5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24
5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24
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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24

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Every groom deserves a fantastic bachelor party. It is a great way for friends to show how much the groom means to them and celebrate the history of their friendship and the start of a new, happy chapter in the groom’s life. But planning the perfect bachelor party is more difficult than you might think.

Long gone are the days of cigar and gentlemen’s clubs or a trip to Las Vegas that is sworn to secrecy. Bachelor parties are now centered around the groom’s interests and personality. Whether it is a white water rafting adventure, a whiskey tasting, renting dirt bikes, or getting box seats at a game, a bachelor party is all about celebrating the groom

If the responsibility of planning the bachelor party has fallen on your shoulders, it can be a daunting task, but there are ways to plan the perfect party for your friend. The best way to plan a bachelor party is to talk to the groom, get a good group of people together, and choose activities everyone enjoys. 

Use these five tips to pull off an unforgettable party and give the groom a send-off he’ll appreciate. 


1. Get the Groom’s Insight

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Speaking to the groom is one of the most critical steps before planning the party. A bachelor party should be a celebration of the groom and the type of party he wants to attend. Not everyone enjoys drinking and hitting the strip club.

Ask the groom for input on his perfect bachelor party. If he is unsure of the type of event he wants, think about activities he usually likes and plan a party around that. For example, plan a camping or hiking trip if your groom is an outdoorsman. Or, if your friend is a big sports fan, get tickets to a game at his team’s home ground. 

If you are planning on a surprise party, ask as many people in the groom’s life about timing and details. You don’t want to spring a party on someone who has a huge work presentation coming up, nor do you want to do an activity the groom hates. 

The bride-to-be is often an excellent resource for knowing what the groom is thinking without asking him directly. You should also run all plans past her to ensure she is okay with everything. 

There is no one size fits all approach to planning your party, and the more you let your groom point the way, the more fun the party will be. Whatever you plan, have the party at least a week before the wedding. Never organize it for the night before the wedding; a hangover on the most important day of his life is the last thing the groom wants.


2. Assemble the Crew

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Determine the size of the party. This might not be necessary if the groom only has a few close friends and family members. However, if the groom has a wide social circle, you’ll need to determine the size of the guest list and who he wants to invite. 

Make a priority list of family and his closest friends. These are the people who absolutely must come to the party, and they should be who you reach out to first. You should also make a list of people the groom would love to have invited to the bachelor party but are outside of the core group of family and friends.

Unlike your invitations for the engagement or big day, you don’t need to send formal paper invitations for the bachelor party, saving you time and money. Instead, send out a group text or start a group chat on Facebook Messenger, providing everyone with details about the date, venue, cost, and other important information. This allows you to update party guests in real-time if anything changes.

3. Plan and Book Vendors

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One of the best times to throw a bachelor party is over a holiday weekend. National holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day typically mean that attendees get a 3-day weekend, allowing plenty of time for everyone to enjoy the festivities and recover without needing to take any time off work. 

However, vendors and venues typically raise their prices or book up quickly on holidays. So it is critical to book accommodations and make restaurant reservations as early as possible. The more planning you do before the party, the smoother the event and the more fun everyone will have. 

Some logistical issues you should work out include:

  • Book All Activities 

Anything you plan on doing needs to be booked in advance. This is critical if the groom wants to do a specific, hard-to-do activity like attending a championship game.

  • Arrange Transportation

Depending on your activity, a party bus might be a good idea, and if drinking is involved, have taxis or a ride-share service reserved.

  • Reserve Accommodations 

Make sure anyone from out of town has a place to stay. If it’s a destination trip, book sufficient hotel rooms or accommodations within everyone’s price range and to their standard of comfort.

  • Organize Food and Restaurant Reservations

Ensure that snacks, meals, and late-night eats are prioritized. A rough guide is that each person will roughly eat one pound of food per meal and have one drink per hour. 

  • Beverages 

Whatever everyone is drinking, from water and coffee to tequila and straight bourbon, should be taken care of in advance or arranged. If you know the groom likes a particular make or type of liquor or beverage, have plenty. 

Nick Mueller, Director of Operations at Hawaiian Islands, recommends using The Bach, an app which lets you split expenses, plan itineraries, and communicate with your party members during the trip. It’s called a bachelorette party planner on the app store, but don’t be fooled! The app is useful for anyone planning a bachelor or bachelorx party!


4. Pay or Collect Payments

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The average cost of a bachelor party is $738 if you stay in town or $1,532 if you travel. If you are in charge of planning a bachelor party, you might have to pay for deposits or other costs upfront. However, it shouldn’t be on you to pay for everyone or hound people into paying what they owe. 

A good tip is to pay for as much as possible in advance, and if a person doesn’t settle their bill, they can’t come to the party. It’s direct, but it will ensure everyone pays their fair share

Also, try not to plan a party that will be beyond the participants’ means. Tradition dictates that the groom doesn’t pay a dime, so everyone will be covering their expenses and a portion of the grooms, so make sure that whatever you do is within everyone’s budget. People will be more prompt in paying you if the cost isn’t going to break their bank.


5. Enjoy the Day

A bachelor’s party is a celebration of friendship, just as a wedding party is a celebration of love. Being the person that throws the bachelor party can take away from some of the party fun, but it is important to focus on your friend, the groom, and trust that your hard work will result in a legendary experience. 

Once the plans have been put in motion, the guests have arrived, and the festivities begin, sit back and enjoy. Whatever bachelor party ideas you choose, whether it’s pub crawling or sitting on the beach at one of the famous bachelor party destinations, enjoy every minute of it. Your buddy only gets one bachelor party; live it up.

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