The Groom Club Editors

  • At The Groom Club, it’s our job to inform and educate on the entire engagement and wedding process–it is an honor to help couples and participants of all genders and races navigate one of the most important events of their lives by sharing our expertise.
  • Our editors have experienced diverse life journeys. What we share is a common goal to help anyone successfully navigate the journey of being a groom. Our different journeys have led to shared knowledge in every part of the voyage of getting married – from buying a ring and staging a proposal, to planning a memorable honeymoon, to being a best man, usher, or attendee.
  • Our team prides itself on deep original work with a fun, easy-to-understand perspective. We love to accent words with engaging images, infographics, and videos.

Experience & Expertise

Been there, done that. We complement our real life experiences with expert knowledge. We have a deep network of experts to amplify and improve every article we create. Every day our team gets stronger and more informed on the issues and events that matter to our readers. And we have fun, though the wedding can be stressful. It is a memorable experience, if we help you enjoy it more than that is a win.

We believe every wedding is unique and every journey is special – there is always the opportunity to learn more – and in turn share that knowledge with our readers. Grooms come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. Our goal is always to provide help as you navigate the unique situation that will always and only apply to you.

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Events our team has experienced

  • She said no (proposal disaster)
  • Destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas
  • Lost the wedding ring in the sand at a beach wedding
  • Navigating where to get a license during a destination wedding
  • Bachelor parties planned perfectly to the future groom’s taste
  • Terrible bachelor parties planned by the best man… for the best man

About The Groom Club

The Groom Club was founded by a group of individuals that recognizes there is an abundance of information for brides, but not so much for grooms. The Groom Club’s goal of improving your engagement and wedding journey by being as informative and engaging as possible is described in our about us and editorial guidelines.