The 7 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24
The 7 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

The 7 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24
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The 7 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24

Have you ever wondered how much that family heirloom is really worth? Are you curious about that diamond engagement ring you bought several years ago and its value?

Or, perhaps – less excitingly – your insurance company is badgering you for an appraisal report before they even consider insuring your fine jewelry.

If you answered “yes” to any of these scenarios, you must get your jewelry appraised online.

Renowned for being hassle-free and low-cost, an online appraisal can save you considerable time and money.

Here’s a rundown of our top-rated jewelry appraisal services you can find online.

Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services: An Overview

  1. BriteCo: Best Overall
  2. Jewelers Connect: Best for In-Person Appraisals
  3. ValueMyStuff: Best for 10 Appraisals or more
  4. Jewelry Reports: Best for Fair Market Value Report 
  5. Sotheby’s: Best for High-Value Jewelry
  6. Mearto: Best for Selling
  7. Diamond Buyers International: Best for Loose Diamonds

Why Get a Jewelry Appraisal Online?

The 8 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024
Getting a jewelry appraisal is essential for two reasons. First, any insurance provider will generally require an official appraisal before they will insure anything valued at $5,000 or more. 

Second, if you plan to sell jewelry, an appraisal is needed to get the fair market value to ensure the price is right.

We’re all busy and short on time, and an online jewelry appraisal offers a quick and convenient way to get a valuation report for insurance purposes or to understand the resale value.

Typically, an online appraisal service will request that you do the following:

  • Complete an online form 
  • Upload any documents you have for your jewelry
  • Upload several clear and high-resolution photos

If you have all the required information ready, the whole process can take you minutes. Most appraisal services offer a 24-hour turnaround time, too, so if you’re in a hurry, you can get what you need in double-quick time.

Best Jewelry Appraisal Services: The Full Rundown

The 8 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

1. Best Overall: BriteCo


  • $26 for the initial appraisal item 
  • 50% discount for additional items

Why We Recommend It

The BriteCo appraisal process involves an in-person video call with an expert appraiser. This provides a rare opportunity to have any concerns addressed in real time. Additionally, BriteCo’s prices are incredibly affordable for such a high-quality and comprehensive service.

Pros Cons
  • Very affordable
  • Live video call included
  • Appraisal within 24 hours
  • Accepted by insurers
  • Experienced valuation experts
  • Not all jewelry is accepted for an online appraisal

BriteCo is one of the top jewelry insurers on the market. It has established itself as affordable while providing exceptional service. Forbes rated the company as the best jewelry insurer for 2023, and it is backed by an AM Best A+ rated insurer. Bonus points: BriteCo has an incredible number of positive online reviews.

BriteCo’s jewelry appraisals offer the same high-quality service. We love that you get a face-to-face meeting with a jewelry expert appraiser, as we think it’s vital that you have all your questions answered properly. Moreover, to ensure your valuables are always accurately insured, BriteCo also offers regular reappraisal services, keeping in line with market fluctuations and changes in jewelry values.

After the meeting, you get a detailed appraisal report within 24 hours, which includes the replacement value appraisal and information about the item(s). The report provides gemstone or diamond grades, color, clarity, and the type of precious metals used in each piece.

All in all, it’s an excellent service, ultra-convenient, and super affordable!

2. Best for In-Person Appraisals: Jewelers Connect


  • Dependent on which offer you choose, but typically around $50 – $150 per item

Why We Recommend It

If you prefer an in-person appraisal from a local jeweler, Jewelers Connect will arrange it all for you online. With appraisal offers from up to five jewelers, you can pick the best place to have your jewelry appraised according to your needs.

Pros Cons
  • 100% accurate appraisals
  • Better for high-value precious jewelry
  • You can pick from several jewelry experts
  • You must send your jewelry via mail
  • More expensive than fully online appraisal services

Rather than hiking around to find a local jewelry store for your appraisal, why not take advantage of Jewelers Connect hybrid service?

You can submit your appraisal request via the Jewelers Connect website, and they will send you several quotes from in-person appraisal services. Although you will have to send off your jewelry, this allows you to get an entirely accurate appraisal in a much more convenient way.

Additionally, you get control over how much you pay because you have several quotes to pick from.

While this service costs more than pure online appraisals, you’ll get a true estimated retail value plus professional photos that the jeweler will take on your behalf.
The 8 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

3. Best for Multiple Valuations: ValueMyStuff


  • $28 for one item
  • $70 for three items
  • $99 for five items
  • $195 for ten items
  • $570 for 30 items
  • $1,800 for 100 items

Why We Recommend It

Valuemystuff allows you to bulk purchase appraisals which makes it incredibly affordable and easy to get appraisals for large numbers of items. Whether you submit one item or 100, you can get your jewelry reports in as little as 24 hours.

Pros Cons
  • Great if you have many items for appraisal
  • The more items you have, the cheaper it gets
  • Choose between 24 or 48-hour turnarounds
  • Extends beyond jewelry
  • Accepted by insurers
  • Cannot authenticate items
  • Does not purchase items directly


ValueMyStuff is a large online appraisal service that appraises all kinds of items, including jewelry. This service is ideal for estate sales and clearances thanks to the ability to buy appraisal credits in bulk.

The online process to get your items appraised is simple, and you can pick between a 24-hour or 48-hour turnaround (a 24-hour turnaround uses more credits), giving you more flexibility.

We particularly like that 58 of ValueMyStuff’s 62 experts have Sotheby’s or Christie’s heritage, which means you get top-notch appraisers for a very reasonable price.

The company does not buy items directly, but they can put you in touch with their auction house affiliates if you want to sell your jewelry.

4. Best for Fast Service: Jewelry Reports


  • $29 for a 72-hour turnaround
  • $39 for a 48-hour turnaround
  • $49 for a 24-hour turnaround 

Why We Recommend It

A long-running online appraisal service, Jewelry Reports lets you choose your turnaround time. If you’re not in a hurry, you can save over 40% compared with the cost of their 24-hour service.

Pros Cons
  • Choose your turnaround time
  • Streamlined online application process
  • Suitable for insurance purposes
  • Wide range of hypothetical reports available
  • Hypothetical appraisals only
  • No credentials supplied for their appraisal experts

Most online appraisal services base their prices on the number of items you submit. Jewelry Reports prices are based on how fast you want your appraisal, so you’ll pay less if you’re not in a hurry.

During the process, you’ll get paired with a jewelry expert who will work with you to ensure you are happy with everything and understand what’s happening. After, you get a PDF report with the hypothetical value. If you need a buyer, Jewelry Reports can help you with that, too.

The streamlined process makes it simple and easy for anyone to get their jewelry valued, even if you’re not great with technology!
The 8 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

5. Best for Reputation: Sotheby’s


  • Free, but you must sell with Sotheby’s

Why We Recommend It

When it comes to prestige and international recognition, you don’t get anything higher than Sotheby’s. Recognized by international insurance brokers, government agencies, and financial institutions, Sotheby’s provides a best-in-class service for high-value item sales.

Pros Cons
  • The gold standard for valuations
  • is an Internationally recognized, trusted, and prestigious brand
  • Provides appraisals for different purposes
  • Evaluations are free
  • You can only get an appraisal if you are selling your items with Sotheby’s
  • Only suitable for high-value items

Everyone has heard of Sotheby’s. Globally, it’s one of the longest-running auction houses, operates in over 40 countries, and has become synonymous with fine, luxury, and high-end art pieces and jewelry.

Thanks to Sotheby’s extensive network, you will easily find a buyer for your jewelry. In-house experts will appraise your pieces for free with the obligation that you will use Sotheby’s to sell them afterward.

Whether you’re looking for a private collector, a museum, a corporation, or a celebrity buyer, Sotheby’s acts with the strictest confidence and provides the highest level of service you can find.

Although unsuitable for insurance purposes, Sotheby’s appraisals include estimates for sale and ongoing discreet support during the sales process.

6. Best for Selling: Mearto


  • $50 for one item
  • $70 for three items
  • $90 for five items
  • $170 for ten items

Why We Recommend It

Combining appraisals with a jewelry marketplace, Mearto offers a convenient solution if you’re actively looking to sell your jewelry. Simply get your fair market value appraisal and list it on the Mearto auction site.


Pros Cons
  • Great discounts for multiple appraisals
  • Extends beyond jewelry
  • Auction marketplace for selling items
  • Can authenticate items on-demand
  • You get fair market value as well as the insurance value
  • Mearto’s jewelry experts do not operate in-house
  • Appraisals take longer to receive than other services

Whether you want a diamond ring or a piece of antique furniture appraised, Mearto can provide. Therefore, it is an ideal option if you’re looking to sell more than just jewelry.

You can also access Mearto’s database of previous auctions by signing up for a free account. The database provides you with excellent insight into what your jewelry might fetch.

Mearto is partnered with Catawiki – an online auction site specializing in art pieces, jewelry, and high-value objects. If you want to sell your jewelry, you can do so through Mearto and reach interested potential buyers more easily.
The 8 Best Online Jewelry Appraisal Services for 2024

7. Best for Loose Diamonds: Diamond Buyers International

Diamond Buyers International homepage


  • Free

Why We Recommend It

A great option if you have loose diamonds or diamond jewelry that you want to sell. Diamond Buyers International will give you a free appraisal and will offer a price to buy. If you refuse their offer, they will ship your diamonds right back, free of charge!

Pros Cons
  • Instant online appraisal calculator
  • A true free appraisal service
  • Can sell your jewelry at the same time (although there’s no obligation to)
  • Offers sent within 24 hours of receiving the items
  • Items are shipped by Fedex and only insured up to $5,000
  • Takes longer than other appraisal services as you have to physically send the items

Although Diamond Buyers International specialize in diamonds, you can send in any type of fine jewelry for an appraisal. It’s fantastic, given that it’s a free service without any obligation to sell your diamond rings or precious jewels at the price they offer.

We also like the handy online calculator you can use to get an instant retail price for your diamonds. The calculator checks your diamond’s characteristics against buyer demand, peak season pricing, and the company’s inventory to offer a fair price.

Doing this gives you a good idea of your gem’s worth before you send it by mail for an appraisal.

Best Online Jewelry Appraisals: Comparison Chart

Company Customer Rating Costs from Turnaround Time
BriteCo 4.9 (Google: 637 reviews) $26 + 24 hours
Jewelers Connect 5 (Google: 14 reviews) $50 + Unclear
ValueMyStuff 4.5 (SiteJabber: 1,905 reviews) $28 + 24 hours
Jewelry Reports 5 (Google: 10 reviews) $29 + 24 – 72 hours
Sotheby’s 4.4 (Facebook 1,223 reviews) Free 15 – 20 days
Mearto 4.3 (Facebook: 43 reviews) $50 + 48 hours
J & M Jewelry 4.8 (Google: 21 reviews) $150 per appraisal, $50 per reappraisal 24 hours
Diamond Buyers International 4.8 (Google: 48 reviews) Free 24 hours after jewelry received

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There an App That Can Appraise Jewelry? has an app for both iOS and Android that you can use to get your jewelry online appraisals.

Are Jewelry Appraisals Legit?

Yes, jewelry appraisals are legit and can be used for insurance purposes or to understand the resell value of the jewelry. However, remember that the fair market value given by the appraisal might not reflect what people are willing to pay for it.

How Much Does BriteCo Charge for Appraisals?

BriteCo charges $26 for the initial item, with a 50% discount on additional items. For example, if you submit five items, you will be charged $26 for one item and $13 for the remaining four items totaling $78.

How To Check Jewelry Value?

The best way to understand the value of your jewelry is to get it appraised by a certified appraiser. Our top recommendation for this service is BriteCo.

What Is the Difference Between a Jewelry Appraisal and an Evaluation?

An appraisal can be less accurate than an evaluation and is generally used for insurance purposes or to understand the replacement value of the piece. An evaluation will more accurately reflect what someone is willing to pay for it.

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Navigating finances and financial protection can be tricky, especially if you are dealing with something expensive such as an engagement ring or a family heirloom. Whether selling or insuring, this guide will allow you to make an informed decision and get a genuine appraisal.

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