Planning a Surprise Honeymoon

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23
Planning a Surprise Honeymoon

Planning a Surprise Honeymoon

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23

Part of the Wedding

Planning a Surprise Honeymoon

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23

Weddings are all about surprises. Proposals are a surprise. Parties are sometimes a surprise. But, honeymoons are arguably one of the best parts of getting married and we don’t talk about the power of a surprise honeymoon enough. 

If you want to give your spouse the best wedding present in the world, give them the world. 

A surprise honeymoon is a great way to take stress off of your partner while keeping things fun and exciting. You can do a surprise honeymoon in many ways ranging from keeping the whole thing a surprise to giving your partner hints to keeping only parts of it a surprise. 

Regardless, a gift of a trip-of-a-lifetime is probably one of the best honeymoon gifts anyone could receive. So let’s start planning. 

Here are some ways you can plan a surprise honeymoon: 
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Tips on planning a surprise honeymoon

Your honeymoon is only going to happen once in your life, so you’re going to want to make it special. If you’re planning a surprise honeymoon for your new spouse, you’re already making it special, but you want to make sure you take it to the next level.  

If you still need convincing about why to plan a surprise honeymoon, think about your partner. Your partner is already spending so much of their energy planning a wedding. If you plan the honeymoon, you’re easing so much stress for them. 

There are many different ways you can plan a surprise honeymoon: 

  • You can make the whole trip a surprise 
  • You can decide as a couple when you want to go and you can plan the rest 
  • You can keep the destination a secret 
  • You can keep your accommodations a secret 
  • You can keep your itinerary a secret 
  • Or all of the above!

Honeymoon guide

Convinced? Okay, good. Now, it’s time to actually plan it. Here are some ways to make the planning easy and seamless: 

Make sure the dates you pick work 

If your partner is ready for a surprise honeymoon and you’re not springing it on them out of the blue, it’s good to decide on dates first. Before you start planning the surprise portion of the trip, make sure you decide on dates that work best for you. 

If you want to keep the whole thing a surprise for your partner, you can even be especially sneaky and get in contact with their boss at work to make sure they can take time off for your honeymoon. 

Don’t assume what your partner wants to do 

This is something you can do well in advance and if you want to keep the trip a surprise, it’s good that you do this early so your partner doesn’t suspect that you’re actually planning something. That thing is make a list of what you would want to do on a honeymoon. 

Have casual conversations about your dream trip together so you have some help planning. Maybe there’s a destination they’ve always dreamed about going to, maybe there’s a specific climate they want, or maybe there are specific activities they’d love to do.  

Make sure you build this trip around places and things you want to do together, not just things that sound great to just you.

Pack ahead of time, if you can 

Again, there are multiple ways that you can make this happen depending on the amount of surprise you want for your partner.

If your partner knows they’re about to go on a trip, give them a hint at the weather or climate. Maybe print out a list of what they should bring and hope that list doesn’t give too much away.  

If the entire trip is a surprise, there are a few things you can do: 

  • Pack for them the night before (and hope that you packed the right things) 
  • Buy them a new wardrobe for the trip to surprise them with on the day of 
  • Give them a couple hours to pack before you leave 
  • If you’re completely clueless, bring in someone else (maybe their best friend) to help 

Keep the surprises coming 

The surprise of your honeymoon doesn’t have to end once you reach your destination. Keep the trip full of smaller surprises to show that you went ahead and planned everything down to the tiniest of details. Some smaller surprises to catch your partner off guard could be: 

  • Booking a surprise activity 
  • Booking a spa day 
  • Upgrading your airfare (goodbye, economy class!) 
  • Giving them gifts based on your destination  
  • Plan a romantic dinner for you and your bride or groom
  • Work with your hotel to plan a gift of roses and champagne to be waiting for you in your room

Keep the secret, conceal the costs

Money can be a sensitive subject that has to be discussed jointly for some couples. But, if you can get away with hiding a few expenses from your spouse without any problems or breaches of trust, consider this tip. Dan Bagby’s, from Honeymoon Always, suggests this to keep your honeymoon related finances a secret by, “ Opening a new credit card or using a card your spouse does not have access to. This can be a benefit as well because you may get some great travel rewards by opening a new card and reaching the spending limit.”

Tell your accommodations 

No matter where you’re staying, make sure the owners of your accommodations know that this is a surprise honeymoon for you and your partner. Many places will surprise even you with something special for the two of you to enjoy.  

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How to surprise both you and your spouse

If you’re someone who also loves surprises, you might want to be just as surprised on your honeymoon as your spouse.  Or maybe you’re just so exhausted from wedding planning that the last thing you want to do is plan a whole trip.

Well, you’re in luck because there’s a huge trend of companies right now that will literally plan your entire honeymoon for you.    

Here are some companies that you can check out:   

Pack Up + Go 

Pack Up + Go specializes in mystery trips (including honeymoons) where you won’t know where you’re going until you reach the airport.  They will choose your destination, book your travel and accommodations all based on what you’re interested in. They keep in mind your budget, travel dates, and what your travel preferences are.  

Blind Experiences

This company specializes in planning surprise honeymoons for couples so you can be stress-free and be present with your partner. Just like the last company, they take your budget, travel days, and travel preferences to create a trip just for you. You’ll receive 10 envelopes from Blind Experiences throughout your trip that will reveal another surprise to you. It’s like a game and a honeymoon all in one. 

The Vacation Hunt 

The last company that does this is The Vacation Hunt. This company has you take a trip survey for them and you can also choose the level of adventure you’re interested in for your honeymoon. These honeymoons can be up to 14 days with both domestic and international destinations. 

Overall thoughts

A surprise honeymoon is not only a fun and thoughtful idea, but it’s a great way to reduce stress for your partner and even yourself. There are so many different ways you can plan a surprise honeymoon ranging from you doing minimal work to doing the most work. 

Either way, no matter what you keep a surprise, your trip will be an unforgettable experience. 


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