Groom Survival Guide: Honeymoon Gifts

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
Groom Survival Guide: Honeymoon Gifts

Groom Survival Guide: Honeymoon Gifts

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
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Groom Survival Guide: Honeymoon Gifts

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23

Honeymoon gifts are a fun surprise for any couple. After all, the honeymoon is often the light at the end of the wedding-planning tunnel, and gifts related to the vacation can help you look forward to it even more. 

Couples who already have established a home may enjoy a honeymoon gift list instead of a traditional wedding registry, or guests may just want to give them something a little different than the standard items. And of course, couples may choose to gift each other honeymoon-related presents as they look forward to their big adventure. 

Below we’ve included some of our favorite ideas for the perfect gift in a range of prices and sizes. So grab something for the soon-to-be-newlyweds in your life, pick something out for your fiance, or treat yourself to something nice for your romantic getaway!

Just married couple driving away

Just Married Attire

Shirts, swimsuits, and hats are all fun ways to sport your new marriage status . There are so many fun spins on this idea, like merch that says Hubby, Wifey, Mr. & Mrs., or Honeymooning.  

Most of it doesn’t get worn much beyond the honeymoon. Still, it’s fun to have, especially since it invites congratulations (and maybe some perks at hotels and restaurants) without having to blatantly announce that you’re newlyweds.

Luggage Tags

Any last-minute packers will be stressed to find that they don’t have any luggage tags, so gift a couple with a set of four that they can easily throw onto their luggage. Make it honeymoon or marriage themed, or find something that matches their destination. 

This is one of the most simple honeymoon gifts, but it’s still a really cute idea!

Experiences as Honeymoon Gifts

If you really want to support someone’s honeymoon, consider gifting them an experience. See if they have a registry like Honeyfund to give you ideas, or you can simply gift them cash that they can put toward their choice of activity. 

Even if you are giving cash, you can give them suggestions for how to spend the money. Just don’t be offended if they decide on a different activity that’s a better fit for them.

Spa Services

Spa services at a hotel are quite the splurge, but definitely a great experience. So for a couple who would enjoy a massage on their getaway but maybe wouldn’t buy it for themselves, consider paying for a treatment at their hotel or a nearby spa.
Couple getting massage

Sightseeing Excursion

Many couples prefer to take a guided sightseeing tour so they don’t have to worry about driving. Consider gifting an excursion to an adventurous couple visiting a scenic place. 

You can also pay for an adventurous excursion, like snorkeling, ziplining, or surf lessons. Or consider different modes of transportation, like boat, moped, or bike tours.


Why don’t you pick up the tab for a nice dinner during the honeymoon? If you know they are eyeing a certain restaurant, you can get them a gift card. Otherwise, you can give them cash for dinner. Check the menus at local places to see how much you need to cover appetizers, dinner, drinks, and desserts.

Souvenir Shopping

The traveling newlyweds will likely want to shop for mementos of their trip, and you can help them do that by gifting them money earmarked for souvenirs.

Photo Session

Honeymoons are great because it’s a vacation with just you two as a couple. But that also means there’s nobody there to take your pictures. Allow the newlyweds to have more than just selfies on their honeymoon and gift them a photo session from a local photographer. 

This is one of our favorite ideas for honeymoon gifts!
couple photoshoot in a desert

Lingerie & Pajamas

Whether you want to give something super sexy, or just something new and cute to wear to bed, lingerie & pajamas are a great honeymoon gift. Lingerie is also a great gift for the newlyweds to give each other. For pajamas, choose something wedding or vacation related, or a super luxe set.


Gift newlyweds with a great bottle of champagne. If they’re driving to their honeymoon destination, they can save it for the big trip. Otherwise, they can enjoy it on their wedding night, the first night at a new house, or on their monthiversary.
Honeymoon Gifts

Perfume & Cologne

Everyone wants to smell great for their new spouse, so treat the newlyweds to some great scents. This one is also perfect if you want to surprise your new spouse with a gift on your honeymoon. Choose a scent you like or something they’ve wanted to splurge on for a while. Hannah Sanderson, CEO of Clever Canadian, recommends treading lightly with this one, “There are some minor aspects of our lives that we keep strictly private. Perfume as a gift is really delicate. Therefore, you should choose this couple’s scent combination only if you are extremely familiar with the couple and their preferences.”

Airplane Goodies

If a couple is flying to their honeymoon destination, they’ll need to survive the plane ride. So give them candy, a neck pillow, a super compact blanket, headphones, and other handy items for the trip. 

Put everything into a cute tote or backpack so they’re ready to jet-set away on their romantic vacation.

First Class Upgrades

Do you have more miles than you know what to do with? Or just want to splurge for the special couple? Bump them to first class. They’ll have an unforgettable experience and get their honeymoon started in a luxe (and exciting) way.

GoPro or Instant Camera

Give the couple a fun way to capture their honeymoon memories. Adventurous pairs will love catching footage on their GoPro, while slower-paced love birds may like the joy of an instant camera like a Fujifilm Instax.


Luggage is becoming more popular on wedding registries, especially for established couples who already have many home essentials. If it’s not on their registry, it may be best not to surprise them with this gift unless it will be easy to return. Luggage takes up a lot of space if they don’t need a new set. 

But if the couple registers for luggage, it’s a great gift to serve them on their honeymoon and beyond.
Couple standing on top of luggage

Honeymoon Gift Basket

Create a little goodie basket with small vacation essentials: Luggage tags, sunglasses, airplane bottles of liquor, hats, toiletries bags, and passport covers will make an adorable honeymoon gift basket. 

Resort Credits

If the newlywed couple are staying in a resort, consider gifting them resort credits or adding amenities to their booking. Contact the front desk to see if you can set them up with a special welcome in their luxurious honeymoon suite, as some hotels might offer champagne, fruit, and fresh flowers. 

You can also add money onto an account that they can spend onsite for dining, spa treatments, or drinks.
Couple swimming

A Travel or Adventure Journal

This will hopefully be the very first trip of many for the newlyweds, so now’s the time to begin a travel journal. There are so many cute options you can find online, and consider pairing it with an instant camera so they can easily add photos to their log. 
Drawing landmarks in a book

Honeymoon Gifts For Any Couple

Any couple will appreciate honeymoon gifts, whether they are taking a small trip to a local destination, or embarking on exotic adventures across the globe. Friends and family can be a part of the honeymoon by gifting items and experiences that will serve the newlyweds throughout their trip. 

Here are some extra tips to keep in mind as you shop for honeymoon gift ideas:

  • Ask the couple what they would like to be gifted for the honeymoon. That way, you are getting them exactly what they want. 
  • If you are gifting them money close to their honeymoon dates, give them cash so it’s easy for them to have on hand as they travel. 
  • You can give a honeymoon gift at any time during the engagement, but you may want to wait and see where they are traveling first, in case that affects what you choose as a present. 
  • If you’re a couple hoping for honeymoon gifts, consider making a honeymoon registry or including tangible items on a universal registry. You can also ask friends and family to share the request through word of mouth.
  • Have fun! A honeymoon is an exciting time for anyone, so you should have fun selecting gifts for the big adventure. 

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