Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Groom’s Cake Ideas That Hit the Spot

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 01/30/24
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Groom’s Cake Ideas That Hit the Spot

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Groom’s Cake Ideas That Hit the Spot

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 01/30/24

Part of the Wedding

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Groom’s Cake Ideas That Hit the Spot

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 01/30/24

Move over the wedding cake and make room for the groom’s cake. This new tradition brings fun and personality to the traditional wedding cake by giving the groom his own miniature cake that’s just as unique as he is.  

What is it, though? And how does one get a slice of the action?

Here’s everything you need to know, plus some winning groom’s cake ideas you can adapt to your own style.:

What is the Groom’s Cake?

Actually, we lied a little bit (sorry!). The groom’s cake tradition isn’t all that new, even if it’s new to U.S. weddings.

The tradition hails from the U.K., where a groom’s cake was a second dessert option, next to the main wedding cake, during the Victorian era. Typically richer in flavor (think dark chocolate, coffee, etc.), the groom’s cake also often contained alcohol. Yum!

(Another connected tradition was for single women to take a slice of the groom’s cake home and sleep with it under their pillows! This tradition is no longer practiced since most women don’t want to wake up to a squashed dessert and stained pillowcases.)

The groom’s cake fell out of favor for a while, but it’s catching on again and has made its way over to the U.S. Today, the groom’s cake doesn’t replace the wedding cake. Instead, it pays homage to the groom in cake form.

Typically smaller than the wedding cake (sorry!), groom’s cakes are often humorous and interestingly shaped and add a touch of fun and frivolity to a wedding.

Groom’s Cake Ideas: Flavors

The groom’s cake is your chance to order a delicious dessert in a bespoke flavor that’s just for you. Chocolate cake is the de facto champion of cake flavors, and we won’t blame you for choosing it. But how about mixing it up a little? 

For instance, alcohol pairs wonderfully with chocolate. Here are some mouthwatering options:

Don’t care for chocolate? Peanut butter is also an awesome option, as is salted caramel or even bacon and maple.

Hobby and Passion-Inspired Groom Cake Ideas

Groom’s cakes often showcase the groom’s hobbies and passions. 

  • Are you an avid weekend fly fisher? Why not order a fishing themed groom’s cake?
  • Sports mad? How about a cake decorated like your favorite baseball team’s jersey?
  • Do you live and breathe music? Then you need a music-inspired cake!

You get our drift. Here are a few other examples…

Hobby and Passion-Inspired Groom Cake Ideas: R2D2

Star Wars nerds will love this R2D2 in a tux cake.

How about this incredible superhero wedding cake?

And how about this incredible superhero wedding cake? This one does a great job doubling as a wedding cake and a groom’s cake.

Hobby and Passion-Inspired Groom Cake Ideas: For the gamers.

For the gamers, this black-and-white design features a control pad and still looks classy and “on-theme.”

Groom’s cakes often showcase the groom’s hobbies and passions. Like mechanic-themed cake

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that’s your passion, then a cake to reflect that would make a fitting tribute. For example, we love this mechanic-themed cake. It adds a touch of humor to the wedding, too.

Groom’s cakes often showcase the groom’s hobbies and passions: Police themed cake.

This police-themed cake also looks amazing. This style can easily be adapted for different professions — firefighter, doctor, carpenter, construction worker, etc.

Hilarious Groom’s Cake Ideas

If you love a laugh, inject humor into your wedding day with an epic dessert. This is your chance to order a dessert shaped in a way that will make your guests chuckle. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

Hilarious Groom’s Cake Ideas: Beer cooler

How about a beer cooler in dessert form? You can be forgiven for not knowing whether to eat or drink it.

Hilarious Groom’s Cake Ideas: Grill-shaped cake

Are you known for your legendary BBQ parties? This grill-shaped cake should fit the bill and make your guest’s mouths water — and smile.

Hilarious Groom’s Cake Ideas: Multiple scenes of disaster and peril

Are you a bit accident-prone or clumsy? This epic cake has a lot going on! Featuring multiple scenes of disaster and peril on what is an otherwise gorgeous wedding cake, it can’t help but make you laugh.

Rustic Groom’s Cake Ideas

For the “no-fuss” groom, a rustic cake is a straightforward choice. Featuring all the delicious components of a sweet dessert, a rustic cake features minimal decoration save for a few flourishes.

Take a look at these examples:

This rustic cake offers a basic design but is accented with green foliage and — best of all — donuts!

Let the inside of the cake do the talking. Choose a cake with an interesting inner design, like this zebra cake.

Great for a fall wedding, this rustic cake features seasonal fruits and berries and sprigs of rosemary for a fragrant finish.

Classy Ideas for Groom’s Cake

Prefer something on the classier side? Check out these examples of classy ideas for a groom’s cake.

Classy Ideas for Groom’s Cake: Tuxed

A classy and cool groom’s cake can be achieved via clean lines and refined colors — as is the case with this suit-inspired cake.

Here’s a great example of showcasing a hobby or passion on your cake, but in a classy way. Rather than adding humorous toppers, this cake features elegant musical notes with a plain black ribbon.

Classy Ideas for Groom’s Cake: Monograms

Monograms also provide an opulent finish to a groom’s cake. If you have a family crest, that could also be an option.

Classy Ideas for Groom’s Cake: Tartan

Textiles and fabrics provide interest without going overboard. Choose a textile pattern that represents your culture. For example, use tartan for Scottish roots, paisley for Persian or Indian ancestry, or kasuri for Japanese heritage.

Unusual Ideas for Groom’s Cake

If you want your guests to stop and look twice, an unusual design is the way to go. These aren’t necessarily huge or grand cakes, but they do command attention.

This cake looks like it jumped right from the pages of a comic book. The cartoon style is super on-trend and provides a fun optical illusion. It’s a simple groom’s cake that takes some baking mastery to pull off.

Unusual Ideas for Groom’s Cake: Combining both the bride and groom’s favorite flavors

If your bride requested a joint wedding cake, consider this option for inspiration. Combining both the bride and groom’s favorite flavors, the dark and light design provides a contrasting, eye-catching look.

Unusual Ideas for Groom’s Cake: Pizza

Why opt for cake at all when you can have something equally — if not more — delicious? Tiered pizza instead of cake? Yes, please!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Point of a Groom’s Cake?

The groom’s cake is a chance for the groom to make a part of the wedding all about him. The cake is designed and decorated to represent the groom’s specific tastes, hobbies, and passions and is served alongside the main cake.

Who is Supposed to Buy the Groom’s Cake?

The groom’s cake is typically a gift from the bride, who will choose the design and purchase it. This can be a surprise for the groom, or the groom can know about it and help pick the flavors and design.

What Do You Put On a Groom’s Cake?

Since the groom’s cake is to honor the groom and his specific passions, hobbies, and tastes, the cake should be decorated with items to represent him — for example, frosting in his favorite colors, sports team logos, initials, etc.

Who Pays for the Groom Cake?

Traditionally, the bride pays for the groom’s cake.

Are Grooms Cakes Still a Thing?

The groom’s cake is definitely a thing, though it’s not as popular as other, more established traditions. Groom’s cakes are gaining popularity, though, so don’t hold back on having one for your wedding if you want one.

More Than Just Cake

Of course, weddings are so much more than just cake. Only the groom will understand the stress he and his partner will go through when planning this event.

The Groom Club is here to make it all a little bit easier. Whether you’re planning an engagement, wedding, or bachelor party, we’ve got tips and hacks for all this and more.

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