When planning a wedding, one often overlooked area is what to wear as the groom. Forgetting to coordinate with your partner and groomsmen on attire while meeting any dress code requirements set by your wedding venue is a surefire way to start the marriage on the wrong foot. 

When choosing your ensemble for the big day, focus on elements like your wedding theme, your personal style, and your venue’s dress code policy. You also want to consider seasonal factors and choose an outfit that helps you stay comfortable during the ceremony and reception.

Choose Your Attire By Dress Code

One way to choose your attire is to plan your outfit according to a dress code. This is an easy way to determine the event’s formality, as each comes with particular fashion expectations. 

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White Tie

A white tie dress code is the epitome of formal attire and ideal if you are planning upscale, glamorous nuptials. Classic white tie includes a tailcoat with a winged dress shirt. A white bow tie and black pleated pants are also expected. 

White tie events are typically reserved for evening affairs, so if you are planning a morning or afternoon wedding, opt for a less strict dress code.

Black Tie

A black tie dress code is still a classic option but offers more garment choices than a white tie ceremony. Swap your black tails for a perfectly tailored midnight blue or classic black tuxedo. 

While modern interpretations of black allow you to wear a necktie, traditionally, you’d pair your tux with a bow tie and vest. Learn more about tuxedo costs here.


Semi-formal dress for men is similar to what you would wear as business formal to the office: a well-cut suit, a button-down shirt, a necktie, and a belt. Navy and dark gray are chic alternatives to a standard black suit and are an excellent option for garden weddings. 


A cocktail dress code is the least strict while still requiring a dress coat. It calls for a suit and tie and allows for a tailored suit without the tie. Opt for a high-quality fabric over dull material like cotton to up the extravagance factor. 


A groom may choose to wear a button-down shirt with a necktie. Some casual weddings also work well with a plain button-down shirt and long pants.  

Choose Your Attire By Season

The time of year can play a role in the attire you choose. Some couples may wonder if they should wear white at a wedding after Labor day? While that answer is up to you, consider some examples of seasonal attire.


Spring wedding attire should be light but layered to manage the unpredictable weather. Take color and style inspiration from nature with a light cream, tan, or pastel-colored suit. Add natural accessories like a floral tie and matching pocket square, a wooden watch, or an elaborate boutonnière to match the bride’s bouquet. 



Understanding the dos and don’ts of dressing for a summer wedding ensures you make a big style statement without overheating on your big day. During summer, it is important to consider your formal ensemble’s material. Avoid heavy woolen suits and opt for cotton, linen, or high-performance blends. Consider wearing lighter colors like tan or gray to reflect the heat. 



Fall and spring are the two of the most popular times to plan an outdoor wedding. Fall color palettes are typically moody shades like hunter green and burgundy, which can make a stunning, unexpected choice for a suit. Incorporate fall colors into your accessories like an ochre or rust-colored necktie for a more low-key look. 

Ensure that you include a vest as part of your outfit for an added layer against chilly fall weather. 



You can go all out on the dress code without worrying about heat and multiple layers of clothing. The winter months tend to work better for more formal attire, and the whites and grays of the season help your wedding colors stand out more brightly. 



Choose Your Attire By Location

Consider your venue when planning your outfit for the big day. Will it be at a small church, a lavish venue, or even on a beach? Each location may dictate a different level of formality. Once you choose a venue and determine its dress code, you can choose what to wear.


You may be wondering what to wear if you’re getting married on the beach during the summer months. Consider opting for just a dress shirt and vest and forego the coat. This approach will still make for a formal occasion but without the added layer of a suit. 

If you plan to go with a full suit or tuxedo, try to avoid black. Instead, look at lighter options such as light gray, blue, and tan.



A church can be tricky because different religions have different expectations of appropriate attire for congregants. Typically, a church wedding calls for a black-tie or semi-formal outfit for a religious ceremony. 

Discuss the dress code expectations with your church’s minister or priest to help you plan your outfit.



A garden makes for a beautiful wedding backdrop. Instead of a traditional black tuxedo, try mixing it up by choosing a color that accents the venue. If you are having the wedding in a lush garden with plenty of flowers, consider a light blue or pale pink suit. 



A barn is a perfect place for a rustic wedding. Although you could go casual, consider opting for something more traditional with a rustic twist. A barn is also the one place where you can get away with jeans, but consider adding a vest and cowboy hat to complete the ensemble.


Choose Your Attire By Theme

Deciding how to dress for a themed wedding may seem overwhelming, and you might worry about it coming off a bit childish. But a themed wedding can be a fun way to create a truly memorable day.


Consider finding a suit or tuxedo that matches your favorite fairytale, depending on your vision. The key here is subtlety, so if you want to dress like Prince Charming, don’t go all out in red pants and gold tassels. Instead, consider a full white tie tux with a tail and a dress shirt.



For a bohemian-themed wedding, you can choose an eclectic look by mixing and matching colors and prints in fun and unique ways. You can also go for a subtle bohemian look with different textured fabrics like suede, corduroy, and satin in muted burgundy, chocolate, and navy. 

Add a free-spirited touch with wild, bold accessories. 



If you and your bride decide on a vintage wedding, your ensemble will depend on the time period you want to reflect. For example, if you choose a Roaring ‘20s theme, you can opt for a Great Gatsby-inspired white suit and saddle shoes. 

If you both love the Victorian era, you may go for a tailored three-piece suit, top hat, and boutonniere. 



Halloween-themed weddings are growing in popularity. The hallmark of a Halloween or spooky-themed wedding is dark attire. While the bride may still wear a white dress, the groom should forego the white shirt for an all-black ensemble. If you do not want to commit to a full black suit, consider a dark red suit and pants with a black shirt. 

Accessorize with skulls, bats, brooms, or other Halloween-themed pins or cufflinks. 



Choosing the Right Accessories to Complete Your Look

Upgrade your suit or tux with a few well-chosen accessories that express your personal style and match the wedding’s theme or dress code. Some of the must-have accessories you need for the big day include:

Watch or Stopwatch

A watch is a traditional piece of formal wear that can add to an ensemble and accent other accessories.


Personalized Items

A unique memento that includes the wedding date is always a great addition. Consider an embroidered pocket square or an engraved piece of jewelry.

Unique Socks

Socks are always fun because they are not very noticeable, yet offer a large canvas to show off your own interests.


Family Heirloom

Do you have a set of cufflinks or a watch that belonged to your grandfather? Adding in some family history is a great way to finish off your wedding day attire.

Family Heirloom


Event of a Lifetime, Inc. owner Melisa Imberman, says make your blazer star in greens, blues, and deep reds or even try a bold pattern to really make a statement!


Rent or Buy? Should You Rent Your Wedding Tuxedo/Suit?

Deciding whether to rent or buy your wedding attire is something that many couples question. There is no right or wrong answer; however, there are some aspects you should consider.

First, will you ever wear it again? If you need a suit anyway, consider buying one you can wear on other occasions. However, it is best to rent if you are going with a white tie wedding and will only wear the tailcoat once.

You will have to determine how big the price difference is between renting and purchasing. If the price difference is not out of your budget, it is probably best to buy, but it is good to rent if the price gap is considerable.

Make a Stylish, Unique Statement on Your Wedding Day

Choosing what to wear on your big day is important as a groom. You want to look great and feel comfortable while complimenting your partner’s attire and vision for your wedding. When deciding on your wedding day ensemble, consider your venue, the weather, the wedding theme, and personal style.

Kari Bjorn, photographer, said they are seeing more bold and contrasting outfits to stand out against your venue backdrops. Bold outfits to match your personality are always a crowd pleaser -just make sure your partner approves to coordinate accordingly! How do you pick a contrasting outfit? Pay attention to your surroundings! Bjorn said a client’s venue was set in a lot of greenery, the couple’s violet and rich red outfits and accents stood out for fantastic wedding photos!

Choose an ensemble that lets you shine and creates the perfect look for your ceremony and reception. Need gender-fluid wedding outfit tips? We’ve got your back! Check out all the latest articles that The Groom Club has to offer, including how to look and feel amazing for your big day. Cheers!

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