Showcase Your Love: Inspiring Wedding Website Examples for All Couples

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
Showcase Your Love: Inspiring Wedding Website Examples for All Couples

Showcase Your Love: Inspiring Wedding Website Examples for All Couples

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23
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Showcase Your Love: Inspiring Wedding Website Examples for All Couples

By  Mac Molli
Updated on 11/20/23

Anyone that’s getting married will have a wedding website. Wedding websites are all the rage and should be considered for your wedding day. After all, you put so much effort into the wedding planning that you naturally want everyone to be on the same page for the event.

But where do you even find or create a custom wedding website? And what do you need to add to it?

The great news is that even those with zero design and creativity skills can have an incredible-looking wedding website up and running in mere moments. All you need is a suitable template.

Let’s feast our eyes on some wedding website examples to inspire you.

What Is a Wedding Website and Why Should You Have One?

Wedding websites have become a standard tool for couples to relay essential information about their big day. Instead of bulking out already expensive invites with extra wedding details, couples choose to have a wedding website alongside the traditional invitation.

There are several reasons why this method is so popular:

  • A website allows space to tell the story of how the both of you met and include photos
  • Paper invites are easily lost, while a website is always available for guests to view
  • You can easily and quickly update details on the site if anything changes
  • You get plenty of room to relay important information about the day, such as the dress code, food choices, places to stay, a link to the wedding registry, etc
  • Most websites provide features for guests to provide vital info. For example, adding in their dietary requirements and how many people are at their party
  • You can provide helpful links to nearby accommodations, maps, and transport options
  • Choosing a suitable website theme allows you to express the wedding theme right from the start
  • Most wedding websites are password protected, so the information stays secure
  • There is typically an area for guests to upload photos once the day has passed

Where to Find Wedding Websites Examples

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that there are many wedding website providers out there with many wedding website examples for you to choose from.

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to spend precious time putting a site together. All you do is choose an example – or template – that you like and add the info for your special day.

Here are a few wedding website providers that are worth checking out:

Our Favorite Examples

A beautiful wedding website starts with a template, and there is certainly no shortage of choice regarding what’s on offer. From free wedding website templates to premium paid ones, and everything in-between, you’re bound to find something that whets your appetite.

Using the sites noted above, here’s a selection of our favorite wedding website templates.

Papel Moderno

Papel moderno wedding website
Where: WithJoy

Cost: Free

WithJoy has some attractive options for your wedding site, most of which are free wedding websites which is good news for your budget.

We particularly like the Papel Moderno template and think it’s an excellent choice for an outdoor or vintage wedding style.

The site allows you to add a tonne of information such as story, schedule, registry, travel, and more. Plus, you can allow guests to RSVP and upload photos. 

Guests can download the app and access all the wedding info on the go.

Emerald City

Emerald City wedding website

Where: WithJoy

Cost: Free

Another beautiful wedding template from WithJoy. This one is inspired by the art deco style and oozes elegance. This template will fit the bill if your wedding is high-end and sophisticated.

Like the previous example, you get plenty of space to add all the necessary information and use the app.

At Sea

At Sea Wedding Website
Where: Minted

Cost: Free

Have a beachfront wedding? This template from Mint will fit the bill. We like the muted color scheme and illustrations as they work on any beach.

The typography is a perfect mix of script and bold fonts for a classic look. The website lets you add all the essential details and allows guests to RSVP.


Oponki Wedding Website
Where: Minted

Cost: Free

Featuring a simple dark color theme with gold highlights, Oponki sets the mood for a winter wedding. This template can be password protected and is smartphone friendly.

Choose from many layouts and color schemes to get the look you want, plus you can also add photo and video galleries to bring your website to life.


Splendor Wedding Website Example
Where: Zola

Cost: Free

Zola has over 200 free wedding websites for your wedding party website. Splendor features a starry black design and gold-scripted font, perfectly matching a nighttime wedding or evening soiree. 

Zola’s sites are fully customizable and feature space for travel, FAQs, photos, gift registry, and more. In fact, you’ll be hard-pushed to find something as comprehensive as a Zola template.


Deepcrick Wedding Website Example
Where: Zola

Cost: Free

This template is bound to satisfy the minimalist couples out there. Clean and simple text with a plain white background, this template lets the images do the talking.

What we like about each Zola wedding theme is the ability to curate and integrate a wedding registry. It looks great and shows guests what they can purchase for the happy couple.


Bliss & Bone Wedding Website Example
Where: Bliss&Bone

Cost: From $12/month

Bliss&Bone is a premium wedding website provider, but the cost is worth it for the gorgeous designs. We love this dark, slightly gothic-themed website for the alternatives out there.

This is a one-page scrolling website, so viewing all the information is accessible. And you get extra features such as the ability to set up private events and invites (such as a bachelor party etc.). 


Bliss and Bone Wedding Website Example
Where: Bliss&Bone

Cost: From $12/month

We particularly like this template for its natural elements and color scheme. It’s ideal for rustic outdoor weddings set in nature.

It’s worth mentioning that all of Bliss&Bone’s templates are fully customizable, with hundreds of design elements to choose from and use. One advantage of using paid wedding website templates is that you can control the final look completely.

Classic Tuscany

Classic Tuscany Wedding Website
Where: AppyCouple

Cost: From $12/month

Now for something a little different. AppyCouple does provide you with a website, but you also get a personalized app and digital invites. 

This Tuscan-inspired design is ideal if you hop over to Europe for your wedding or say “I do” at a beautiful winery.

The app allows for RSVPs, photo sharing, messages, and more, and you can customize and change the design anytime.

Paradise Safari

Paradise Safari wedding website
Where: AppyCouple

Cost: From $12/month

Another offering from AppyCouple, we are fans of the bold colors offset against a dark background. This template could work for both summer and destination weddings. After all, if you’re getting married in paradise, you want a website to reflect that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Your Wedding Website Say?

The following information is what you will typically find on a wedding site:

  • A description of the couple and their story
  • Wedding date
  • Wedding venue(s) and address
  • Schedule for the day
  • Dress code
  • Transport and accommodation options
  • Gift Registry
  • Food choices and dietary requirements
  • Guest rules and requirements

How Do You Write a Wedding Website Description?

A wedding website description should be informative for all guests. Start with your story, how you met, and how you got together. Be descriptive and inject some personality but don’t go into too much detail. Keep the language appropriate for all ages and break the text into readable paragraphs.

How Do I Name My Wedding Website?

A wedding website name should be simple to remember and type, so avoid anything lengthy and complicated. Consider using both your names, nicknames, or your initials. Puns and rhyming words are also excellent and memorable choices.

What Not To Put On Your Wedding Website?

Never divulge personal or private information on the website. This includes your unique phone number and email address. Also, don’t make demands and keep the content family-friendly.

Is It Worth Making a Wedding Website?

Wedding websites are absolutely worth it. They are a convenient and cost-effective way to relay vital information to your guests in one go. Additionally, wedding websites are easily accessible, can be updated as often as you like, and can be personalized to fit your theme.

Final Thoughts

A wedding website is a great idea and offers plenty of options, whether you choose a free wedding template or a paid site. In the end, wedding websites are the perfect way to relay vital information to guests, and you won’t have to answer the same question 15 times. Score!

For more tips and ideas on making the wedding planning process smooth and less stressful, check out our other articles on The Groom Club. We’ve got all the wedding hacks you could ever wish for and more.

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