Top Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Wedding Cake

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/15/24
Top Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Wedding Cake

Top Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Wedding Cake

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/15/24

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Top Ideas for a Beautiful Boho Wedding Cake

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/15/24

One of the first things to think about when planning your wedding? Theme. Perhaps you want an over-the-top, Bridgerton-style affair. Maybe you’d rather keep things simple with a casual backyard vibe. Or maybe you’re one of the many couples opting for bohemian-style nuptials. 

Also called boho, a bohemian wedding is a nice and chic idea. Boho is relaxed and carefree but also stylish and elegant. Most boho weddings utilize an earthy color scheme, natural decorations (think pampas grass, vines, and palm fronds), and secondhand décor. 

While choosing the right wicker lanterns and vintage china is important when planning your boho wedding, let’s not forget about the wedding cake. If you’re planning a boho wedding, here’s what you need to know before you meet with your baker. 

What is a Boho Wedding Theme?

What is a Boho Wedding Theme?

With its free-spirited nature and countercultural slant, the boho wedding theme is all about expressing yourself. Want to mix turquoise and mustard yellow together? No problem! Always dreamed of serving your wedding meal on mismatched china? Go for it! 

In the simplest terms, this vintage-inspired style is all about tossing aside traditional wedding conventions and the latest wedding trends in favor of what makes you happy. For that reason, the boho aesthetic will appeal to those who define themselves as free spirits, hippies, or artists. 

Most boho weddings incorporate relaxed, natural beauty. There’s usually a combination of natural elements (such as vines, dry grasses, and wildflowers), old-fashioned textiles (lace and linen), and earthy colors (olive green, beige, and terracotta).  

What is a Boho Style Wedding Cake? Favorite Boho Wedding Cake Ideas

What is a Boho Style Wedding Cake? Favorite Boho Wedding Cake Ideas

From unfrosted or partially-frosted cakes (also called naked wedding cakes) to fresh flowers and catchy, colorful detailing, there’s an infinite number of boho wedding cake options. 

Still, keep in mind that most boho wedding cakes honor simplicity above all else. A boho wedding cake may look like a classic wedding cake embellished with just a few added details. What these cakes lack in decoration, though, they make up for in impact. Done correctly, some silver leaf detailing or artfully arranged grass can elevate a white wedding cake into a bohemian masterpiece. 

Here are some elements and themes perfect for a boho-themed cake: 

  • Dried plant or grass accents, such as thistles, pampas grass, flowers, or pussy willows
  • Fresh flowers (bonus points if they’re edible)
  • Plants such as succulents or cacti
  • Greenery like sage, rosemary, thyme, or olive branches 
  • Grapes or berries 
  • Delicate decorations such as feathers or beading 
  • Copper, gold, or silver leaf detailing
  • Textured frosting with a geometric, rainbow, or macrame motif
  • Drizzled metallic icing 
  • Colorful buttercream frosting in a boho-inspired hue such as olive green, dusty pink, or mustard yellow 

Boho Wedding Cake Accessories 

Boho Wedding Cake Accessories

Once you’ve designed the perfect boho cake, it’s time to add the finishing touches. More specifically, you’ll need a boho wedding cake stand, cake topper, and serving utensils. Here are some creative wedding cake accessories to consider.

For a cake stand, use a:

  • Log slice
  • Wooden box or crate
  • Wicker or rattan table
  • Marble slab with gold detailing 
  • Clear acrylic stand filled with dried flowers and foliage
  • Vintage china with floral detailing 
  • Hoop or hexagon cake backdrop with integrated stand
  • Secondhand stool or side table
  • Peacock chair 

For a cake topper, try a:

  • Metal wreath with dried flowers
  • Dreamcatcher 
  • Metallic palm leaf 
  • Customized wooden nameplate 
  • Geode
  • Copper lettering 
  • Greenery heart 
  • Floral hoop
  • Rainbow 

Look for serving utensils that are:

  • Gold-plated 
  • Floral-themed
  • Wooden 
  • Burlap-wrapped 
  • Secondhand

How Much Do Boho Wedding Cakes Cost?

Wondering how much you’ll need to budget for your boho wedding cake? In 2023, the average cost of a wedding cake was around $500, with most couples spending between $300 and $700. 

Various factors impact cost. Cake size is arguably the most important, with two and three-tier cakes going for much more than single-tier cakes. The flavor of the cake, type of frosting, and specialty ingredients like flavor extracts or creams also influence pricing. Design features like gold-leaf detailing, fondant flowers, and textured frosting will add $50 or more to your final bill. 

If on a budget, opt for an unfrosted cake (also called a naked cake) versus something pricier like a painted boho wedding cake. Not only will you save money on frosting and labor, but these unfinished cakes fit the boho aesthetic perfectly. 

Another money-saving tip? Keep the cake flavor simple. Specialty flavors can add hundreds of dollars to your final bill, so opt for more affordable options like vanilla or chocolate instead. 

Boho Wedding FAQs

What is Boho Style?

Boho style is characterized by a laid-back, relaxed aesthetic that incorporates a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The colors are neutral and earthy, while patterns are eclectic and varied (for example, floral, ikat, folk, or tribal). Organic elements, such as wood, wicker, and greenery, figure prominently. 

What Does Boho Symbolize?

Short for “bohemian,” the boho mentality is all about creativity, individuality, and rebellion against traditional norms. Those who identify with this label tend to be artists or performers. However, Boho is more than a label; it’s a life philosophy and worldview.  

Why is it Called “Boho”?

“Boho” is an abbreviation for “Bohemian homeless.” “Bohemian” refers to the nomadic group of Romani people from the Bohemia region of Czechia. This group lived a countercultural life centered around musical, artistic, and spiritual pursuits. While the term originally referred to this unconventional lifestyle, now, it’s more about relaxed style and decor. 

What are Boho Colors?

There are no specific boho colors, but earthy tones such as brown, green, and tan are popular base colors, alongside accents in purple, yellow, blue, teal, and bright orange. 

What Materials Fit a Boho Theme?

The boho aesthetic incorporates natural elements like wood, stone, burlap, and jute. With the right wedding planner, you’ll have no trouble incorporating some of these materials into your wedding decorations. They might even serve as inspiration for a whimsical wedding cake. 

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