The 5 C’s of Engagement Ring Care and Maintenance: How to Keep Your Ring Looking Brilliant

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/22/24
The 5 C’s of Engagement Ring Care and Maintenance: How to Keep Your Ring Looking Brilliant

The 5 C’s of Engagement Ring Care and Maintenance: How to Keep Your Ring Looking Brilliant

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/22/24
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The 5 C’s of Engagement Ring Care and Maintenance: How to Keep Your Ring Looking Brilliant

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 02/22/24

Engagement ring care and maintenance is an essential but often overlooked aspect of owning engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Four out of ten married men in the USA will lose their wedding band at some point, while stone replacements can cost up to $250 each – more if you lose the center stone. Considering how much engagement rings cost in the first place, it makes sense to want to prevent these things from happening.

However, with a little care and consideration, you can ensure your beautiful engagement ring stays looking as good as the day you bought it.

Why Is Proper Engagement Ring Care Important?

Like cars, engagement rings are huge investments. And while it is natural to have your car regularly serviced and cleaned, it is easy to forget to do likewise for your diamond engagement ring.

An uncared-for car quickly deteriorates and will break down much faster than if you looked after it, and the same is true for engagement rings. No one wants to ride in a damaged or dirty vehicle, and no one wants to wear a dull or broken ring.

But if you regularly maintain and clean your engagement ring, you can be sure it will stand the test of time and look as impressively sparkly as your freshly washed car!

The 5 C’s; How To Care for an Engagement Ring

Cleaning an Engagement Ring
There are five essential components to caring for your fine jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at the five C’s.

Cleaning: How to Clean Wedding Rings at Home

First up, you need to get in the habit of performing a regular cleaning routine. And you’ll be pleased to hear this doesn’t need to be anything complicated.

To get started, you need a soft-bristled brush. A soft toothbrush is perfect for this. Then, remove the ring, and using warm water with mild dish soap, you can then gently brush and clean your ring all over.

When done, use a lint-free cloth to carefully dry the ring before placing it back on the finger.

Before you start, here are a few warnings:

  • Always place the plug in the sink before taking your ring off. You don’t want it to disappear down the plug-hole midway through your cleaning session
  • Never use harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the ring, as they can quickly damage precious metals. For example, bleach will quickly cause tarnishing to rhodium plating or silver bands
  • Baking soda is often praised as an effective cleaning agent for jewelry. This is wrong. Baking soda is abrasive and will easily scratch the surface of the metal and can even damage the stones

Finally, get in the habit of cleaning your ring on a weekly basis. Add in an extra clean after an activity that may have caused dirt to build up quickly.
Engagement Ring Care and Maintenance

Consistent Maintenance: How to Keep on Top of Ring Maintenance

Having the ring professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis is also very wise. All reputable jewelers will carry out this service either for free (if it’s the same place where you bought the ring) or for a low cost.

The jeweler will be able to inspect the ring for any damage using magnifying equipment and perform a deep clean using special jewelry cleaning solutions.

For optimum ring care, you should aim to have the ring serviced twice a year.
Check your engagement ring for damage

Checking: How to Inspect for Engagement Ring Damage

When performing your regular cleaning routine, you should always check for any damage. Here’s how:

  • Remove your ring and take a thorough look at the precious stones and their housing to see if there are scratches, if the diamond shape has changed, or if the metal housing or prongs have become bent or misshapen.
  • Hold the ring up to your ear and tap on it gently. If you hear rattling, it means one of the stones has become loose.
  • Run your fingers over the surface of the stones to feel for any sharp or unusual edges
  • Look inside the band and check if anything has become lodged or stuck inside the housing

If you find or suspect something is amiss, take the ring straight to a jeweler for assessment and repair.
Be careful wearing an engagement ring

Careful Wearing: How to Know When to Remove the Engagement Ring

This involves a good degree of common sense. Anything that may cause the ring to slip off the finger, get caught on something, or be subjected to harsh chemicals, then it should be removed beforehand.

For example, hands-on activities such as sports, arts and crafts, animal care, machine operation, and outdoor pursuits such as gardening are all situations where it is best to remove the ring.

Cold and heat affect the circumference of the finger, so plunging the hand in the water is one of the quickest ways to lose a ring. If you wash dishes, swim, fish, go boating, or do anything else involving water, put the ring somewhere safe first.

If you’re handling chemicals, it goes without saying that you should be wearing protective gloves. Better still, take the ring off before you get started.
Engagement Ring Storage

Correct Storage: How to Store the Ring Properly

Finally, if you do take off your diamond ring, you need to ensure you store it properly. Simply placing it on the bedside table, ring dish, or other flat surfaces (as many people do) isn’t as safe as you think, as it can be easily knocked or swept off and lost. This is particularly true if you have pets or young kids in the house.

When you need to remove the ring, place it in its jewelry box and store it in a drawer or in a safe if you have one. If you really want to use ring dishes, then we recommend placing them somewhere high up where they can’t be knocked over.

Engagement Ring Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hand Sanitizer Hurt Diamonds?

Hand sanitizer consists purely of rubbing alcohol and sometimes fragrances. The good news is that using sanitizer will not damage diamonds in any way. However, if you have a white gold ring, ensure you remove it before using the substance, as it may make the metal’s finish wear more rapidly.

Can I Wash My Hands With My Engagement Ring On?

It is a good idea to remove your engagement ring before washing your hands. While everyday soap and water will not damage your ring, it is common for soap to loosen the ring on the finger, making it more likely to slip off and fall down the plug-hole.

Is It OK To Wear Your Engagement Ring All the Time?

If you wear your engagement ring all the time, you run a much higher risk of losing or damaging it. Therefore, you should remove it when performing any activity that may make the ring vulnerable to loss or damage.

How Often Should You Get Your Engagement Ring Serviced?

For optimum care and maintenance, professional jewelers recommend getting engagement rings serviced and cleaned every six months.

What Not To Do While Wearing Engagement Ring?

For the best protection for your engagement ring, you should remove it when doing the following:

  • Swimming or other water-based activities
  • Using any kind of chemicals, including household cleaning products
  • Physical activity
  • Operating machinery 
  • Gardening
  • Cooking

Engagement Ring Care: Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take much to damage or lose an engagement ring. But it doesn’t take much to keep the ring clean and safe, either. The key is to adopt a care and maintenance routine that works for you. 

If you’re prone to forgetting, set yourself a weekly alarm to remind you to inspect and clean it. And do your best to get into the habit of removing and safely storing the ring when doing activities that may damage it.

If you need more tips on engagement rings, we have you covered. From choosing the right ring (including engagement rings for men) to understanding the history of rings, at The Groom Club we do everything we can to give you useful information and tips on all things wedding related.

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