Craft Your Dream Day: DIY Wedding Projects To Save Money

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/08/24
Craft Your Dream Day: DIY Wedding Projects To Save Money

Craft Your Dream Day: DIY Wedding Projects To Save Money

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/08/24
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Craft Your Dream Day: DIY Wedding Projects To Save Money

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 03/08/24

It’s an unfortunate truth that as soon as the word “wedding” is mentioned to vendors, another couple of digits get magically added to the price. It’s frustrating and unfair, especially at a time when the cost of living isn’t getting any cheaper.

At present, the average cost of a wedding is about $29,000. And you’ll pay more if you live in an expensive city and choose to get married on a Saturday in the middle of summer.      

Unsurprisingly, many brides and grooms-to-be are turning away from a wedding planner and instead turning towrds DIY wedding projects to save money. After all, why pay thousands for wedding decorations when you can make them yourself?

Why Choose a DIY Wedding?

If you’re looking at your wedding budget and thinking, “there’s just no way,” it’s time to change tactics. At this point, many people forge ahead and disregard the cost, only to face a huge financial fallout once the big day is over.

The DIY wedding is an excellent way to save money and stay in the black when it’s all over. And as well as saving you some dollars, we think that a DIY wedding can add a unique and special dimension to the day. 

To get those creative juices running, here are our favorite DIY wedding ideas.

The Best DIY Wedding Projects to Save Money

Things you can DIY for a wedding

Create Your Own Wedding Playlist

You should expect to pay $1,200 on average for a wedding DJ and more if you want a live band. 

However, you can easily rent or borrow a sound system (many venues will have one installed), plug in your phone, and play your own playlist.

A Spotify subscription costs less than $10 for the month, and you can create curated playlists for different parts of the day to set the mood.

Print Your Invites and Signage

We’re going to let you in on a money-saving secret. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create stunning wedding invitations and signage, such as place settings and menu cards. Etsy is your best friend here.

The site is home to literally thousands of digital wedding stationery designs that can be had for a few dollars. All you do is choose and purchase a design, download it, print it out as many times as you need, and you’re good to go.

You can easily level up the design and make it your own by adding embellishments such as fabric, dried flowers, or string. 

Use Living or Dry Flowers

Fresh flowers cost a bomb, so if you’re a keen gardener, why not start growing plants to use as centerpieces? Unless it’s a last-minute wedding, you typically have plenty of time in advance to grow what you need.

Take a look at what will be flowering at the time of your wedding date, and plant those seeds. When it’s wedding time, repot them into attractive containers to use as centerpieces.

Additionally, dried flowers make beautifully rustic buttonholes and bouquets, as well as table arrangements, and are much cheaper to buy than fresh flowers. Lavender is a great option because it retains its aroma.

Build a Photobooth

Guests love a photobooth, and it’s a fun way to get plenty of unofficial photos of your wedding day.

However, you can easily create your own photobooth using an empty frame and a few accessories. Or, if you know your way around a hammer, you could make a booth out of pallet wood and decorate it with foliage or bunting.

Create a Dessert Bar

You can expect to pay upwards of $300 for a wedding cake. Instead, why not create your own bespoke dessert bar full of all the treats you and your partner love?

Cupcakes and donuts are both cost-effective options that everyone enjoys. You could also include jars of candy or chocolate for guests to snack on throughout the day.

Make Your Own Wedding Favors

DIY wedding favors is another area where you can save. The key is to use your hobbies for inspiration. Whether you’re into woodworking, mechanics, cooking, gardening, or something else, think of what you can do to create unique favors for your wedding party guests.

DIY Wedding Decorations

Wedding decor
Wedding decor is a key part of any wedding, and going DIY is your chance to put you and your partner’s stamp on the day. 

Plus, you can get a lot of the materials you need for wedding decorations for free or for very little, especially if you use natural materials such as wood or foliage.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Lights or flowers in mason jars
  • Hand-painted signs
  • Use green foliage to make rustic wedding venue decor
  • Decorate chairs with colorful fabric
  • Hanging paper decorations
  • Use appropriate items you find at thrift stores, such as vintage birdcages, vases, lanterns, suitcases, and more

How to save Money on a Wedding: Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DIY Wedding Cheaper?

A DIY wedding can be much cheaper as long as you don’t get carried away with buying materials and supplies. To keep things within budget, try and repurpose items you already have and look for things in thrifty stores. Better still, find things you can use for free.

Foraged greenery, pallet wood, and jam jars are all examples of suitable things you can use for DIY wedding decor.

How do you Make a Homemade Wedding Budget?

You set a budget for a homemade wedding the same as you would for any other type of wedding. Determine how much you have available to spend for the entire wedding, then split the amount for each area; wedding dress, suit, decorations, wedding venue, etc. 

Then, ensure everything you buy fits within the set budget. Be mindful to keep a little budget aside for unforeseen costs.

What is Unnecessary for a Wedding?

Always remember, no one is going to remember what color the napkins were on your special day. They’re going to remember the fun and good time they had celebrating.

With that in mind, extravagant, expensive or excessive decorations and tableware are entirely unnecessary for a wedding.

What are the Top 3 costs for a Wedding?

Unless you go the DIY route. These are the top biggest expenses for a wedding:

  1. Venue
  2. Engagement rings and wedding bands
  3. The band or DJ
  4. A wedding photographer
  5. Wedding décor and tableware

How can I Save Money for My Wedding Expenses?

To save money for a wedding, you can:

  • Start saving as early as possible
  • Secure venue, vendors, and other big-cost items as early as possible
  • Have a coin jar for saving loose change (it soon adds up)
  • Cut down on unnecessary expenses such as eating out and buying coffee
  • Take on extra paid work

A Wedding Project to Save Money: Final Thoughts

So much goes into wedding planning, and going the DIY route can be daunting, even if you are looking for ways to save money. But, if you have time and determination, then a DIY day can be truly special and memorable.

Whether you’re planning small wedding, an outdoor wedding, or a rustic affair, there are ways to DIY it. The key is to start planning it early, so you have plenty of time to create everything you need.

Stuck for ideas? Check out the rest of our website for more inspiration.

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