A successful bachelor party includes various delectable foods, traditional beers, and cocktails. The appetizers and hors d’oeuvres don’t need to be fancy or gourmet, but you must provide ample food for the guests to munch on throughout the event. 

Even if your party plans include a dinner stop or a large satisfying meal, it is essential to keep finger foods and snacks available for those who feel hungry later on during the evening. More food translates into a longer party and encourages everyone to stick around to spend time with the group. For a real hardcore foodie groom, Maria Saenz, CEO of FastTitleLoans, says, “You can take the groom to get a zarandeado dish, a 500-year-old method for grilling fish over hot coals in a wood-fired oven.”

Explore the following food ideas and tips to keep bachelor party guests well-fed throughout the night.

Cooking for Large Groups

If you’re cooking for a large group, make things that can be easily served and don’t require a lot of prep work. Food that requires a lot of preparation takes away your time to enjoy the party. Keep the food simple, and make sure it is something you can prepare quickly or with minimal effort. Also, keep in mind if any of your guests have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

There is a temptation, of course, to create some incredible food in honor of the groom, like filet mignon, racks of ribs, fresh-caught salmon, or roasted goose. While these dishes are impressive, they also require hours of preparation and multiple ingredients.

Instead, focus on foods you can prepare in advance and can heat up or serve cold, like casseroles, an easy roast, finger sandwiches, sliders, or salads. You can also opt for a pasta dish like spaghetti or ravioli that heats up quickly and serves several people. These foods reduce your responsibilities come party time. All you will need to do is set it out on a buffet table and let the partiers chow down.

Finger Foods

Serve lots of finger foods that people can eat without having to use utensils. Parties often involve standing, so eating with a knife and fork can be difficult. If the attendees have to try and navigate cutting something while holding the plate, it will result in frustration and spilled food, doubly so after a few drinks.

Finger food is the perfect solution. There are tons of options, from simple to gourmet, that you can prepare in advance for enjoyment. Opt for triangle-cut club sandwiches, mini tacos, toasted crackers with hummus or olives, bacon-wrapped cocktail shrimp, chicken wings or bit-sized quiches.

Choose foods that don’t make a mess when eaten. Foods that are crumbly or saucy will probably end up on the floor as the evening goes on. Choose foods that a person can eat one-handed while standing and don’t require too many napkins, like simple sandwiches, egg rolls, small burritos, stuffed pitas, or even a corndog.

Finger Food Infographic

Simple Crowd Pleasers

Stick to simple dishes that everyone will enjoy – no one wants to eat something they don’t like just because it’s the only thing available. Good party food should follow two rules: the food should be popular with everyone who will attend the party, and there should be a large variety of foods available.  

There are picky eaters in every crowd, and they may feel left out if you only provide foods they don’t like. If you have picky eaters attending the party, serve dishes they can enjoy. Offer popular, standard fare that most people want, such as pizza, chips, and chicken fingers.

Also, speak to guests before the party to see if they have any special dietary needs like vegans, vegetarians, or any foods they don’t enjoy like spicy or exotic dishes. Even if there is just one person with special dietary requirements, you’ll want to make sure they feel included. 

Offer a few vegetable side dishes or meat alternatives like chickpea and edamame salad, hummus and pita, mashed potatoes and fruit salad to appease those who don’t eat meat or animal products.

Here are some unique food ideas that should satisfy all types of eaters:

  • Hot dogs wrapped in bacon – a classic that everyone will love
  • Mini pizzas – perfect for a small group
  • Jalapeno poppers – spicy and delicious
  • Sliders – easy to eat and great for sharing
  • Nachos – always a crowd-pleaser

If you have a large party or people who have diverse tastes, it’s also sensible to make a lot of different dishes. This requires more time and effort on your part, but it ensures that everyone has something they can enjoy so they won’t go hungry as the night progresses.

Best Drinks to Serve

Have plenty of drinks on hand, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Bachelor parties are about more than drinking; however, alcohol is often a part of the evening. You should offer a wide range of drinks for the attendees to choose from so that everyone can find something they enjoy.

Stock the bachelor party with a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Providing non-alcoholic options gives those who don’t consume liquor choices to drink and offers a good alternative when a guest is ready to quit drinking for the night or if any are designated drivers. 

Have plenty of water for everyone and a range of sodas, juices, and coffee or tea. If one of the guests or groom enjoys a particular drink, make it available at the party.

When planning drinks for the party, don’t forget the hard liquor. Instead of opting for standard cans of beer, let your creativity shine through by making a custom cocktail for the evening. You can base the cocktail around the theme for the bachelor party or craft a cocktail based on the bachelor’s favorite alcoholic beverage. 

You can also offer a wide range of beers or provide a full bar stocked with your choice of spirits. You may still want to ask people what they drink to get a general idea, but if they aren’t particular, just offer a variety and let the fun begin. 

Bartender and Two Party Drinks

Prepare More Than Enough

Make sure there’s enough food for everyone, even if some people end up not eating much. A bachelor party is one occasion when less is not more. It is much better to have leftovers for the next day than hungry people at the party. Prepare more food than you think you need to avoid disappointment during the event. 

To estimate your food needs for the bachelor party, add up your total number of guests. If you haven’t received an R.S.V.P. from some invitees, contact them to see if they plan on attending. Once you have an accurate rough estimate, plan to have at least one pound of food for every adult guest. 

It is also important to remember that people who eat small portions of many dishes typically consume more than people eating one dish. If you have a buffet with a wide variety, everyone will end up eating more. Take this into account and plan for extra. 

You can curb overeating by only offering a small array of dishes in large quantities. Your guests will likely eat their fill and move on with the evening.  

Don’t Forget the Food

Bachelor parties aren’t usually associated with extravagant meals as compared to a wedding ceremony, but food does play an essential role in the party’s success. Keeping the guests well-fed allows them to have a better time at the party and create happier memories with the groom.

Provide a variety of appetizers, snacks, and drinks for people to enjoy so they can joyfully celebrate the groom’s big night. 

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