Inclusive Wedding Party Gifts

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/29/23
Inclusive Wedding Party Gifts

Inclusive Wedding Party Gifts

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/29/23

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Inclusive Wedding Party Gifts

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/29/23

In this unique historical moment, our definition and understanding of gender is markedly different than ever before. We can see this in almost every aspect of daily life and whether it is present or not. Family restrooms, anyone? This understanding extends into events like weddings or even baby showers. Besides nonbinary folks, many are opting to have gender neutral weddings. Whether you are having a mixed gender wedding party, a gender inclusive wedding party, or just want to stick it to the status quo, here we will discuss options for gender neutral wedding gifts for your I Do Crew. First, we will discuss why you may want to go this route, even if you’re set on a more traditional style of wedding.

Why have a gender neutral wedding party?

You don’t have to be David Rose and Patrick to have a gender neutral wedding party. But that certainly does top the list! Maybe your person of honor is of the opposite gender or non-binary, and best man or groomsmen doesn’t quite fit. Maybe you took enough queer college classes and Judith Butler is calling to you. Perhaps you just don’t like labels and expectations. Then a gender neutral wedding party may be right for your big day. There are several options for gender-neutral wedding party gifts that can be utility, sentimental, and personalized. Next, we will discuss some of these options. Just remember, you’re only limited by your own creativity. And of course, budget. So, let’s examine some gender-neutral gift options further.
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Gender- Neutral Utility Gifts

Engraved flasks or alcohol related gifts can be touchy to give due to stances on sobriety but if your wedding party is always the life of the party, you may want to go boozy.

Maybe you want to avoid alcohol and go for caffeine. Fancy tea and unique infusers as a set may be what you’re looking for. If coffee is their thing, Alex Moen, Co-Founder of  , says, “to try our gourmet coffee and cookie pairing box sets” for unique and tasty experiences. Or that espresso maker everybody loves when they come over. Now they can have their very own!

You can always opt to get everyone a wireless phone charger so they can take pictures all weekend without worry. A bluetooth key finder is also a functional gift you didn’t know you needed. For the tech crowd, these are great options.

Even a weighted blanket can suit most everyone’s needs. You can also choose to have it monogrammed for a special touch.

For the beach bums, invest in a canopy or umbrellas for your squad. Monogrammed beach chairs, or a stereo system everyone can enjoy. Upgrade the coolers, even. The possibilities are there.

Utility gifts are perhaps the easiest option to fit a gender-neutral wedding party. But if these aren’t your jam, we have plenty of other options. Maybe you want to reminisce on your years of friendship up to this point. Sentimental gifts may be more for you, so we will discuss these next.
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Think outside the box and make it an experience, even. Maybe your I Do Crew have game nights often. Make it a high end affair with charcuterie and wine. Or have catering done for the evening. Gifts don’t always have to be things; they can also be experiences. All you have to do is personalize the experience for your squad.

Sentimental things can also include a personalized journal of why you are grateful for that person. Fill one out for each member of your wedding party. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time to give it the thought it deserves. Plan farther in advance so you’re not scrambling to finish and then have to jump right into thank you cards. You’re welcome.

For the overachievers, individualized gifts altogether will take some Leslie Knope level planning. But if you’re up to the task, we can guarantee your efforts won’t go unnoticed. What better way to say thank you than with something completely unique to the individual? There is no rule that wedding party gifts have to be the same for everybody. It’s just much easier that way.

Make a calendar with pictures of your crew for each month, or make separate ones for each person with things that they like. Now, you can celebrate for the whole year and not just one day.

You are the expert on your relationships with your wedding party, so only you can decide what is the best way to thank them. With any of the options so far, you can make them personalized to your squad. But let’s take a closer look at personalized gender-neutral wedding party gifts.
a hand holding things for arts and craft


Personalized wedding party gifts can be anything from an engraving to a special framed picture of you with that person. Maybe you’re good with your hands and can make little trinkets for each person. Or a fun video of your friendship with pictures over time. Or an engraved compass.

If your wedding party is on the weirder side, you can go for personalized faces on stickers or cookies, mugs, or pins. Couple it with some jedi chopsticks or burger socks, because why not?

Maybe a monogrammed pride flag is the ticket for your crew. Make sure to do a little research for sizes, colors, and meanings. There are several versions of the flag including but not limited to the disability pride flag, and the progressive pride flag. And maybe some are more comfortable with it inside the house as opposed to outside. You can always do monogrammed rainbow plushies as well.

Perhaps you all have the classier snacks on football Sunday. Get some engraved glasses, or plates. If you rotate houses, get everyone an engraved cheese board. Or make one special day where you cook everything and clean up so they can just enjoy it. Saving that well aged whiskey for a special time? Here’s your chance to indulge. Maybe a cigar party is in order.

If you’re still not getting any ideas maybe your crowd will take a nontraditional route. We do have a few other options to consider.


If your reasons for wanting a gender-neutral wedding party hit close to home, then consider making donations to an organization in your wedding party’s name.  Whether it’s the Trevor Project for preventing suicide for LGBTQ+ teens, the Human Rights Campaign promoting equality, or even the ACLU fighting for legal rights, there are plenty of options that you can choose from. Making a donation in someone’s name is a lovely way to support the causes you care about and also help further the mission of the organization. You can also extend this to guests as a wedding gift option on your registry and really do something positive in your local community. What a beautiful way to celebrate your union by making an impact.
a couple

If you are theme park people, foot the bill for the day, for food, drinks, or entrance. Experiences can be a really great way to maintain the bond you all have and to remember why you chose them to be a part of your special day in a meaningful way. If it’s too hard to arrange everyone’s schedule for another wedding event, you can always get them their favorite character or a 6 month subscription to Disney+. You can even make them a coupon or book with items such as one on one day, free drink, a souvenir of your choice, dinner on me, etc.

Hopefully, something has caught your eye and the juices are starting to flow with these gender-neutral gift options for your wedding party.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered some unique ideas, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Again, this is a creative endeavor. Whatever your reasons for wanting a gender neutral wedding party, the gift should be as well. With a little bit of research and creativity, you can get gender-neutral gifts that everyone will love. From functional, to personal, and beyond there are more options now than ever before. Most shops will be more than happy to commission something special or add a personalization for an upcharge. Consider your budget when choosing gifts. Although it is tempting to demonstrate your thanks monetarily, you don’t have to break the bank to show you care. But, if it’s well within your budget to spend a bit more dough on this part of the wedding, then make sure it’s also personalized in some way, or at least useful. Just don’t start a fight over why they never use that expensive gift you got them. We’re going for thankful, not showy. Wedding party gifts are a way to show you are grateful for them, whatever that ends up looking like. So however you decide to demonstrate this gender-neutral gratitude, devote some time to making it count for your I Do Crew.

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