Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Groom Attire

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24
Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Groom Attire

Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Groom Attire

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24

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Choosing the Perfect Beach Wedding Groom Attire

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 02/22/24

Forget the church and the country club — beach weddings are where it’s at. Compared to other options that require months of planning, beach weddings are relatively simple to pull together, even if you’re planning a destination wedding. What’s more, seaside nuptials are often affordable. As if the ease and affordability of beach weddings didn’t make them attractive enough, the stunning natural scenery they provide makes for breathtaking photos. 

There’s a lot to love when it comes to beach weddings. Perhaps the only downside is that beach wedding groom attire can be tricky to get right. Selecting the perfect outfit means coordinating with the rest of the wedding party, finding the right balance between comfort and style, and dealing with unpredictable weather. 

Not to worry, though. Our comprehensive guide to beach wedding groom attire ideas will walk you through everything you need to know so you can look your best on your wedding day. 

What is the Best Beach Wedding Groom Attire?

Compared to traditional wedding ceremonies, beach weddings present all kinds of additional wardrobe challenges. Not only does beachy groom attire need to look good, but it also has to balance style and practicality. 

In many cases, that means selecting a suit, button-up shirt, and lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-resistant trousers. More specifically, the groom’s beach wedding attire should be made from natural fabrics such as linen, seersucker, or cotton. Look for clothing that drapes well. Clothing that drapes well holds its shape without looking stiff.  

This is not where beach wedding groom attire starts and ends, though. Lightweight fabric and smart tailoring are essential for groom beach wedding attire, but there’s a lot more to know when selecting the perfect outfit. 

Beach Wedding Attire Based on Dress Codes

If you’ve ever wondered what black tie optional really means or hemmed and hawed about which color suit to wear, then you know just how difficult it is to navigate wedding dress codes. How do you choose the best outfit based on a vague description? 

Well, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is beach weddings come with their own unique dressing conventions. The good news is the rules are much more flexible when you say “I do” next to the ocean. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what each beach wedding dress code means. 
Beach Wedding Groom Attire


A chill beach wedding calls for casual groom attire. That doesn’t mean you should show up at the altar in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops (unless that’s the vibe you’re going for), but it does mean you have a lot of flexibility. 

You could pair a white or light blue light shirt with khaki pants. You could go really laid-back by sporting a short-sleeved linen shirt and tan shorts. For footwear, feel free to go barefoot. Otherwise, try leather sandals, boat shoes, or loafers without socks. 
Beach Wedding Groom Attire


If shorts are too casual, but a full suit is over the top, then semi-formal wedding attire is your sweet spot. With semi-formal beach attire, you’ll look dressed up while remaining comfortable. 

To pull off a semi-formal beach look, pair a casual suit jacket with pants. The traditional groom can choose a suit in tan or navy with just a light shirt, while the more adventurous can experiment with a blue or green suit. At this level of formality, you can leave out the vest and even the tie. As for shoes, look for a pair of oxfords or derbies in brown or tan. 
Beach Wedding Groom Attire


The fanciest beach weddings call for beach formal attire, meaning a three-piece dark-colored suit or even a tuxedo. A linen suit is an excellent option, but don’t overlook seersucker or lightweight four-season wool. Complete the look with a white dress shirt, bow tie, and patent leather shoes. 

Men’s Beach Wedding Accessories

Beach Wedding Groom Attire

Once your outfit is sorted, tie everything together with accessories like these:

  • Suspenders: Pair them with just a button-up shirt for a casual yet pulled-together look, or sport them under a suit jacket for some low-key flair. 
  • Cufflinks: A subtle way to show off your personality, cufflinks are a must for formal weddings, but you could wear them at a semi-formal gathering with the right suit. 
  • Pocket square: Mirror the wedding party’s color scheme or choose a pattern that reflects your personality. 
  • Colorful socks: Wear funky socks to inject a little fun into your wedding attire. 
  • Belt: Far from just a practical accessory, the right belt adds visual interest to your look. 
  • Tie clip: Like cufflinks, tie clips are an opportunity to show off your personality, hobbies, or style.
  • Watch: Keep yourself on schedule with a wristwatch that coordinates with your outfit. 
  • Hat: Beach sun can be brutal. Protect your skin and eyes by adding a Panama or straw hat to your ensemble. 
  • Sunglasses: Shade your eyes with a dressy pair of sunglasses in tortoiseshell or black. 

If you really want to get into the beachy mood, sea-inspired accessories are the way to go. You could choose cufflinks shaped like turtles or fish, anchor-printed socks, or a pocket square adorned with palm trees. When you add sea-inspired accessories to your outfit, you show off your personality and tie the wedding theme together. 

Groom Beach Wedding Attire FAQs

What Color Should a Groom Wear at a Beach Wedding?

Get creative with the color palette at your beach wedding. Neutrals like white, beige, and tan always look sharp, but colorful options like blue, sea green, and light pink work equally well and play into the beachy atmosphere. 

How Do You Make a Groom Stand Out at a Beach Wedding?

A subtle way for a groom to stand apart is to wear a different color necktie or bow tie than the wedding party. Another option is for the groom to wear a suit jacket, while the wedding party wears just shirts and ties. Alternatively, the groom can wear a different colored suit than the wedding party. 

Can the Groom Wear Shorts for a Beach Wedding?

The beauty of beach weddings is that they can be as casual (or formal) as you want them to be. If your ideal wedding look means sporting khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, then go for it! Just make sure they’re clean, pressed, and unripped. 

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