Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24
Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24
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Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 04/12/24

There’s nothing quite like an elegant tuxedo for a wedding. Whether you go for the classic black tux or mix it up with a colorful bow tie and pocket square, you can’t fail.

But purchasing a good-quality tuxedo can cost anywhere in the range of $500–$5,000, which can feel like a lot for something you’re likely only wearing once. 

A tuxedo rental, on the other hand, will give you the wedding attire you need for a fraction of the price. In fact, the average cost of tuxedo rentals is only $100–$199, leaving you plenty of money left over for shoes and accessories.

So, if you want to look like a million dollars rather than the bargain basement, tuxedo and suit rentals are the way to go. To help you out, here’s our ultimate guide to renting a tux.

The Best Tuxedo Rental Companies Online

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

Friar Tux and Stitch and Tie

Friar Tux is a renowned site, providing high-quality tux rentals. It offers numerous styles, including tuxedos from Michael Kors and Midnight Blue. You can also opt for a suit rental instead of a tux.

Rental prices range from $89.95 to $169.95, making it an affordable yet stylish choice.

Friar Tux also has over 20 in-store locations in California and Nevada, so if you live in this area, you can order online for in-store pickup and drop-off. Otherwise, online rental services are handled by sister company Stitch Tie.

Stitch and Tie offers a wider range of tux rental options, and prices are $124.95–$169.95. 

When you rent online, you’ll get:

  • Items shipped at least 7 days before the event
  • Free shipping for orders over $150
  • Free returns for rentals
  • Free swatches for group rentals

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

Generation Tux

Generation Tux is an online service owned by George Zimmer, where you can rent your tux in just a few clicks. Choose from a range of pre-styled looks and colors, all available at $149 per suit. The site also offers 100% merino wool suits and accessories such as pocket squares and shoes.

  • Delivery 14 days before your event date
  • Free home try-on service
  • Free rental returns
  • Free color swatches

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental


Menguin provides a curated collection of suit and tuxedo rentals for $149 and also rents vests, cummerbunds, ties, and other accessories. 

Menguin provides:

  • Guaranteed arrival 14 days before your event
  • Free replacement service if your chosen tux doesn’t fit
  • Free swatches
  • Free home try-on service
  • Free rental returns

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental

The Black Tux

The Black Tux offers a huge range of suit and tux rentals with some interesting and stylish color options. Tux prices range from $149 to $189, whereas a suit rental costs as little as $139.

If you prefer to visit a store to try on your tux, there are 31 showrooms across the United States, mostly on the East and West Coasts.

The Black Tux provides:

  • Delivery 10 days before the wedding date
  • Free replacement service if your tux does not fit
  • Free rental returns
  • Free groom attire rental if the rest of the groom crew rent their outfits from The Black Tux

How to Find the Best Tuxedo Rentals Near Me

If you’re nervous about ordering a tux rental online, you may prefer to find a rental service in your area. (Though, note some online tux rental brands, like The Black Tux and Generation Tux, do have stores in the U.S.)

Men’s Warehouse is one of the largest retail chains for men’s formal attire, with over 600 stores nationwide. With Men’s Warehouse, you can also order your tux rental online and have it delivered to your home. Men’s Warehouse is a great choice if you’re looking for options from designers such as Vera Wang or Calvin Klein

Rentals range from $49 for a basic two-piece set to up to $259 for a complete, nine-piece outfit.

How to Pick the Best Quality Tuxedo Rental Store

Don’t Get Stitched Up: Where to Find the Best Tuxedo Rental
When shopping for a special occasion, you may also find that smaller, independent, local tailor stores offer tux rentals and more choices for designer brands and styles. However, it’s important to research before picking a local tailor to ensure they provide high-quality services. Before you commit…

Check Out Reviews

First, check out online reviews. The last thing you want is to be slammed with hidden fees or quality issues. Reading reviews will quickly reveal if there are frequent problems with a particular store and help you understand if the staff are friendly and helpful, or rude and hostile.

Visit a Few Stores

After you’ve shortlisted a handful of stores, go browse. Check out the choices, and check the fabric used to make the tuxedos for quality. Chat with the proprietor. Are they open and upfront about the rental service? Are they knowledgeable about the types of styles that would suit you? 

Go With Your Gut

Finally, always go with your gut. If something seems “off,” it probably is — and if anyone uses pushy or aggressive sales tactics, avoid them. A good tailor or tux rental store should make you feel relaxed and at ease, and trying on different tuxedos should be fun.

How to Get the Best Prices on Tuxedo Rentals

It’s often possible to get a better deal on your tuxedo rental than what is listed on the price tag. Often, if you and your wedding party all rent from the same place, a group discount will apply, or you may get accessories for free. It’s also common for the groom to get his outfit for free if the groom crew all purchase their rentals from the same store.

Ultimately, there’s no harm in asking for a discount. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Tuxedo Rental: Pros and Cons

If you’re still split between buying or renting a tux, here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons.

Tuxedo Rental Pros Tuxedo Rental Cons
  • It’s very cheap to rent a tux compared to buying
  • There’s a good variety of choices and designer options available
  • You can rent the whole outfit, including shoes and accessories
  • Often, discounts will be provided for group rentals
  • You don’t have to worry about having the tux cleaned after the event
  • If your size fluctuates, you can easily change the size of your rental 
  • You can’t get a rental tux made to measure, and tailoring options are limited
  • Some of the rental terms and conditions can come with extra fees
  • If your wedding is on a popular date, you may find rentals unavailable
  • If you need a tux again, you’ll have to rent another tux


How Much Should You Spend on a Tuxedo?

The average price of a tux rental in the U.S. is $100–$199. If you add accessories and shoes to the rental, this may increase the cost.

How Far in Advance Should You Get a Tuxedo?

Online tux rental service Menguin recommends ordering your tux at least two months before the wedding date. However, keep in mind that stores have limited rental pieces available. To avoid disappointment, you should confirm your tuxedo rental as soon as possible. 

Should a Groom Rent or Buy His Tux?

If a groom feels they will wear their tux more than once, it could be more economical to buy one. On the other hand, if the groom only plans to wear the tux for his wedding, renting will likely be the better option.

Does the Best Man Pay for the Groom’s Tux?

Paying for the groom’s tux is not the best man’s responsibility. Traditionally, the groom’s family or the groom pays.

Is a Tux Nicer Than a Suit?

A tux is not nicer than a suit; it’s just different. A tux is formal, whereas a suit can be formal or informal. A low-quality tux will look worse than a good-quality suit, and vice versa.

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