Reasons Why A Wedding Chauffeur Is A Right Choice For You And Your Spouse

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 12/27/23
Reasons Why A Wedding Chauffeur Is A Right Choice For You And Your Spouse

Reasons Why A Wedding Chauffeur Is A Right Choice For You And Your Spouse

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 12/27/23

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Reasons Why A Wedding Chauffeur Is A Right Choice For You And Your Spouse

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 12/27/23

The ultimate dream is to have a stress-free wedding day. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to achieve than it may seem, and one of those stressors is transportation. To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and on time, we recommend professional chauffeurs. Though, while planning a wedding, many people tend to look over most transportation needs and think they can cut corners and not hire a driver. Even though you don’t have to have a wedding chauffeur, once we run through the benefits of hiring a driver, you might change your mind. 

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Driver

Hiring a professional driver has many benefits, including “lack of stress,” but let’s dive deeper into how they can ensure your special day is just that… special!
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Less Stressful 

Think about the traffic, if the car has enough gas, what entrance you need to drive up to, putting the correct address into the GPS, if you need multiple vehicles, and ensuring that the car you picked is working and clean–we could keep going. The point is that if you hire a transport service on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry about any transportation logistics. So, reduce stress and get a wedding chauffeur service that cares for everything. 

Luxury Style 

Many transportation services have luxury vehicles like limousines, vintage wedding cars, and sports cars that are always well-maintained and only handled by the most well-trained and experienced drivers. The exemplary wedding chauffeur service is available to fit every style or theme for your wedding. 
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Safety & Reliability 

Another benefit of hiring a transport service is having an experienced driver who can navigate all weather and traffic conditions. If something were to happen, backups would be available. They can get you where you need to be, always on the right path and never left stranded. A professional wedding chauffeur service will ensure they arrive on time to pick you up and drive you where needed, no matter what. 


The bride and groom (or everyone at the wedding party) can be transported by wedding chauffeurs to and from the wedding venue and reception area. They can also transport you and your guests to other venues like bars or hotels. Being able to customize your transportation to and from your event is a huge benefit when it comes to hiring a transport service for your special day. 
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Cost Effectiveness 

Depending on the location of your wedding, chauffeur services can fit just about any budget and be very cost-effective. Many believe hiring professional transportation for their wedding day is out of their price range. However, professional services like these range from $500 to $1,000, though the price depends on the time you rent and the type of vehicle you choose. 

Guest Safety 

Suppose you’re serving alcohol during your wedding. In that case, it’s a great idea to hire transportation for both you and your spouse, the bridal party, and you’re guests to help prevent drunk driving after your wedding. (And just in case you want to learn how to maintain a buzz on your wedding day, we’ve got your back!) As an added bonus, a limo service keeps the party going, and you have the peace of mind that your loved one’s will be brought back to their rooms safely
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Extra Amenities 

Most wedding transportation services include a minibar, complimentary snacks, refreshments, neon lights, retractable roofs, and top-notch sound systems to deliver you to your wedding in style. You can even speak with your transportation service beforehand and tell them what you want in your limo for your big day. Most companies will cater to you and ensure your ride has everything you want, with first-rate amenities for your special occasion

The Downsides

So you’ve seen the benefits and their vast positives. Honestly, we could keep going, except there are a few things that are not so ideal when it comes to hiring out your transportation needs, which include: 

  • It’s another thing to budget. Besides the food for the wedding, outfits, the venue, and the decor, your budget will quickly diminish, meaning even thinking about adding a chauffeur service might make you squirm. Luckily the fees vary depending on the kind of vehicle you have and the locations you need transportation from. This means you might not have to pay much, though it’s still an extra fee. 
  • You’re going to love it too much. Suppose you’re not typically being driven around. In that case, hiring a driver for your wedding will undoubtedly spoil you and make it challenging to drive your car again. Who wouldn’t prefer a minibar and a reliable driver to ensure you get everywhere on time

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The Top 3 Tips For Hiring A Wedding Chauffeur

Doesn’t matter if you want a modern or an old-school vintage car. Our first big tip is to view the cars first. Make an appointment to go in, talk to the drivers, sit in, and look at the cars you like–make it a date night for you and your fiance if you want! This is so you know what you’re getting and ensure it fits your wedding theme and comfort/size needs. 

Another tip is to make sure the wedding dress fits. If there is a ginormous poofy princess dress, getting a low-to-the-ground sport-style car with limited space is not the best option. So consider you’re dress size when picking out a vehicle to be driven in. 

And lastly, use a well-known transportation service. Read tons of reviews and see the company in person to evaluate if they meet your standards. It’s also a good idea to ask your venue or your wedding planner (if you have one) and see if they recommend any reputable chauffeur services because they’ve probably seen all kinds of companies and can point you toward the best in the area.

Wedding Chauffeur FAQ:

What is a good budget for a wedding chauffeur

Pricing will always depend on location, how many people you’re transporting, and the vehicles you use for transport. You should set aside at least $800 for transportation services for budgeting. 

How do you determine your transportation needs?

Talk with your transportation service and ask how many people each car seats and how many cars you’ll need for your wedding party and guests. If you need to save money or have a tiny group of guests, you might not need extra cars. Discussing the details with your transportation service will help tremendously. 

Are there additional costs that you might encounter when hiring a chauffeur

It’s rare to find additional costs for your wedding transportation as most things are included. However, there may be a travel surcharge if your pick-up or drop-off points are particularly far. The only additional cost you may encounter is an overtime fee if your event runs later than discussed. 

Who traditionally pays for the wedding transportation

This transportation fee will usually fall upon the bride and groom. Sometimes you can get a deal with your hotel or wedding venue to include or discount your wedding transportation needs

Let’s recap.  Wedding transportation can be costly. With so many locations and companies to hire, it can get challenging, especially when trying to find one within your budget. If you’re still unsure and undoubtedly stressed, you can find more wedding day advice and tips on our site, The Groom Club, to ensure your special day goes smoothly and in-budget.

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