How Much Does an Average Bachelor Party Cost?
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What is a bachelor party? It’s a party where everyone wants to give the groom one last hurrah, a legendary celebration of his former life, and a fitting welcome to the future as a newly married man. A bachelor party should be one of the best parties you ever attend, and because this is a special night, there is a desire to go all out. 

The temptation to pull out all the stops can be tough on the bank account. In the sober light of day, you can find that you went overboard and spent too much money. This doesn’t need to be the case. With a bit of planning and some good budgeting, you can have the same amount of fun at a fraction of the cost.

Average Cost of a Bachelor Party

Believe it or not, average bachelor parties tend to be more expensive for the attendees than the wedding is. It costs more for each guy at a bachelor party than for each woman at a bachelorette party.

Let’s use wedding attendee costs for a comparison. Studies have found that the average wedding attendee spends roughly $888 to attend a wedding. This cost covers attire, lodging, travel, gifts, and other expenses. (Here are some great bachelor party gift ideas.) If someone is in the wedding party, they usually spend more, which sets them back $1,154 on average. 

Average bachelorette party guests will spend about $472 to attend the party if it is close to where they live, and they’ll shell out $1,106 per person if it’s a destination party! Mark Garbers of Strictly Weddings says, “On average, the cost of a bachelor party can be a couple hundred to a couple thousand of dollars per attendee!”

Bachelor parties take the cake as the most expensive! The average guy will drop $738 on a local party and a whopping $1,532 on a destination party. Maybe the bachelor party is their favorite part of the whole process? Or maybe they just have less costs for the overall wedding than other parties.

Regardless, bachelor party cost can be challenging for many people. Not everyone has that kind of money to drop, especially when bachelor party attendees also plan on spending money to attend or be at the wedding. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the party’s cost and keep it more manageable for guests.

How to Save Money on Your Bachelor Party

Just because the average bachelor or bachelorette party is expensive doesn’t mean yours has to cost a lot. There are ways to cut expenses without sacrificing fun, and there are ways to use your money in a more cost-effective way to maximize the experience for your budget. For some cheap bachelor party ideas, look no further!

The easiest and most straightforward way to save money is to keep it local. The biggest chunk of bachelor party costs is travel and accommodation. If you throw your party where you live, you’ll have instant savings. Folks from out of town can crash on the couches of those who live nearby to save even more money.

The party doesn’t need to be a crazy event at the most expensive club, where you drink top-shelf liquor and champagne. Focus on what really matters: the groom and his friends. If the group is usually a dive bar crowd, there’s no need to get fancier for one night. Stick to your typical budget, and you will still be able to have a great night without breaking the bank in the process.

How to Save Money on Your Bachelor Party

Tips for Throwing an Affordable Bachelor Party

Have you ever thought or internet searched how to throw a bachelor party AND keep it affordable? If you want to throw a wild party but don’t want to drop a ton of money, here are some tips to follow and ideas to keep in mind:

Affordable Bachelor Party Tips Infographic

  • If you decide to travel, try to book an Airbnb or similar large accommodation for everyone to share; this will almost certainly be cheaper than hotel rooms.
  • Instead of flying, make any travel into a road trip to reduce and split costs.
  • If you must fly and use a hotel, search the internet to see if there are any combined airfare+hotel deals. We always recommend Skyscanner for the best travel deals! 
  • Buy as much as you can off the internet. There are often a lot of discounts to be found on things like decorations and partyware.
  • If you are drinking, avoid bars and clubs and throw the party yourself. You can save money by buying larger spirit bottles or beer kegs.
  • Instead of eating out, have everyone pitch in to cook food or make the party a potluck.

Fun and Inexpensive Ideas for Your Bachelor Party

Are you still struggling with what to do for a bachelor party? We have more money-saving ideas! Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good times. Many inexpensive and fun activities create lifelong memories for the groom and party guests.

Consider what you want to do and see if there is a cheaper alternative. If your buddy is a big fan of going to sporting events, hit a minor league or college game instead of the pros. If he wants to go on a bachelor trip, try a local casino instead of a hotel in Vegas. If the groom wants to go to a wild club, rent a cheap event space and throw a huge kegger with your own playlist on the speakers.

Check out local activities that are both cheap and fun. Many breweries have tours that are either free or inexpensive, often with beer sampling included. Your local museums and beautiful parks may not charge entry fees if you want to enjoy some culture or prefer fresh air and natural experiences for the party.

Other inexpensive events offer a lot of bang for your buck. Restaurants may have wine or whiskey-tasting events, and sports teams often schedule meet-and-greets with players or look for free concerts by local bands. See what is available when you plan to throw the party and choose an activity your groom will enjoy. 

Man having Ideas for Fun and Inexpensive Activities

Ways to Cut Back on Bachelor Party Food and Drink Costs

Food and drink expenses can be significant at a bachelor party. There is a temptation to live up to the stereotype and go all out with a fancy steakhouse meal complete with cigars and top-shelf whiskey, followed by a party at an exclusive club with champagne and bottle service. This event will cost a lot no matter where you do it, but it isn’t the only way to throw a bachelor party.

The real purpose of a bachelor party is to celebrate the groom-to-be, and often just having good times with his closest buddies is all he really needs. Bachelor party costs do not have to be as high as anticipated, cut down on food and drink costs by keeping it simple. Cook the food yourself or hire a caterer to prepare a meal, each is less expensive than a big night out. Include the groom’s favorite dish and some crowd-pleasing comfort foods. 

If you are cooking the meal yourself and serving your own drinks, you can have more flexibility with how you spend your money. If your groom is a foodie but doesn’t care about the drinks, spend extra to make him a great meal. Or, if he loves a glass of fine whiskey but doesn’t care about food, get him an extra special bottle and have something fun, cheap, and easy to eat.

How to Save Money on Travel Expenses for a Bachelor Party

Even if you keep your bachelor party local, some friends or family members might need to travel from out of town to participate. If the out-of-towners all live in the same place, they could try carpooling to cut their expenses.

If they live further away, they might need to fly. If this is the case, give your guests as much notice as possible so they can find a good flight deal. That is the best way to ensure all your attendees can make it at a price they feel comfortable with.

Less Money Doesn’t Mean Less Fun

Most friends want to throw their soon-to-be-married buddy a great bachelor’s party. But as much as they love their friend, they don’t want to break the bank in the process. This goal is entirely possible by focusing on what is important – friendship and good times. 

Take an honest account of how much everyone can spend, figure out what is worth spending money on and what isn’t, and then spend every dollar as efficiently as possible. You can have all the fun of a crazy Vegas club weekend at a fraction of the cost if you do. Check out all the latest blogs on the best bachelor party destinations on a budget or no budget at all! The Groom Club has got your back!

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