How to Maintain the Perfect Buzz During Your Wedding Day

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/20/24
How to Maintain the Perfect Buzz During Your Wedding Day

How to Maintain the Perfect Buzz During Your Wedding Day

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/20/24
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How to Maintain the Perfect Buzz During Your Wedding Day

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/20/24

If you’re getting married, one of the things you’re probably looking forward to (along with getting married of course) is partying with your friends. Or maybe you’re just super nervous about it all. Either way, you wanted to get a little buzzed on your day, which is perfectly understandable. However, you won’t want to get too drunk and not be able to remember the most important day of your life. A common regret among couples is getting too drunk and not being able to remember parts of their day or feel like maybe they missed out on experiencing their day to the fullest.  

You also don’t want to disappoint your partner either. You don’t want to be the only one who got too drunk and maybe did or said things you’ll later regret. 

That being said, your wedding day is the perfect reason to pop that champagne and to celebrate with the people you’re closest to. I mean, there’s no greater reason to celebrate than love. 

So, how do you maintain the perfect buzz throughout your wedding day without getting too drunk?

Bride and Groom in a wine glass

Ways to get buzzed

There are a few different vehicles people choose to use in order to get a buzz on their wedding day. You know your body the most and know the vibe of your day, so choose the one that works best for you:


The first and most obvious way to get a buzz on your wedding day is through alcohol. If you’re in charge of the wedding and gave yourself the lovely gift of an open bar, you’re in luck. You’ll have alcohol available to you all day and night. 

Alcohol is a great way to reduce stress and to feel a little buzzed. But there’s a fine line with everyone between feeling perfectly buzzed and blackout drunk. Make sure you’re not binge-drinking or doing shots throughout the day, but slowly enjoying one drink at a time. This is the best way to maintain a buzz without going overboard. You don’t want to explain to your partner the next day that you can’t remember your wedding day. 

You know yourself the most, so make sure you don’t cross the line of getting too drunk. 


Another way you can maintain a buzz, maybe a more mellow buzz, is through marijuana. Of course, being able to use this largely depends on if it’s legal where you live, if your wedding guests are comfortable with it, and if your venue will allow it.  

The good news is that weed is becoming more and more of a wedding trend so the possibility of this being an option for you is large. Some people are even having weed incorporated to their actual wedding day through the use of floral arrangements, weed bars, and special (*wink*) baked goods. 

Marijuana is a great option for helping calm your nerves on your wedding day. Cannabis high in CBD is scientifically proven to decrease anxiety. It’ll also help slow down the day for you in order to be able to take it all in. Couples always say that their wedding day went by so fast that they don’t remember anything. THC will help you slow down and actually take in the moments you never want to forget. Weed is better for this than alcohol, as you have the higher chance of not remembering things while drunk than you do from being high. 

Going off of this, weed can also bring your senses to the next level which can help you experience your wedding day to the fullest. Depending on the strain you’re using, your senses can really be heightened when you use weed. 
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How to make sure you don’t get too drunk

Let’s circle back to alcohol as this is the option most people turn to for their wedding day buzz. How do you make sure that you don’t get too drunk on your wedding day so that you can save your dignity and your memories?  Here are a few tips and tricks on how to stay sober(enough) on your wedding: 

Get it all out at your bachelor party 

On your wedding day, you’re going to be surrounded by all of your friends and you’re obviously going to want to party. So you’re not tempted to party hard on your wedding day, party hard beforehand. Get the partying out of your system on your bachelor or bachelorette party. You can celebrate early with your friends so you’re not so tempted to party too hard on your wedding day.

Use your rehearsal dinner for practice 

In addition to your bachelor or bachelorette party you can also get some drinking out of your system during your rehearsal dinner. Your rehearsal dinner is a good place to trial-run where your tolerance is actually at. However, you don’t want to drink too much here either because you don’t want to be hungover on your wedding day. Could there be anything more miserable? 

Don’t skip eating

During your wedding day, you might be nervous and your stomach may be upset, but please eat. If you’re worried that you’re going to forget to eat, make sure you assign someone in your wedding party to make sure you eat. Eat breakfast in the morning or have a big brunch. Fill yourself up with protein and carbs so you don’t start the day drinking on an empty stomach. If you’re drinking mimosas in the morning without a bagel, you’re definitely going to be feeling sick at some point in the day. 
Drinking tips

Stay hydrated  

Along with eating, you need to make sure that you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. People will probably be handing you alcoholic drinks all day, but make sure someone’s handing you water too. If possible, it’s best to have a glass of water after each alcoholic drink you have. This is going to not only help you maintain a buzz throughout the night, but also help make sure you don’t have a hangover the next day. 

Stick to one drink 

As you’re drinking, the best thing you can do is to pick one kind of drink to drink all day. The more you mix drinks, the more of a risk you run of feeling like trash later on. When choosing your drink of choice, try to keep it light. Don’t just drink tequila all day. That’s not going to end well. 

The best kinds of drinks to drink throughout your day include lighter liquors like vodka or gin; champagne or champagne-based drinks because they have a lower alcohol content than a liquor-based drink; choose white wine because they usually have a lower alcohol content and you don’t have to worry about staining any white dresses; and avoid beer if you’re afraid of getting bloated. 

Avoid the shots 

Shots, shots, shots, shots…maybe not. While drinking some light-liquored mixed drinks is a safe bet, taking shots is a quick way to find yourself going down the drunk road. Your friends are probably going to want to pour shots, but try to not fall to peer pressure. Once you start shots, it’s harder to stop. Talk to your wedding party beforehand and let them know that shots are no-go for you. Hopefully, they’ll respect your choice and not try to rope you into taking shots later.  

Just dance 

Once the music starts, head out onto the dance floor and dance your heart out. If you’re drinking, you’ll have a little liquid courage to get the party started and once you start dancing, you’ll be able to start burning off the alcohol you’re drinking. The more you dance, the more you can drink! If you need some dance tips, we’ve got your back.
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Should you actually stay sober?

If you’re even just a little worried about getting too drunk on your wedding day or you know that once you start drinking you won’t be able to stop, it might be a good idea to consider going sober on your wedding day. 

If you stay sober on your wedding day, you will assuredly remove the risk of feeling like garbage during the day (and the day after) and you’ll remember every moment of the day. 

Whatever you decide, have a discussion with your partner beforehand and share your expectations with each other. You may also have to chat with your wedding party so they know and respect your choices as well.

Overall thoughts

There are so many ways to help you get and maintain a buzz throughout your wedding day to help you celebrate and calm some of your nerves. Having a buzz throughout your day can be a super fun way to experience your celebration of love. Just make sure you make the right choices during your day and set expectations beforehand so you stay buzzed and not drunk. Charles Moll from Charles Moll Photography, says, “I have seen so many intoxicated grooms fumble during their vows. It’s important to set expectations not only for yourself, but as a couple. Plan together when to really cut loose and have your wedding party help to keep you accountable.”

It’s fun to celebrate your wedding with some drinks and maybe some weed, but you want to make sure that once the day is over with, you have fond memories that you can actually look back on. No one wants their wedding day filled with embarrassing moments that they don’t even remember.

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