Brews, Boats, and Buckeyes: Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24
Brews, Boats, and Buckeyes: Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio

Brews, Boats, and Buckeyes: Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24
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Brews, Boats, and Buckeyes: Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24

Are you in need of some great bachelor party ideas but want to avoid the same old destinations that everyone else ends up at?

There’s nothing worse than choosing a weekend getaway for you and your crew only to end up rubbing elbows with 50 other bachelor parties that have chosen the same destination.

Feels kinda tacky, doesn’t it?

The good news is, even if you just have your own staycation bachelor party stateside, there are 50 states to choose from, each containing enough entertainment and activities to satisfy even the most demanding of grooms.

So, for something different and — more importantly — far away from the throngs of sweaty bros, we recommend Ohio.

Here’s why.

Why Choose Ohio for Your Bachelor Party?

Ohio has a whole lot to offer a bachelor party. It boasts several large cities and over 300 miles of shoreline, plus a big ole’ bunch of forests and national parks to explore.

And while it doesn’t have the bright lights of Vegas or the glam of Miami, when it comes to bachelor party destinations, Ohio is a diamond in the rough. Think oodles of choices but without the sky-high prices and over-crowded hotspots that you get with the more obvious bachelor party locales.

Here’s what to do when you get there. 

Nine Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio

1. Check Out Cleveland

Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio Clevelenda
Cleveland sits right on the shoreline of the mighty Lake Erie, so it’s the perfect spot to mix outdoor activities with more traditional bachelor-style partying.

First up, hire a brewboat and chug around the lake, taking in the sights while you also chug down several cold ones. Then, hotfoot over to one of the many breweries (there are over 350 in Ohio) and take a City Brew Tour to discover and taste Cleveland’s craft brews.

Sports fans will also enjoy taking a tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and for the night owls, head to the Warehouse District for your pick of clubs, including The Velvet Dog.

2. Hike in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is an amazing place, with everything the outdoor enthusiast could wish for. Located south of Columbus, this massive nature reserve has caves, cabins, canoeing, and more.

Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave are worth exploring before taking a dip in Cedar Falls. There are also abundant hiking trails and paths. 

For a full-on rustic experience, camp under the stars, or go upscale with a poolside cabin or sauna pod.

The area is home to many festivals, such as the Washboard Festival and Feast of the Flowing Moon. Keep an eye on the Hocking Hills website for upcoming events that may interest your crew.

3. Live It Up on Lake Erie

Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio Lake Erie
If you prefer to live the high life on the water, why not charter a yacht and spend the day living it up on Lake Erie? Or, if you prefer something more active, why not charter a fishing boat and try your luck with a rod?

Either way, the vast waters of this great lake will provide you with more than enough to do.

4. Cedar Point Amusement Park

Is the groom a thrill-seeker? If so, the Cedar Point amusement park will definitely, well, amuse him!

Set along a mile-long sandy beach, first set off to Cedar Point Shores water park, where 18 acres worth of watery fun await, including a six-story plunge slide. Whoever is last down has to buy the next round!

The amusement park itself boasts 71 rides — 18 of them world-class roller coasters. It’s a great way to relive your youth and have a fantastic time doing so.

The area also has five, close-by vacation rental options, so you don’t have to worry about traveling far to get to the park.

5. Party on Put-In-Bay

Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio Put-in-bay
If anywhere in Ohio was made for bachelor and bachelorette parties, it’s Put-In-Bay. This little island is located in Lake Erie and is renowned for its party atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. In fact, the first and third weekends of April are specifically dedicated to bachelor and bachelorette parties on the island.

Rent a golf cart and cruise around the island in style, sample the goods during a tour of the Put-In-Bay winery, race each other on jet skis, and then head to the Roundhouse Bar for some great food and live entertainment.

6. Bus Around Toledo

Toledo is one of Ohio’s major cities, with plenty to offer the discerning bachelor. Rent a party limousine to get around town, or go one step further and hitch a ride on the Big Johnson Party Tub — a party bus with a hot tub!

Try your luck at the Toledo Hollywood Casino, then finish the night with some decidedly adult entertainment at the Peppermint Hippo Club. 

7. Catch a Game in Columbus

Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio Columbus
Columbus is the state’s largest city, where you can really lose yourself for a few nights. 

Start with a bit of competitive ax throwing, then cool off by discovering every stop on the Columbus Ale Trail. Soak up all the booze with some mouthwatering barbeque, then head to the German District for craft beer and a plethora of nightlife options.

Columbus was made for sports fans, too, so if your bachelor buddy is into watching a game or several, see what’s happening at Nationwide Arena.

8. Sin in Cincinnati 

Cincinnati is another major city in Ohio, straddling the Ohio River. A must-visit is nearby King’s Island — a 364-acre amusement and water park — with its huge roller coasters and enough fun to keep you occupied for an entire day.

If fine dining is on the menu, this is the place to find that as well. Choose Primavista for Italian food or Boca for French cuisine.

Finally, head to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, the place to be for both beer and expertly crafted cocktails, which you’ll find at the Famous Neons Unplugged.

9. Go Wild in Wayne National Forest

Bachelor Party Ideas in Ohio Wayne Forest
For nature buffs, you can’t get more remote and wild than Wayne National Forest, located southeast of Columbus. With 160,000 acres to explore, this place is for the hardcore hikers and bikers out there.

There are 142 miles worth of mountain bike trails, with an additional 148-plus miles of off-highway vehicle trails. For those who prefer to take everything in on foot, there are over 300 miles worth of hiking paths to cover. Make sure you bring your blister band-aids!

Bachelor Party Ideas Ohio: Frequently Asked Questions

How Big is the Average Bachelor Party?

The average bachelor party includes eight guests. However, it’s up to you to decide how many buddies and family members you want present. There’s no hard or fast rule dictating how large or small a party should be.

Does the Best Man Usually Pay for a Bachelor Party?

Each member of the bachelor party pays their own way, except for the groom. The groom’s cost is either footed by the best man or, more commonly, split equally among the bachelor party attendees.

What Usually Happens at a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor parties typically involve a lot of alcohol, partying, and activities such as go-karting, brewery tours, or fishing. It is also common for a bachelor party to head to a strip club at the end of the night.

Do You Bring Anything to a Bachelor Party?

It is not customary to bring a gift for the groom. Instead, it’s more common to bring something that the whole group can enjoy, such as a bottle of liquor or champagne.

What Not To Do at a Bachelor Party?

While it is perfectly acceptable for a bachelor party to be wild, don’t get so wasted you become a liability. Additionally, don’t plan activities that the groom won’t enjoy, or do anything to the groom that could negatively affect his wedding day.

Ohio Bachelor Party Ideas: Final Thoughts

You won’t be left wanting for bachelor party ideas in Ohio. There’s no end of choices available, whether you want a wild city weekend or a calm getaway in nature. Ohio is not the obvious choice, but it is a great choice.

The best thing about choosing a bachelor party off the beaten track, though, is that you won’t pay sky-high prices, so you’ll get a lot more for your money. Ultimately, that means the fun can continue on for longer, which is always a good thing!

At TheGroomClub, we can help you plan and organize the perfect bachelor party for your best buddy. Whether you’re going sports-themed, bachelorX, or you’re planning to stay on home turf, we’ve got you covered.

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