Tokens of Affection: 22 Inspired Groom to Bride Gift Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24
Tokens of Affection: 22 Inspired Groom to Bride Gift Ideas

Tokens of Affection: 22 Inspired Groom to Bride Gift Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24
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Tokens of Affection: 22 Inspired Groom to Bride Gift Ideas

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24

The groom-to-bride gift is gaining popularity. While it’s not an obligatory tradition and entirely optional, the gift is sentimental, a keepsake, and a reminder of your wedding day.

Stuck for ideas for something your soon-to-be wife will love? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

What Makes a Groom-to-Bride Gift Special?

Unlike wedding gifts for both of you, your gift to your bride-to-be should be a personal token for her alone. You present this meaningful gift the day before or the morning of the wedding ceremony. When your bride is nervous and stressed, the gift shows her you’re thinking of her and that she doesn’t need to worry.

Sentimental Wedding Gifts From the Groom to the Bride

If your bride is the sentimental type, then a romantic gesture will be just the ticket. 

1. A Love Letter

A classic sentimental wedding gift, a thoughtfully written sweet message is worth its weight in gold and reminds your bride exactly why you love her.

Handwrite the letter and spray a dash of her favorite cologne onto the paper before popping it into an envelope, just make sure it doesn’t repeat any of your wedding vows! For an extra flourish, seal the envelope with wax.

2. Relationship Map

groom to bride gift
Poster design of relationship timeline


This beautifully sentimental gift showcases your love story from the very beginning to the present day.

3. A Photo Montage

We rarely print photos these days. Create a photo canvas print with all the best photos of your relationship thus far. Go one step further and create a matching print with your wedding photos after the event.

4. Wedding Keepsake Box

Engraved wooden keepsake box


A wedding day gift box personalized with both your names and wedding date provides the perfect place to add all the little keepsakes from your wedding after the fact. Add in the garter, cufflinks, an invitation, napkin, wedding favors, and anything else that will serve as a happy reminder.

Funny Gifts From Groom to Bride

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be entirely romantic or sentimental. They can be funny, too. If your future wife loves a good laugh, try these ideas.

5. His & Her Matching Items

groom to bride gift
Black and white his and hers chef’s aprons


Another classic wedding gift, his and her matching items always provide a laugh during the gift exchange. Choose something that relates to your shared interests: matching chef aprons, swimwear, mugs, jewelry, pajamas, etc. 

6. New Wife Survival Kit

If you’re a bit of a hapless husband, a new wife survival kit may fit the bill. Fill it with wine, chocolate, a sleep mask, spa products, and anything else you think your wife will need.

7. Custom Bobbleheads

groom to bride gift
Bride and groom bobblehead figurines


Who doesn’t love a bobblehead? These funny but cute figures are a sweet gift and can double as a wedding cake topper.

8. Coupon Book

Coupon books are a low-cost but meaningful and fun gift. Fill it with things you know your wife will love — a relaxing massage, control of the TV remote for a week, getting up with the kids for a week, etc. 

9. Caricature Portrait

groom to bride gift
Wedding caricature portrait


Why settle for a boring framed photo when you can go for a more amusing option? Wedding caricatures are a lighthearted and unique way to mark the occasion. Just make sure the artist highlights your wife’s best features!

Practical Gifts From the Groom to the Bride on Wedding Day

Practical items can make the best wedding gifts. What better way to remember the wedding than with something your wife will use repeatedly?

10. Leather Travel Bag

Yellow leather travel bag


Let your wife head off on the honeymoon in style with a classy, luxury travel bag. This gift is especially ideal if you both love to travel often.

11. Monogrammed Luggage Tags and Passport Holder

Alternatively, another perfect gift for travel is a personalized luggage tag or passport holder. These look super-smart while serving a very practical use.

12. A Smartwatch Band

Smartwatch with amethyst and twine band


Combine the practicalities of a smartwatch with the beauty of jewelry by gifting a customized smartwatch band. Rather than your wife putting up with the plain, chunky band smartwatches tend to have, you can replace it with bling.

13. Clutch Purse With Secret Photo

White embroidered clutch with photo printed on inner lining


A purse is the ultimate practical gift. Get her one with an added twist: a secret photo of you both printed onto the inner lining. 

14. Cashmere Throw Blanket

A cashmere blanket is the best wedding gift for a wife who likes to be cozy and comfortable. It’s also a great choice if you have to travel or be away from home often. She can snuggle up to the blanket when you’re not there!

Personalized Wedding Gifts From Groom to Bride

A personalized gift comes in many forms, with endless options. Whatever you pick, it will be special and one-of-a-kind.

15. Personalized Scented Candle

groom to bride gift
White personalized scented candle


Gift your bride a personalized candle. Choose her favorite scent and order the jar or holder engraved with your wedding details.

16. A Ring Dish

An engagement ring and wedding ring deserve a special and safe place to sit while she’s not wearing them. A ring dish is an elegant gift that can be engraved or monogrammed. 

17. Engraved Champagne Flutes

Two engraved champagne flutes


If your bride loves bubbles, then this is the perfect wedding gift. Have a pair of crystal Champagne glasses etched with a personal message. Present them in a gorgeous gift box, along with a bottle of Champagne, of course!

18. Surname Plaque

Wooden surname plaque with white writing


If she’s taking your name, commemorate the occasion by having a handcrafted surname plaque made. 

Traditional Groom-to-Bride Gift Ideas

Finally, traditional wedding gifts are a fail-safe option that will tick all the boxes.

19. Gold Necklace

groom to bride gift
Gold necklace with roman numerals pendant


This stunning gift will look gorgeous on any woman. Have the necklace created with your wedding date for a special twist.

20. Perfume

Gift your bride her favorite perfume, or choose a new scent for her to try. Gift boxes with matching body lotions and shower products will make it extra-luxurious.

21. Silk Robe and Lingerie

White robe with white feather trim


When the wedding dress comes off, ensure your bride has a stunning silk robe to reach for. Later on, a lingerie set will make the wedding night go off with a bang.

22. Spa Gift Set

When you exchange gifts, surprise your loved one with a luxury spa day and treatments. If it’s your thing, too, make it a couple’s day out. How romantic!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Groom Get the Bride as a Gift?

There are no set rules for what the groom should get his bride as a gift. It all depends on what the bride will love and cherish. You can opt for something sentimental, a practical item, or even an unforgettable experience. 

Who Does the Groom Give Gifts to on Wedding Day?

On his wedding day, the groom gives gifts to his best man and groomsmen before the ceremony begins. It is also a popular custom for the groom to give a gift to his bride, usually the night before the wedding day.

Do You Give the Bride a Gift at the Wedding?

If you are giving your bride a gift, it is not customary to give it at the wedding. Gifts from the groom are typically delivered to the bride the night or morning before the ceremony or after the wedding when the festivities have finished.

How Can I Surprise My Bride on Wedding Day?

A romantic gesture or gift is a great way to surprise your bride on the wedding day. Have a handwritten love letter or card sent to her room along with Champagne and flowers. Or give her a sentimental gift to treasure.

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