Groom Bouquets and Flower Arrangements: Ideas and Tips

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23
Groom Bouquets and Flower Arrangements: Ideas and Tips

Groom Bouquets and Flower Arrangements: Ideas and Tips

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23

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Groom Bouquets and Flower Arrangements: Ideas and Tips

By  Tommy Peske
Updated on 11/20/23

So, it is time to pick your wedding flowers and you’ve come to the master’s for advice. You clearly have good taste already. Now, it’s time to showcase that in your wedding’s floral arrangements. Choosing floral arrangements is an exciting part of any wedding. Flowers are a way to showcase your style, favorite colors, and any special meaning between you and your partner. 

Before you pick any specific flowers, take care to have your theme and vision set to complement your blooms. With so many vendors and options available now, there is almost no limit to what you can create. It just takes a little imagination and a personal touch. Be mindful of responsible sourcing your flowers, too. Make sure your vendor has done their research to protect the farmers who grow the flowers you may be purchasing. 

This article will focus on flowers for the groom. Here, we will discuss ways to personalize the classic boutonniere, bouquets for the groom(s), and other alternatives to them.  Whether you want a classic look with a twist, or ideas to show up and show out, we have got you covered.  There is no right or wrong way to do this which is why it adds personality to your special day. Flowers for the groom are no exception. Let’s explore this in more detail.

Boutonnieres or Buttonholes

Ah, the most recognizable flowers for a groom. You know what it is even if you don’t recognize the name for it. Boutonnieres or buttonholes are the flowers that grooms have traditionally worn on their left lapel in the color scheme of the wedding. They can be as simple as a white rose, or as colorful as a peacock, depending on your preferences. There are also options to keep the idea while changing the format.


Some grooms opt to personalize their boutonnieres with small items that have unique meaning to them. You may want to include a small picture of a loved one who could not attend the wedding in person. This way, they will be there in spirit, and you can still make Nana proud. Perhaps you are or are becoming a stepfather and you want a picture of your amazing child. 

Others may include a miniature keepsake like a pin, a small action figure, or a compass. Personalized trinkets are increasingly popular and great conversation starters. It provides the opportunity to explain to your guests and share the special meaning behind your choices. Or, for the introverts among us, it can just be a simple fashion statement. 

Others may choose the placement of the boutonniere without any flowers at all. An antique brooch may serve the same purpose if it means something specific to you.  Maybe it is or was your father’s favorite, and you want to honor him in this way. An oversized safety pin with pictures attached are also unique ways to honor loved ones. Just make sure it doesn’t ruin the suit especially if you’re renting! 

Maybe you and your partner love the beach, so seashells and starfish are on theme. Or remember that one hike you both went on when you picked a flower and put it behind their ear? Let them hand pick some flowers for you this time to remember those moments that lead up to your wedding. 

Some grooms have strong connections to hunting or are veterans, and bullet casings can be used to hold your boutonniere in place. You may even know a crafting wizard who can make you a boutonniere out of newspaper clippings, sheet music, or comics. We will discuss DIY flowers in more depth later in this article. Regardless, you are not limited to a white lily on a tux even if you are taking a more traditional route. For those who want a little more flavor, consider your own bouquet. 


For some, a boutonniere just doesn’t quite represent you accurately and you may want more of a statement. Here is where your style can really blossom if you take this path.  You can always take the ideas of the boutonniere and expand them to make a whole bouquet. Or you can reinvent the classic bouquet for a modern twist. For Chris Anderson, writer, and his partner’s wedding, Chris wanted their queerness reflected in their chosen bouquets. Chris said, “my partner’s bouquet was more masculine with deep greens and burgundy tones, while mine was more feminine with soft pink and purple tones.” 

Your wedding bouquet is what you hold closest to your heart, besides your partner of course. Whether you go with rustic, asymmetrical, flowing, horizontal, or leafy designs, your bouquet should be picturesque. But above all, it should be specific to you.  You can include ribbons, fruits, berries, succulents, or other accents to your classic flower bouquet. 

Or you can make a bouquet entirely out of olive branches symbolizing peace if your families are meeting for the first time. Dried lavender and sage are also trending for an extra aromatic appeal to your arrangement. 

You can even use nontraditional items to make a part or your whole bouquet. You can use things like air plants, candles, astilbes, ferns, pampas, and various accent leaves. Here’s one for the urban farming couple. Snacks anyone?

non traditional

Dried or artificial flowers are also an option for posterity. You can always add aroma by other methods, but this way you can keep your bouquet forever, just like your spouse. Similarly, papier-mâché, fabric, or plastic flowers provide a keepsake as well. You don’t necessarily need to buy them pre-made. You can add a DIY touch to your wedding if you’re drawn to homemade.


Maybe you two happened to meet at a club or a bar and a nice wine bottle can hold your bouquet. Perhaps you met in a book club and bonded over your favorite novel. Get an extra physical copy and make flowers out of the pages. You can even have your partner write a special note on one of them. If you met at a game night, consider a Jenga bouquet. You might want to invest in a second bouquet if you’re planning on tossing it, though. 

A second breakaway bouquet made of flowers is especially trendy and unique in that it pays tribute to a timeless tradition of spreading luck and good fortune to your guests. With a second breakaway bouquet, you can honor the tradition of the toss, but nobody has an unequal advantage.  This is a great way to add an additional personal touch, and to be mindful of including all your guests on your wedding day

Again, it is a subtle balance between aesthetic and personality. Perhaps your personality goes against the grain. So, let’s explore alternatives to buttonholes and bouquets. 

Alternatives to Flowers


While flowers are classic, there is no hard and fast rule that says you must carry them at your wedding. That is the beauty of modernity. Whether its budgetary, ethical, or simply daring to be different, let’s look at some alternatives to flowers. 

A lantern is always a good alternative, especially in the evening. It can symbolize the light you and your partner recognize in each other in addition to a beautifully glowing visual. You may even consider real candles if dripping is mitigated, and you are not accident prone. The last thing you’d want is a literal Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love on your big day. 

Seashell bouquets are yet another idea for the beach bunnies. You can even make this into a romantic gesture by taking your partner to the beach and picking the shells together. Depending on your partner, a surprise could really enhance your first looks. 

Palm Fronds or ferns are also lovely and a flowing statement. If your wedding lends itself to tropical themes, this may be the ticket. Add pampas for an extra magical touch. 

For a more rustic feel, ditch the plants and use feathers and twigs that accentuate your color scheme. Silk, cotton, or porcelain can also be highlighted in your clutch. You can always get a second bouquet to toss and keep the porcelain safe. 

Wreaths are also in fashion as well as celestial hoops. Maybe it’s a holiday wedding and some fancy painted pinecones check all your boxes. Another option to consider can be a tad risky. But no risk no reward, right? That is, to include man’s best friend in your ceremony. Assuming that your pup is people friendly and housebroken, this is a great way to demonstrate how important your dog is to you. If you take this route, be sure Rover is comfortable, has the comforts of home, and a handler when you are busy. Budget for dog sitter for the day if you choose this option. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we got the creative juices flowing with these tips and ideas for your floral arrangements and alternatives to them. Remember there is no one size fits all answer, and that’s why this portion of your wedding can really showcase your style and tastes. This overview of tips and ideas is by no means exhaustive. Do your research and consider the source if you decide to go with live flowers. Make sure that you’ve done an assessment of any obvious or unseen risks to your choices if you take a nontraditional route, even if this means another opinion or an extra set of eyes. Here is where you can call in the wedding party for additional assistance, especially if you are planning a surprise. Ask for help close to home with the people who know you and your partner the best. Maybe in the excitement you forgot your best man is allergic to dogs. Whatever route you decide on, make sure your arrangement fits into your vision, budget, and is uniquely you

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