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If finding and buying the perfect engagement ring felt like a marathon, the proposal can equally feel just as tough. But we’ve got your back! The perfect proposal comes in all forms and is unique to your relationship. Don’t be daunted by the enormity of this occasion. Instead, stay aligned with your values and what’s important to you and your partner. Check out these tips for empowering decision-making during your perfect proposal process.

Choose a Unique and Memorable Location

Do you two have a favorite date location? Did you meet at a memorable venue? Is there an upcoming event in your life that provides the perfect opportunity to drop down on one knee? 

Get creative here; you are the director of this endeavor. If you two have been talking about a special weekend trip, this could be the moment for that cozy cabin getaway. Try not to get too caught up in the importance of the event and focus on crafting a memorable experience. You want this moment to be cherished for a lifetime. 

JoAnn Moore, a wedding planner based out of Vail, CO, has tons of stories of unique proposals her clients have had. One couple got engaged on a remote archeological hike in Belize, and the groom had even hiked it the day before to hide the ring in the perfect spot! Another groom-to-be had JoAnn help him plan a romantic sleigh ride for two, and even hired a photographer to be waiting at the location to capture the perfect images of the moment. “The fresh snow and sleigh were so beautiful and the private time for the couple was perfect,” she says.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas or locations on your own, check out these fun and crafty proposal methods.

Make it Personal - Include Something That is Special to the Two of You

A proposal is a moment to get sentimental and show your partner all the reasons you love them. Ultimately, only you know the key to making this proposal personal. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Write out exactly why you love your significant other, and read it out loud. Our typical days are filled with negative stories on the news and complaints from our coworkers. Take this moment to show your partner how deeply adored and cherished they are by saying it aloud.
  • Create a photo slideshow to go down memory lane together.
  • Do the two of you have a song? Have it playing as you arrive at your location.
  • What are your favorite things to do as a couple? Tap into this resource for inspiration. 
  • Sing them a song. Are you musically inclined? Dust off the acoustic guitar and re-learn your strings to sweep your loved one off their feet.
  • Talk about your future happiness together. Touch on all the things you want to do with them by your side. Travel the world, get a fur baby, and buy a house. This lets them know that you’ve thought about your future together.
  • Unplug. Keep your phone use to a minimum. You want this moment to feel incredibly intimate and special. Like there is no other person you would rather be with.

Use a Creative Way to Propose - Get Down on One Knee, Write a Song, or Do Something Special

Surprise your partner with a proposal that showcases your creative skills. Whether you’re a painter, writer, photographer, or designer, you can utilize your unique talents in the way you ask your loved one to marry you. 

Get down on one knee

Get Down on One Knee

While getting down on one knee to propose is traditional, you can mix up how you approach the action and what you say. If you’re a photographer, consider printing out snapshots of the two of you from various stages of your relationship and placing them around the room you plan to propose. You could even take photos of yourself holding a sign for every word in the “will you marry me” phrase and get down on one knee in front of them.

You can also keep the traditional pose and change up the proposal question. Use your partner’s nickname or a special pet name when asking them to marry you. “Will you be my forever honey-bear?” might be more fitting and meaningful for your relationship. 

If you or your partner have children or are a pet parent, consider including them. Watching a kid or dog get down on one knee with you is heartwarming and adorable. There are endless creative approaches to this type of proposal.

Write a Song

If you’re a musician or music lover, writing or performing a song may come more naturally to you than other forms of proposals. You can choose to create a brand-new piece, pick out a song you both love, or one that has special meaning to your relationship. 

Show off your guitar or piano playing skills if you have them, or sing acapella to your sweetheart. Nothing is more romantic than having your loved one sing a proposal to you. It’s a great memory to share with friends and family, and you can even incorporate your proposal song into your wedding.

Do Something Special and Meaningful

There are endless creative options for asking someone to marry you. If you want something more fitting for your relationship, think about what you love about your partner and the fun times you’ve had together. 

If you two pass the time playing puzzles and games, consider creating a custom marriage proposal puzzle. Open the puzzle during a romantic night, and once it’s complete, bring out the ring and ask the question.

Keep it Secret Until the Last Minute

Keep it Secret Until the Last Minute

If your spouse-to-be isn’t aware until you get down on one knee, congratulations on doing your job! Here are some helpful hints at keeping things under wraps until you pop the question.

  • Employ one of their friends or family members as a decoy. This way, you have someone on your team and in the background until the event happens. Say you’re stuck in traffic and need someone to stall your beloved momentarily. Have your decoy give them a call and try to delay them. No matter the circumstances, it is always beneficial to have an accomplice.
  • Let friends and family in, but not too many. You may want their parents to be aware and a few of your closest friends, but keep it tight-lipped until they say yes. Social media is for letting the world know.
  • Try working it into a regular day rather than planning a trip or special occasion.
  • Don’t propose on an expected date, like your anniversary. 

Pop the Question With a Ring

Pop the Question With a Ring (Of Course!) and Make Sure the Ring is Perfect

The most important part of the proposal is choosing the right ring. Perhaps this choice comes easy as you’ve inherited a gorgeous family heirloom, but if not, we’ve cultivated these essential tips for picture-perfect proposal rings.

  • Go shopping for a ring together. At this stage in your relationship, the exact timing of the proposal should remain a surprise but not the fact that you two want to get married. It isn’t uncommon for couples to go ring shopping together. Try adding this event into a regular day the next time you’re out grocery shopping or seeing a movie. 
  • Have a general idea of the ring shape and size. Rings are an extension of someone’s taste and style. Consider your partner’s style when choosing the ring.
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and choose a ring that isn’t traditional. Many people, especially women, are throwing out the adage diamonds are a girl’s best friend and going for more unique and unexpected designs.
  • Stick to your budget. It’s easy to get excited and think that bigger is better, but consider the functionality of the ring as well. They will be pairing it with a wedding band and wearing it for the rest of their lives.

The most important thing is to understand your partner’s desires. Talk about rings before making the big purchase.

Have a Plan for Afterwards

Have a Plan for Afterwards - How Will You Celebrate Your Engagement?

Your fiancé/e has said yes, and now you want to celebrate! Traditionally couples throw an engagement party a week or two after the event. Proposal parties offer a convenient alternative to an engagement party, as they occur immediately after the exuberant I do! Both parties serve as a way for friends and family to show up and celebrate the newly engaged couple.

If you’re looking for an intimate couples-only alternative to these communal events, try one of the following:

  • Spend a romantic night at home: Cook them a three-course meal, purchase a bottle of wine, and cover the floors in rose petals.
  • Take a trip together: Jet off for a week to your favorite island getaway.  Head to the mountains to ski. Organize this trip around what the two of you love to do together. We recommend you use Skyscanner or Travala to search for activities and flights, without breaking the bank account.
  • Make reservations at the spa: Pamper yourselves with massages and pedicures. If you are in the Vegas area, book a room at Tahiti Village Resort & Spa! An island-inspired oasis located on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Plan Your Proposal

Are you feeling inspired and excited? We hope so. The perfect proposal is the one that best fits your relationship. Map out exactly how you want the proposal to go and cover every detail. This way, you can ensure you’ll hear an excited yes! from your fiancé/e-to-be. Check out everything The Groom Club has to offer with our latest blogs!

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