The Price of Sophistication: How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
The Price of Sophistication: How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?

The Price of Sophistication: How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
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The Price of Sophistication: How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23

Your wedding day is on the horizon, and your mind has turned to the question of what you should wear.

After all, you want to look suave, sophisticated, and effortlessly cool.

Well, there’s an outfit that ticks all those boxes. It’s a timeless piece that looks great on just about any man. We are, of course, talking about the wedding tuxedo.

The tuxedo – or “tux,” as it’s more affectionately called – is synonymous with high-end, formal occasions and strictly reserved for evening soirees. However, it’s also perfectly acceptable to don a tux for your wedding, regardless of the time of day. 

If you’ve got your heart settled on this classic, you’re probably wondering, how much does a tuxedo cost?

We’re here to break down the actual cost of wedding tuxedo prices and give you all the options for how to get your hands on one for the big day.

How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?

How much does a tuxedo cost?
How much is a wedding tux? The average wedding tuxedo cost has many variables that affect the price. Most notably, the price of a tux,comes down to the fabric quality, potential tailoring needs, the designer that made it, and whether you are buying or renting.

Interestingly, where you live plays a part in the cost of the outfit, with larger cities paying a premium compared with more rural areas.

According to, here are the average costs of a wedding tux:

  • Tux rentals: $196 (ranges from $50 – $300)
  • Buying off the rack: $297 (ranges from $200 – $499)
  • Buying tailored: $500 upwards
  • Buying Preloved: $200

Let’s look at these in closer detail.

How Much Does a New Tuxedo Cost?

How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?
When shopping for wedding tuxedos, you should first ask yourself whether or not you’re likely to wear the tux again in the future. If the answer is “yes,” then buying a tuxedo will likely be more cost-effective than renting one.

Additionally, if you want your tux tailored to fit your body perfectly, purchasing one is the only way to achieve this.

However, while you can pick up a brand-new tux for less than $500, there are some hidden costs to be aware of. Most notably,  the average tuxedo price will typically only include pants and a jacket. Therefore, you will have to spend more than you originally bargained for.

Other items you’ll need to purchase are:

  • A dress shirt: $30 – $300
  • A bowtie: $20 – $50
  • Dress socks: $8 – $30
  • Dress shoes: $50 – $300

If you want to tailor your tux, you can also expect to pay between $50 – $150 to have it altered.

Total cost: $158 – $860

So you see, while the tux itself isn’t going to break the bank, adding everything else on might. And we haven’t even added the cost of cufflinks into the mix.

How Much Is It To Rent a Tux?

How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost?
Tuxedo rental is a popular option for those on a budget that want to save on their wedding suit. And the most significant advantage of average tuxedo rentals for a wedding is that the cost of tuxedo nearly always includes the shirt, bow tie, tuxedo jacket, and pants. The average cost of tuxedo rentals can even include the shoes in some cases!

The apparent disadvantage of tux rental is that you have to give it back after the rental period has expired, and you cannot alter it to fit your body better.

Even though the lower average cost of renting a tux can be enticing, be aware also of tux rental cost pitfalls such as the damage deposit. This fee can be around $50 or sometimes more, depending on the quality of the tux. If you spill something down the tux during your wedding, you can wave that money goodbye.

How Much Does a Tuxedo Cost To Buy Preloved?

Buying preloved is a highly savvy way to shop, and you can often pick up a tuxedo that you can keep for the same amount as the average tuxedo rental prices. Also, if you’ve got your heart set on a designer tux, this is a great way to get your desired look for a fraction of the price.

Preloved tuxedos are available for around $200, although you can find them in every price range. 

Where to find preloved tuxedos? Try the following:

The reason there are often so many preloved options for sale is that people often wear tuxedos for a single day – their wedding – then try to recoup the wedding suit cost by selling it afterward.

Tuxedo Rental Vs. Purchase: The Pros and Cons

Here’s the good and the bad at a glance:

Rental Pros Rental Cons Purchase Pros Purchase Cons
– The cheapest option

– The price includes the entire outfit

– Rentals limit your style options

– You can’t have the tux adjusted

– You have to give it back

– There may be damage or cleaning fees added

– You get to keep the suit forever

– You can alter and personalize it

– All style options available

– The more expensive option

– You have to buy additional items

How To Save Money on Tuxedo Prices

Saving money
We’re all about saving you money on essential wedding purchases, so we have some top tips for you to follow.

Unless you choose the shotgun option, your wedding date is often set far in advance. Therefore, you have a tonne of time to shop savvily. Don’t start looking for a tux immediately; wait for the sales to hit the shops (after the holidays and Black Friday are great times for sales). You can easily net yourself some good savings off the wedding suit price.

Don’t forget that shopping online is nearly always cheaper than going in-store. And our final piece of advice for purchasing formal wear is to look in the clearance or end-of-line sections of stores and websites. You can find hidden gems in these places easily. 

Where rentals are concerned, if you have multiple members of the wedding party that require a tux, bring them along with you. Getting a decent discount on tux rental costs for a wedding is often possible if you hire several at once.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to haggle. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount, especially if you’re super friendly. Don’t be a groomzilla and demand a lower price, be nice and ask if it’s possible. You could be pleasantly surprised.

How Much Is a Tuxedo: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Price of a Good Tuxedo?

You should expect to pay around $500 upwards for a good quality “off-the-rack” tuxedo. If you plan to have one tailored, this is significantly more expensive and costs about $1,000 upwards.

Is a Tux or a Suit Cheaper?

If you compare like for like in terms of quality and manufacturing methods, a suit is nearly always cheaper than a tuxedo. However, an off-the-rack tuxedo will cost much less than a tailored suit and vice versa.

Should a Tuxedo Be Two or Three Piece?

The three-piece tuxedo is typically for very formal events, the opera, or by the groom and groomsmen of a wedding. The two-piece is also a traditional garment but is slightly more casual and comfortable. Both are acceptable options for black-tie events.

What Is the Most Popular Color of Tuxedo?

Black is the undisputed king in the color of a tuxedo. While trendier colored tuxedos are available, black will always be the most popular and classic color to wear. 

Is It OK To Wear a Suit Instead of a Tuxedo?

A tux should be worn to black-tie events, formal weddings, and formal events such as the opera. In these cases, you should not substitute a tux for a suit. 

A smart suit is excellent if the event is less formal and does not stipulate that it is a black-tie dress code.

How Much Does a Nice Tuxedo Cost: Final Thoughts

If you’re having a formal wedding, or you just want to ramp up the elegance factor by 100%, a tuxedo is a timeless option that compliments just about any type of wedding theme.

And as we’ve shown you, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford a good-quality tuxedo. From highly reasonable tuxedo rental prices to great deals on preloved options, there’s bound to be something in your price range that fits the bill.

For more advice about looking your best for your wedding, vital wedding planning advice, and hacks you wish you knew yesterday, check out The Groom Club. We’ve got your back.

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