How to Propose on New Year’s Eve?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24
How to Propose on New Year’s Eve?

How to Propose on New Year’s Eve?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24

Part of the Engagement

How to Propose on New Year’s Eve?

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24

New Year Celebration

New Year’s Eve can be the ideal setting for an exciting proposal. The holidays are full of festive cheer, family traditions, and exciting activities that create lasting memories. New Year’s Eve symbolizes new beginnings, making it the perfect time to start your new life with your partner as fiancées. 

With festive decorations, loved ones around, and the excitement of a new year, you can create the perfect backdrop for dropping down on one knee and starting the new year with a romantic proposal. Turn your New Year’s into an instant engagement party and we even have speech tips to share with your loved ones and friends, for a night to remember!

Discover how to propose on New Year’s Eve with the right ring and romantic approach to make it a New Year’s they’ll remember forever.


Buy the Right Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for a New Year’s proposal can be difficult. With so many options available, you might feel overwhelmed about the process. You can find a beautiful ring within your budget by focusing on your budget and in your partner’s personal style.

First, determine what you can spend on a ring. While it isn’t the most romantic element of a proposal, buying a ring that you can afford shows responsibility and long-term planning for you and your partner. 

In 2021, most people spent between $3,250 to $5,000 on their engagement rings. CNBC recommends spending no more than 5% of your annual income on the ring.  

Use these numbers to set a ring budget that lets you find a piece they’ll love without putting you into debt at the start of the year. You can also consider less costly stones like moissanite or lab-grown diamonds to wow them without overspending. 

How to Propose on New Year’s Eve?

Proposing on New Year’s Eve provides many exciting and unique settings that can make your proposal perfect. Explore a few New Year’s Eve proposal ideas to find the ideal way to pop the question, whether your partner is looking for a simple and romantic proposal or an extravagant proposition.  

Give a New Year’s Gift

Giving a special gift on New Year’s Eve can set the mood for your proposal. You can create a gift unique to your relationship, such as a bucket list of everything you’d like to do with your partner during the coming year. Have the first item on your bucket list be getting engaged, and let your partner cross it off after you propose. 

Your gift could be anything from a bottle of their favorite perfume to a surprise weekend getaway to the engagement ring. Make them feel extra special before you drop down on one knee to ask if they will spend the rest of their life with you.
New Year's Eve proposal

At a New Year’s Eve Party

Bring your partner to a New Year’s Eve party for an exciting setting that will help create an unforgettable proposal. An entertaining event like a New Year’s Eve party is a great setting to create a lasting memory. With lights, decorations, food, and friends, it can set the tone for your proposal. 

Depending on what kind of proposal you are looking for, choose an intimate family party or an extravagant soiree with all of your friends. Ask the question early in the evening or save the surprise for the moment the ball drops to signal the new year.
Marriage proposal

While Discussing New Year’s Resolutions

You can weave your proposal into a thoughtful discussion of your and your partner’s New Year’s resolutions. A low-key proposal fits naturally into the conversation of what you want your future to look like with your partner. 

Make a list of your resolutions with your soon-to-be fiancé, and at the end of the list, reveal one more resolution you’d like to include. Drop down on one knee and tell them that your last goal for the upcoming year is to spend the rest of your lives together.

A couple proposing

At the Stroke of Midnight

New Year’s Eve is full of anticipation for when the clock strikes midnight because it signifies the official beginning of a new year. It’s a time of fresh starts and optimism, so there’s no better time to begin a new chapter of your life with your partner. 

When the clock strikes midnight, and everyone celebrates, share a New Year’s Eve kiss. Then tell your partner why you want to start the New Year engaged, and drop down on one knee to present the ring. This idea is an excellent option for a groom who wants a simple but exciting marriage proposal.

Get friends and family in on the proposal to make it extra special. Have everyone countdown to midnight, then turn and face the two of you as you pop the question. They can throw confetti or glitter to make the moment memorable and surprise your partner.

A person proposing to their partner

Over a Romantic Dinner

If your soon-to-be-wed is a romantic at heart, you can woo them over a romantic dinner.

Pick their favorite upscale restaurant, make a reservation and propose during the dessert course. If you’d rather have a private proposal, cook their favorite meal at home. 

Decorate the table with flowers, rose petals, and candles, or string up fairy lights to create a romantic at-home dinner. Have champagne or their favorite drink, and after dinner, drop down on one knee and tell them why you want to spend the rest of your life together.

Propose Under the Tree

If you and your partner love the holiday season and want to embrace the magic of Christmas, proposing under the Christmas tree can be a festive and romantic option. You can pretend you have found another present under the tree and reveal a box with the ring inside. 

If you’d like to include your friends and family in your proposal, mark different ornaments with letters that spell out “will you marry me” and stage a fun reveal of your big question. The tree can make a beautiful backdrop if you plan to capture photos or a video of your proposal.

A marriage proposal

Look Back Over Your Year Together

As much as the New Year is a time to look toward the future, it is also a time to reflect on your past. Look back over your year together with your partner. Assemble a collection of your memories in a scrapbook or picture book. Include photos from your favorite dates, movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, or anything tied to your favorite memories. 

You could also create a picture slideshow, play your favorite music, and watch a compilation of your favorite memories of the year. After reminiscing over your time together, your New Year’s Eve proposal offers the perfect way to look forward to the newest chapter of your lives together.

Personalized Champagne Bottle or Glasses

Featuring a personalized champagne bottle or glasses can be a great way to propose or celebrate your engagement. You can use a custom champagne bottle to spell out “will you marry me?” as a fun and creative way to propose. 

You could also involve your friends and family by having each person’s champagne glass have a letter that spells out your proposal. If you’d rather have a simple proposal and celebrate after, have your personalized bottle read “just engaged” so you can take photos and celebrate your engagement in style.

Pop the Question

There are different options if you’re wondering how to propose on New Year’s. You can keep it simple and find the right time to get down on one knee and ask them to spend the rest of your life together. You can also prepare a grand proposal by coordinating with your friends and family. 

On the day, focus on getting your finishing touches ready and calm your nerves by hanging out with friends or family. The most important part of your proposal is making your partner feel special by telling them that you want to spend your life with them. 

If you’re unsure what to say in your speech, tell them when you knew they were the one, what you love most about them, or bring up your favorite shared memory. Whether you want the proposal spelled out in giant letters or to give a heartfelt speech while you’re proposing, find the way that best suits you and your partner.

When Should You Start Preparing For a New Year’s Proposal?

It’s best to start weeks or months ahead of time when preparing your perfect proposal. Give yourself at least a few weeks to plan a simple event, and longer if you need to book a venue or coordinate with friends and family. 

Purchasing your engagement ring is the most important thing to get done in advance. You want to give yourself plenty of time to buy a ring so that you can take your time and pick the right piece. Factor in possible delays, like sizing and customizations, so that you don’t postpone your proposal because you didn’t get your ring in time.

Make a list of everything that you want to accomplish before your proposal. This could include buying decorations, making reservations, ordering custom items, contacting friends and family, and any other element of your proposal. 

It’s a good idea to start early, so you know what you will spend on your proposal. If you wait until the last minute, it’s more likely that you’ll overspend. 

You will also want to give yourself time to write your proposal down. With all the excitement during a proposal, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or draw a blank. Have a good idea of what you will say so that the event goes smoothly.


Start Your New Life Together on New Year’s

New Year’s Eve is a great time to propose because you get to start New Year’s Day with your partner in a new chapter of your life together. Starting the new year engaged is exciting, and with so many unique options, you can find the perfect way to propose on New Year’s Eve. 

Whether you opt for a romantic, intimate proposal or want to bring in all of the glitz and glam of New Year’s Eve, proposing on new year lets you start the next step in life with your soon-to-be-wed.

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