Dark Decadence: Stunning Black Wedding Decor Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 03/08/24
Dark Decadence: Stunning Black Wedding Decor Ideas

Dark Decadence: Stunning Black Wedding Decor Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 03/08/24

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Dark Decadence: Stunning Black Wedding Decor Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 03/08/24

“Black decor” conjures up spooky and dark images more reminiscent of goths with ornate choker necklaces and Halloween rather than a wedding. However, black is very common at formal and high-class events, which would definitely make it appropriate for a wedding.

So which is it? Tacky or top-class?

Done right, black wedding decor can look amazing, highly atmospheric, and expensive. Here’s why you should choose black for your wedding day.

Why Choose Black Wedding Decor?

black wedding decor

For many, the white wedding dress and pastel/light colors of the more traditional wedding just don’t hit the spot. If you don’t vibe with these colors in your everyday life, why would you choose them for your wedding theme?

Black doesn’t mean you’re in mourning, a horror fan, or that it’s Halloween. Black is an inky, luxuriant color that oozes sophistication and class. It’s especially appropriate if you are having an indoor wedding during the colder months.

Black goes with any style and color palette. For a wedding, it makes a unique statement about who you are. 

Why wouldn’t you choose it?!

Black Wedding Decor Ideas

black wedding decor

Black wedding decor has one big advantage: It’s a super popular color for decor in general, so you won’t have any trouble finding items to decorate the ceremony space.

Additionally, there are so many styles that look great in black. Here are some of our favorite theme ideas. 

A Monochromatic Black Wedding

If you want black and nothing but black, a monochrome wedding day is the way to go.

Kick off your monochrome black wedding with black invitations and save-the-date cards.

On the wedding day, arrive in a classic black car. Wear a suave black suit with a black shirt and shoes. Brides can wear a stunning modern black wedding dress.

Choose a dark and delicious wedding cake — dark chocolate surrounded by black ganache, perhaps? Place your black tableware and napkins upon silken black tablecloths, and use black cards for the handwritten table numbers.

Choose all-black decor, such as flowers, balloons, and chair covers, and set the scene with atmospheric dark lighting.

Even the food can be black! Think olives, grapes, figs, berries, licorice, and chocolate. You can even get black corn, rice, and carrots. Black-iced cupcakes, donuts, and other sweet treats will look amazing on the dessert table.

A Vintage Black Wedding

You can have so much fun with a black vintage theme.

Arrive in a black carriage drawn by a beautiful black horse. 

Wear an elegant black velvet suit and team it with sumptuous black silk accents. Brides will look amazing in black vintage lace. Invite your wedding party to run with the theme and dress in black vintage clothing, too.

Adorn tables with black candlesticks or lanterns, and finish the look with black florals such as roses, calla lilies, and dahlias.

A Minimal Black Wedding

Since black is such a striking color, you don’t need a lot of it to make an impact. Think clean lines, open table settings, and black accents throughout.

Small details like black wine glasses and tableware are eye-catching without going over the top. Add a black element to your wedding ceremony by using black chairs and a black aisle runner to top the look off nicely, while retaining that minimal vibe.

A Gothic Black Wedding

No article about black wedding decor would be complete without mentioning the gothic theme! For lovers of everything dark and macabre, the gothic theme is similar to the vintage theme but a little more over the top.

Think black top hats and tails teamed with a ruffled lace collar, velvet tablecloths, and drapes, and the odd skull scattered here and there. Drink from black chalices as you sit atop your black thrones, and use candlelight for that mysterious vibe.

Just be careful when selecting your decor. With gothic, it’s easy to descend into tacky Halloween. Best to leave the pumpkins and cobwebs out of it.

How to Pair Black with Other Wedding Colors

black wedding decor

Black pairs well with most colors, so you can easily put together a wedding color palette that suits you. 

Here are a few of our top suggestions.

Black and White Wedding Decor

Black and white are a match made in heaven and complement each other perfectly. This combo looks particularly good for retro-themed weddings or if you’re going for a classic style.

Incorporate black-and-white wedding décor ideas when choosing your flowers. Choose delicate white florals such as baby’s breath and lilies, and pair them with dark and luxurious black roses.

Black and white blooms also make for a stunning wedding arch. To complete the look, use black guest chairs with a white ribbon. Guests can throw black and white confetti as you walk down the aisle.

Black and Gold Wedding Decor

We love black and gold for a high-class wedding.

Black wedding attire with gold jewelry and accessories looks very sophisticated, as do black wedding invitations with gold writing. For a real showstopper, why not pair black tuxes with a shimmering gold wedding dress?

Create a statement piece with a black wedding cake with flecked gold accents. Craft centerpieces using black and gold feathers, baubles (depending on the time of year), or black and gold bottles and vases. 

Pair black decor pieces with gold twinkly lights for a subtler effect.

Jewel Tones with Black Decor

If you can’t resist a splash of bright color, use rich jewel tones such as:

  • Emerald green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby red

They will compliment black tones without overshadowing them and incorporate color without looking gaudy or garish.

Jewel tones can be used with any of the themes and ideas we’ve included above, so feel free to experiment and find the color combination that works for your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Go With Black for a Wedding?

Most colors go with black, but white, gold, red, and other jewel tones, such as sapphire blue and emerald green, look particularly striking. The only colors you should avoid pairing with black are brown hues and dark navy blues. Avoid orange since this is associated with Halloween.

Can a Bride Get Married in Black?

A bride can get married in any color! If a bride wants to wear black for her wedding, there’s no reason why she can’t. While unusual for Western weddings, the black wedding dress is common in China and Japan, where it symbolizes good fortune.

What is a Black-Themed Wedding?

A black-themed wedding uses the color black as the dominant color throughout all wedding decor and attire. Black may be used for tableware, centerpieces, and even the bride’s dress. A black-themed wedding can also include splashes of color, such as gold or red, for an eye-catching effect.

How Do You Tell Guests to Wear Black to a Wedding?

If guests must wear black to your wedding, it’s important to tell them in advance. Include the dress code on your save-the-date cards, wedding invitations, and website, giving guests plenty of time to find an appropriate outfit or decline to attend if they cannot comply.

How Do You Accessorize Black for a Wedding?

Black is highly versatile and can be paired with almost any color and style of accessory you choose. However, ensure your accessories match the formality of the occasion. For example, don’t pair casual accessories with a high-end suit and vice versa.

Need More Wedding Decor Inspiration?

Black is definitely a timeless and classic choice for your wedding, but we understand it’s not right for everyone. 

At The Groom Club, we celebrate weddings of every style, tradition, color, and theme. If you’re a groom who wants to break from the norm and create a wedding, no one will forget – check out our other articles and subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss our nuggets of wisdom!

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