2M liability policy = $125

Price for a $25,000 cancellation policy = $318

Established in 1995, Wedsure was the first to provide wedding insurance policies to cautious brides and grooms. WedSure’s carrier is Allianz – a global player in insurance and a reliable and financially stable organization.

We’re disappointed that WedSure is limited to the US and Canada. However, it must still be a top option if you plan to marry in these locations. 

Coverage includes the ceremony, reception, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. And it’s one of the few insurance coverages to have cancellation due to a “change of heart.”

The sheer number of customization options gives you precision coverage, paying for exactly what you need. For example, if the wedding dress costs $2,435, you can have that specific coverage amount.

We also like the range of deductible options for each coverage price, enabling you to bring the premium down further. 

The premium is displayed at the top of the quote screen and changes in real-time, so you can adjust the coverage settings until you get the price you want.

How To Get It?

Head to the Wedsure website and choose your liability coverage limit. Click “Continue,” and you’ll see the full quote page. Policies can be bought online right away.

4. Best for Liquor Liability: Event Helper

Why we chose it:

Event Helper includes liquor liability coverage as standard, so you don’t have to pay extra. This can be beneficial even for dry weddings where someone may sneak in alcohol, and you end up liable.

Pros Cons
  • Lower prices for events with a small number of attendees
  • Can cover multiple-day events
  • Retail and host liquor liability included in the price
  • $5,000 medical payment coverage is included
  • Long application with many questions and options
  • Large list of excluded event activities
  • Only covers US states


  • Liability coverage from $1M/$2M to $2M/$5M ($0 to $1,000 deductible)
  • Cancellation coverage from $7,500 to $100,000
  • Property damage coverage limits of $100K included
  • Host liquor liability coverage included; retail liquor liability coverage available for an additional charge
  • Medical payments coverage limits or $5,000 included, up to $10,000 available for an additional charge
  • Hired non-owned auto coverage available for an additional charge

Price for typical $1M/$2M liability policy = $126

Price for a $25,000 cancellation policy = $360

Event Helper has been providing wedding insurance since 2009; its carrier is Evanston Insurance Company. 

The company specializes in weddings and events. We’ve found it’s a perfect option for those holding smaller weddings and looking for a lower-cost option.

We also found that it is one of the few wedding insurance providers that has a specific option for cannabis. While the policy won’t cover cannabis-related incidents or cannabis product liability, you will, however, be permitted to serve or sell cannabis without being penalized on the event insurance liability policy.

On the downside, Event Helper only provides coverage for events in the US. We found the application process unnecessarily long, and a few questions it asks could be more straightforward.

However, you can always call for a quote instead, and the website has an extensive FAQ section, which we found really helpful.

How to get it?

Head to the Event Helper website and follow the online application process. Alternatively, call (855) 493-8368 or email [email protected].

What Is the Best Wedding Insurance: Final Verdict

What Is the Best Wedding Insurance: Final Verdict

When it comes to wedding insurance, there are many choices. The most important thing for us is to balance getting decent and adequate coverage and not paying through the nose for it.

Some might say you can’t put a price on peace of mind, but we disagree. There’s no point getting an expensive insurance policy if it only makes you stress about the money you’ve spent on it. After all, aren’t weddings expensive enough?

That’s why we chose Markel as our top wedding insurance provider.

Okay, so it doesn’t have the level of customization as some other insurers on our list, but it does provide exceptional value. Markel charges very reasonable premiums without compromising quality, which is most important.

Our Methodology for Finding the Best Wedding Insurance

When researching which wedding insurers to include on our list, we looked at reputation, reliability, cost, and the level of coverage. Choice of coverage limits, wedding location, and optional extras also played a vital role in our decision-making.

We thoroughly tested each provider’s quoting system where possible to understand how it worked, what coverage was available, and the resulting premium.

For an unbiased review, we have taken the time to highlight the negatives and positives to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision about which coverage will suit your circumstances.

What Is Wedding Liability Insurance?

It’s no secret that weddings are one of life’s most significant expenses. Still, even the most meticulously planned day can face unexpected problems.

Wedding insurance is an umbrella term that references two separate coverages – liability and cancellation. 

Wedding liability insurance is a periodic policy covering only the 24-48 hours of your event, including the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and sometimes the post-wedding brunch. 

Liability insurance covers both general liability and property damage. 

Sometimes, liability insurance includes coverage for medical payments and no-fault coverage that pays for medical bills if one of your guests is injured. 

In essence, this policy will protect you from any lawsuits, accidents, or injuries at any events related to your ceremony.

Some examples of claims for liability insurance include:

  1. Your aunt slips and sprains her ankle while dancing.
  2. One of your guests accidentally spills red wine and stains the venue’s carpet.

Not only is wedding liability insurance a smart purchase but it’s typically required by the venue. By contrast, most venues require liability insurance with $1 million per occurrence limits and $2 million aggregate. 

Suppose you purchase and serve alcohol independently without a caterer or professional bartender. In that case, you must also provide host liquor liability coverage. If you have a professional bartender or caterer serving alcohol, their insurance will cover liquor liability. 

Lastly, the venue may also require something called a “subrogation waiver” or “primary non-contributory wording.” The two are interchangeable, but both state that even if the venue is liable for any incident, you cannot file an insurance claim against the venue’s policy. 

You may pay more for coverage if you purchase host liquor liability coverage or a subrogation waiver. 

The best wedding insurance will provide the coverage you need for peace of mind so you can go ahead and plan your wedding knowing you are protected if the worst occurs.

What Is Wedding Cancellation Insurance?

What Is Wedding Cancellation Insurance?

You may consider a wedding cancellation policy to supplement your wedding liability policy. 

Wedding cancellation insurance is optional and covers non-refundable expenses if you cancel or postpone your wedding. 

The price is based on the amount of coverage you select. While the cancellation coverage doesn’t cover cold feet or a change of heart, it does cover incidents like

  1. Illness or injury of the bride, groom, or immediate family. (Excluding COVID-19)
  2. Severe weather, such as a blizzard or hurricane.
  3. Bankruptcy of the venue or vendor.
  4. Vendor no-shows.
  5. Job loss by the wedding’s financier.
  6. Withdrawal of military leave.
  7. Theft or damage to wedding gifts.

Wedding cancellation insurance also covers

  1. Deposits
  2. Photos and video
  3. Special attire
  4. Special jewelry (excluding watches and engagement rings)
  5. Gifts
  6. Counseling

What Are The Most Common Claims?

Most common claims

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Expensive To Insure a Wedding?

A typical wedding insurance cost for liability coverage is about $125, while a cancellation policy can cost over $200. However, the actual price depends on the size of your wedding, where it is being held, and the levels of coverage you opt for.

Is Wedding Cancellation Insurance Worth It?

Wedding cancellation insurance is worth it for the peace of mind it gives. You never know what the future holds, and if the wedding has to be canceled or postponed through no fault of your own, then you can be left seriously out of pocket if you don’t have a policy in place.

Is Wedding Insurance the Same as Event Insurance?

Wedding insurance is similar to event insurance, but there are some differences. For example, wedding insurance can cover wedding-specific items such as gifts, special attire, and wedding photography. On the other hand, event insurance will provide coverage in a more general fashion.

Will Wedding Insurance Cover Change of Heart?

WedSure is one of the few wedding insurance providers to offer coverage for a change of heart.

Best Company for Wedding Insurance: Conclusion

So there you have it. The Groom Club has scoured the internet to find the best wedding insurance companies, so you don’t have to!

We’re confident that the insurers on this list provide excellent quality, excellent coverage, and – most crucially – peace of mind.

Although Markel is our top recommendation, there may be a better fit for you. Therefore, we recommend using the online quoting systems for each provider until you find “the one!”

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