The Best Bachelor Party Ideas: Dallas

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24
The Best Bachelor Party Ideas: Dallas

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas: Dallas

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24
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The Best Bachelor Party Ideas: Dallas

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/20/24

Whether you’re a Texan or just have always wanted to visit, Dallas, Texas, is one of the ultimate bachelor party destinations. With near-unlimited food and drink options, unique experiences, and the best choice of hotels, you’ll find a huge list of bachelor party ideas in Dallas — but we’re narrowing down your options to only the best of the best, starting with your…

Fine Dining Options

The Best Bachelor Party Dining Ideas in Dallas
Okay, maybe it’s not fine dining, but Dicks Last Resort is a dining option we couldn’t not share. What makes this spot so special? Well, the servers scream at you and give you inappropriate hats, for one. If your groom has a sense of humor, go nowhere else.

If, though, you’re looking for something more sophisticated, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse and Doc B’s are great alternatives. There’s also CBD Provisions at the Joule and Hops & Hens at the Omni Hotel.

Live Music Options

The Best Bachelor Party Live Music Ideas in Dallas
For the music fans, House Of Blues is going to be your top stop. Fantastic drinks paired with live music almost every single night just about guarantee a great time. 

Or, take a look at Trees, one of the most iconic live music venues in the Deep Ellum neighborhood, the epicenter of live music in downtown Dallas.

If you don’t want to worry about getting tickets beforehand, Revelers Hall usually doesn’t require ticket purchases; instead, they’ll add $6 to your food bill to compensate their artists.

Unique Activity Options

The Best Bachelor Party Activities in Dallas
Stop by Upstairs Circus and make your own DIY drink-inspired souvenir, like a leather koozie or stone serving tray

If you’re not a crafty bunch, check out Chicken N Pickle, a huge building where you can eat and drink, plus play pickleball and games like cornhole, ping-pong, and shuffleboard.

If you’re always on a thrill-seeking adventure, Future Flight offers powered parachute rides seven days a week.

Sporty Options and Active Bachelor Ideas

The Best Bachelor Party Ideas in Dallas
For sports enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite like seeing the Dallas Cowboys and then hitting up Ranger Republic down the street, a bar where the motto is play hard, party harder

Another great option is buying a group pass to the Dallas Karting Complex, where you and your buddies can race some of the fastest go-karts in all of Texas. 

There’s also Dallas Party Bike, popular amongst other bachelor parties on a budget, since you can rent one or more party carts starting at $449 for two hours. What’s better than drinking on a giant bike with your buddies? Nothing that we can think of!

And, if you’re feeling a little bit competitive after a day of sporty events, you can go ax-throwing at Bad Axe for as little as $40.

Lastly, check out the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park if there’s any daredevils in the crew.

Drinking Options

The Best Bachelor Party Drinking Ideas in Dallas
If drinking is a high priority for your bachelor party, then checking out the regional brewery tours is a fantastic way to explore the Lone Star State and keep things interesting. You can also find supernatural bar tour options, like a Haunted Pub Crawl, starting at $29 per person

If tours aren’t your thing, then we recommend at least stopping by Turning Point Beer, Deep Ellum Distillery, Celestial Beerworks, and/or Dot’s Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard to grab a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

Nightlife Options

If you’re looking for a wild night in the Dallas area for your bachelor weekend, drive to Garland to spend an evening at PT’s Mens Club. It’s been described as an out-of-control frat party and has some pretty damn good food

You can also give Silver City Gentleman’s Club a try. It’s one of the largest strip clubs in all of Texas and is known for having the widest and most beautiful selection of dancers. 

If you’re not worried about a price tag, then your best bet is going to be The Men’s Club, where you’ll find the best selections of wine, a cigar room, and even a pool!

Places to Stay

A favorite in Dallas is the Omni Hotel. It has everything you’ll need, from its full-service spas and private dining options to a heated infinity pool; you’ll never want to leave. 

A second option is the Joule Hotel, which has private cabana rentals at its rooftop pool, the Midnight Rambler bar with live DJs every weekend, award-winning restaurants, and a Forbes 4-star spa. Did we also mention it’s in the heart of the city? Everything is so close by and within walking distance.

Bachelor Party in Dallas: FAQs

Is Dallas good for bachelor parties?

Dallas is quickly becoming one of the best party cities in the U.S., and never fails to entertain its visitors. It’s a major city that’s fantastic as a bachelor party stop, with high-speed activities and lots of drinking and food options.

Who usually pays for a bachelor party?

Typically, the groom crew members pay their own way, plus the groom’s costs. If the event involves out-of-state travel, the groom will cover their own lodging and transportation

How much should you budget for a bachelor party?

The average cost of a bachelor party ranges from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars per guest. It’s common to drop around $700 on a local party and at least $1,500 on a long-distance bachelor party destination.

How many people is normal for a bachelor party?

The number will fluctuate depending on how big the wedding party is, but, on average, a bachelor party has around eight guests. 

How far out should the bachelor party be?

The absolute best time to host your bachelor party is between one and four months before the wedding.

Need More Dallas Bachelor Party Ideas? Or Bachelor Party Ideas in General?

Dallas is the ultimate place to have your bachelor party, but if you’re still a little lost on what to do for a bachelor party, as well as the wedding, you’ll want to check out The Groom Club’s other resources, on topics ranging from wedding attire to budgeting for the big day.

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