45 Fun & Funny Bachelor Party Ideas to Help You Plan the Ultimate Bash

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24
45 Fun & Funny Bachelor Party Ideas to Help You Plan the Ultimate Bash

45 Fun & Funny Bachelor Party Ideas to Help You Plan the Ultimate Bash

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24
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45 Fun & Funny Bachelor Party Ideas to Help You Plan the Ultimate Bash

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 04/26/24

Even if you’ve never attended a bachelor party, you probably have an idea of what they entail — strip clubs, booze, and all the debauchery that comes when you mix the two. If that’s your jam, far be it from us to stop you. You can stop reading right now and get to party planning. 

However, if the idea of getting shwasted while watching scantily-clad women twirl around makes you yawn, stay tuned. These are the best 45 fun & funny bachelor party ideas that have nothing to do with strippers. Plus, with the exception of the alcohol-based ideas, none of these activities will result in a hangover. 

To help you zero in on the perfect bachelor party idea, we’ve divided these 45 activities into five categories: theme parties, alcohol parties, adrenaline-pumping parties, destination parties, and sports-related parties. Keep reading to discover the best bachelor party ideas!

Themed Party Ideas

Hosting a themed party for the groom-to-be is a guaranteed good time. Here are some of the most popular themes.

Poker Night

Nothing says bonding time quite like taking each other’s money. Decide which games to play ahead of time (Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, or Five-Card Draw), stock up on chips and cards, and serve plenty of finger foods. 

Casino Night 

Themed Party Ideas: Casino Night

Take poker night to the next level by hosting a casino-themed party. Ask guests to dress up, serve fancy cocktails, and rent a blackjack table or roulette wheel. 

Video Game Night 

Video games might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “bachelor party games,” but who cares? Host a retro N64 party or compete head-to-head in the newest Call of Duty. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Design your own or find a pre-made version for bachelor parties. Divide your group into teams and see who completes the challenge first. 

Nautical Nonsense 

Themed Party Ideas: Nautical Nonsense

Whether renting a boat or just cruising around town, get the groom crew and the groom-to-be to dress up in striped shirts and sailor’s hats to infuse a bit of silliness into the festivities. 

Mad Men 

Keep things classy in your best suits. Sip barrel-aged whiskey or Old Fashions, serve 60s-inspired snacks like cheese balls and olive platters, and play some hits from the era. 


If your groom has seen every Marvel and DC movie and still can’t get enough, this is the theme for them. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite superheroes, screen films, and test your knowledge of superhero trivia. 


Themed Party Ideas: Tropical

Warm up even the coldest nights with a tropical bachelor party. Wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts, serve piña coladas and tequila sunrises, and chow down on pineapple chicken and mango salad. 


Choose a decade (50s, 60s, 70s, etc.) and plan the party around it. Guests should wear their best period-specific clothing, and the music should reflect the era. 

Wild West 

What guy hasn’t dreamed of being a rugged outlaw? Tap into the fantasy with a cowboy-themed feast, with ribs, wings, and biscuits and gravy. 


Themed Party Ideas: Toga

Turn your bachelor party into an Animal House-inspired event by inviting guests to wear togas and laurel wreaths. Decorate with fake columns and vines. Feed guests cheese platters, grapes, and pita bread sandwiches. 

Bachelor Party Ideas with Alcohol

Alcohol and bachelor parties go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Here are some unique ways to have a wild night. 

Drinking Games

There’s no faster way to get your guests well-lubricated than by playing some drinking games. King’s Cup, Never Have I Ever, and beer pong are just a few options. 

Party Bus 

This is a truly great bachelor party idea. Each is different, but party buses usually have bumping sound systems, insane lights, and plenty of booze. 

Anything But a Cup (ABC) 

A popular bachelor party idea that’s exactly what it sounds like; at an ABC party, the goal is to find the wackiest vessel to drink from for the night. 

Brewery or Distillery Tour

A tour is a more refined way of incorporating libations into the festivities. Not only do you get to try new things, but you might even learn something.

Wine Tasting 

Ask each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and taste test. To make things more interesting, blindfold guests and ask them to describe the tasting notes. 

Beer-Making Workshop

Gain more appreciation for your daily brews by seeing all the steps that make the perfect pint. Either order a home-brew kit or head to a local brewery for professional guidance. 

Bar Crawl 

Infuse your typical bar crawl with some originality. Dress up in costumes, play bar crawl bingo, or give small gifts to strangers. 

Adrenaline-Pumping Bachelor Party Ideas

Does the groom-to-be get a thrill from pushing the limits? If so, a high-octane bachelor party might be just what you need. 

Rock Climbing 

If the groom isn’t afraid of heights, scale a local peak. If the weather’s bad or you live somewhere flat, try an indoor climbing gym instead. 


Nothing says “I love you” quite like shooting your best friends with paint-filled bullets. Gather your crew and spend the day plotting. 


Fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a racecar driver by heading to the local go-kart track and racing to victory. 


Channel your inner lumberjack as you hurl sharp objects at a tiny target. 


Skydiving is one of the most unique bachelor party ideas you could come up with, and it lets the groom crew see what they’re really made of. 

Amusement Park 

Spend the day riding roller coasters, playing arcade games, and inhaling fried food. 


Bond with your best friends as you work together to navigate some gnarly rapids in nothing but an inflatable boat. 

Laser Tag 

You probably haven’t played laser tag since you were 12. See if you still have the skills to take down your rivals in a friendly competition. 

Ropes Course 

Gain a new perspective as you navigate a treacherous course, dozens of feet from the ground. 

Bungee Jumping 

When the groom mentioned taking the leap, they probably weren’t referring to bungee jumping. Call their bluff by booking a jump from a nearby bridge or tower. 


Get a bird’s eye view of the local surroundings as you sail through a zip-line course. 

Trampoline Park 

Who says trampolines are just for kids? These days, you and your crew can play trampoline dodgeball, navigate a trampoline obstacle course, or just jump until your legs give out. 

Sporty Bachelor Party Ideas

Playing (or even watching) sports is a great way to bond with your groom crew before the big day. Check out some of these unexpected sporty bachelor party ideas.

Field Day

Round up your best buds for a retro sports day. Compete against each other in games like kickball or capture the flag. Try something even wackier, like a three-legged race or tug-of-war. Give out party favors and award trophies to the winners. 

Surfing Lessons 

Hang 10 or at least try to catch a wave during a surfing lesson. 

Mountain Biking 

Explore new trails and race each other to the finish line during a mountain biking excursion. 


Scale a local peak and take in the views from above, as you and your friends enjoy the great outdoors. 


If the groom-to-be is more of a spectator than a participant, grab some tickets to a local NASCAR event and cheer on your favorite drivers. 


Head to the lanes and see who can get the most strikes (and throw the most gutter balls). 


Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple when planning a bachelor party. If your bud loves hitting the links, gather your crew for a fun day on the green. 

Bachelor Party FAQs

How Do You Make a Bachelor Party Fun?

There’s no magic formula when planning a memorable bachelor party. The best thing to do is consider the groom-to-be’s interests when planning. This will look different for everyone, so spend time brainstorming ideas. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to ask the groom for suggestions. 

What Do You Wear to a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor parties don’t require a uniform, so plan your outfits around the destination and activities. In general, wear jeans and a T-shirt for daytime activities, but pack some slacks and a button-down shirt for fancier events like dinner and clubbing. 

Does the Groom Pay for the Bachelor Party?

Usually, the best man and the groom crew pay for the bachelor party. This includes the groom’s meals, drinks, and activities. That said, the groom is expected to pay for his own travel expenses (e.g., plane tickets or gas), and accommodations. 

What is Expected at a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor parties are about having fun, celebrating the groom-to-be, and (potentially) getting a bit wild. As a guest, you’re expected to arrive in good spirits, ready to party. In most cases, you should receive some kind of bachelor party itinerary ahead of time, so you can pack and budget accordingly. 

Do Bachelor Parties Have Themes?

Some bachelor parties have themes, but it isn’t a requirement for an unforgettable bachelor party. Popular bachelor party themes include sports, pirates, superheroes, or a casino night. There are three rules to remember if you throw a themed party: Make it fun, get the right supplies, and stay organized. 

The Groom Club is Your Party-Planning Headquarters

Although this is a pretty comprehensive list of funny bachelor party ideas, it’s not exhaustive. Use these ideas as inspiration, but remember — the most popular bachelor party ideas aren’t always the best. The best parties are those that reflect the groom’s personality and interests. 

For even more bachelor party ideas, check out The Groom Club’s Bachelor Party Archives and get planning tips, budget information, and detailed destination guides.

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